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Rebekah Matthews

I am cancelling my bebo account because I am never on here anymore....find me on facebook or myspace or twitter! Peace out!

4/7/09 | me too! | Reply

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Olu Bekah
Me, Myself, and I
Raime Charlize Matthews has arrived! Charles and I are pumped and of course Rachelle 12, Lunden 5, Lexxis 4 are all so excited for a new addition!!! I am still in school, but graduating in December. Charles is working on his second degree for computer networking and business management. We both are loving watching the kids grow and taking them to their dance, tball, karate, band concerts, church stuff, etc.....The Lord has blessed us so much!!! I plan on working in the schools here in the fall and still am the PTO reporter, Crossroads pg center liaison, and my latest thing has been writing for the local paper. I miss Africa and want to take the kids to visit there sometime and I want to take Lunden to England to see where he was born. I miss there too! Happy for Bebo so we can all keep in touch across the miles!!!!
Everyone has converted me to Casting Crowns...lol....Third Day, pretty much any praise and worship, DC TAlk (TOBYMAC) always, blues, Jamie Foxx, Brian Mcnight, Nikelback, I love pretty much all music...I"m even starting to like country in my old age. :) Now that"s scary!
The new Janette Oak movie...Must love dogs is a definite chick flick you all have to see! You"ve got mail, Fever Pitch, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Sweet Home Alabama
Boston Red Sox, Cardinals, Manchester United for Soccer, Cowboys for football, and I guess for basketball Mavericks
Dr. Pepper, Sweet Ice Tea, water water water
I love
Chocolate cake, Fall, Crunching my shoes in the snow, lotion on babies fresh out of the bath, cinnamon, going to baseball games, CONCERTS!, cheese dip of course, having a jam session and dancing with my kids in the living room.....they all have their own moves.;) You would never dream I had been raised in Africa or anything..lol...singing in the shower, baking, talking on the phone has to rate one of the highest! :) Lately I love adventerous things....when we had our honeymoon in Montana I went skiiing, ice fishing, dog sledding, and learned how to line dance all for the first time in my life. I am determined to travel more as soon as these kids get a little older. Potato chips on a ham sandwich. :)
Pet Peeves
Walking on carpet that has gotten wet with bare feet.....yuck!
Newest Trend for me
Ballroom Dancing....I LOVE IT! I"m still taking modern tap too, but Ballroom is my favorite!
The Other Half Of Me
Charles Matthews

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  • Up on my soapbox, but I sitll love you all. ;)

    I have been watching Glen Beck and love how he just says it like it is and this is something I wrote for class a few weeks ago and decided to share. Usually I don't say much about my political views, but I can't be quiet on this one. I was outraged to discover the article, “CA Senate Passes Homosexual Education.”(CBNNews.com) The reasons for my disgust may not be the reasons that others may have. I am a Christian and feel that homosexuality is wrong, but at the same time I will not persecute someone who has chosen to take an alternative lifestyle. We deal with so much conflict in the straight world that I would not even want to think of what type of alienation and conflict a gay person may face. Just recently a friend of mine “came out” and had not done so for years for fear of rejection. It stinks to see someone you care about suffer any type of persecution even if it's not a personal choice or lifestyle. While this lifestyle appalls me, it's not my place to judge others and God will ultimately be the judge of that one day. What really infuriates me about the SB 777 bill passing is the fact that according to Michael Haverluck, it legalizes and, “requires textbooks and other instructional resources to cast a positive light on homosexual "marriages," cross-dressing, sex-change operations and every other facet of homosexual and bisexual lifestyles. (CBNNews.com) Many parents don't want others teaching their children about sex education of the same sex much less any other type of education.
    How outrageous! They have taken God out of our schools, and even last week I overheard a gentleman saying that there was a university that had stopped allowing the students to have Columbus Day, but make the campus scheduler change the holiday name to Fall Day because they did not want to offend the Native Americans who felt Columbus had mistreated them. Weekly, all over the nation, there is one more thing removed or taken away or shushed as to not offend another race or religion. Today it's the fact that Miss California stated her belief. Right or wrong she should have the freedom to say whatever she wants. Just this year I noticed in my son's school that they have stopped saying Christmas party. It's a holiday party. You hear “Happy Holidays” on numerous commercials over Christmas, but yet we are supposed to force our children to have to hear and be told to encourage those living an alternative lifestyle or different religion choice? Children are not forced in the public schools to listen to the nativity story of Christ's birth or the Easter story from the Bible, so then why should they be forced to listen to “positive light” on any other religion?

    A couple of weeks ago I noticed on my children's school calendar they had to replace the name “Good Friday Holiday” to “Holiday.” What kind of nation are we living in that such extremes are made against certain issues, but if you are a minority or alternative then you get to take the stage. Something is way wrong with our priorties and America needs to shape up before our nation plummets to a fall like the Biblical accounts of Sodom and Gomorrah. The nation had become so corrupt that God punished the city. Even people who have no religious background whatsoever talk of the times and how corrupt our nation has become and the moral ramifications of decisions that are being made on stem cell research, abortion, and other mainstream issues. It's time leadership evaluates themselves and what they stand for and get back to what our founding father's originally intended on freedom of speech and fair rights. Things have been blown way out of hand and needs to be reevaluated before it creates a huge crisis for the nation.
    Recently in a meeting I attended there was a call to the people to step up and make positive change happen. Leadership has their plate full with the economy and war, and issues like names of holidays being changed and forcing our childre

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  • 25 Random Things About me.....I finally gave in and did it from Facebook

    1. I am a mother of four gorgeous children. Rachelle is 12, Lunden 5, Lexxis 4, Raime 3 months. They make my world go round and put a smile on my face hourly and sometimes by the minutes. lol I don't think Charles has quit smiling since Raime has been born.
    2. I grew up most of my life in Nigeria, West Africa. My father was a missionary/educator there. He had 2 Masters and Dr's in Theology. He started schools and churches and is pretty much my hero in case you can't tell. He believe in "culturing" us and that was education in itself. We traveled to England, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, the Azores, and over 12 African countries. One of my favorite stops was Victoria Falls discovered by Dr. David Livingston.

    3. In Reference to #2 , I miss him more than anything and would love my children to meet him. They like listening to his sermons.

    4. My son Lunden was born in England. I miss England so much! I miss my friends there as well.
    They ROCKED!! You know who you are!
    5. I got to go up on a KC-135 once and refuel 6 fighter jets flying over Germany on their way to a mission in Iraq.
    I cannot believe still that I was lucky enough to do that!
    6. I have met Jimmy Carter and his wife in the Sheraton Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria.

    7. I love the color GREEN. I also love the color Red and Pink. Purple is my all time generational fav along with navy blue.

    8. I collect Coca Cola bottles from all over the world.

    9. I Love shoes, purses, perfume, and lotion...did I mention----I LOVE SHOES!!!! High heels are my favorites! You will never see me wearing an ordinary pair of shoes. I have a million flip flops.

    10. I was having to make a pee stop once in Louisville, Kentucky and thougth I was behind an abandoned building not realizing there were train tracks right behind me and mooned the engineer.....he honked and waved!!!! :) I think my face was red for a couple of hours after!
    11. I love God and do my best to raise my kids right. I have made my fair share of mistakes but realize that I am only human and God looks on the inside not on the outside. I hope I instill that in my children.

    12. I got my first black eye trying to defend my brother when I was 14.
    He was in a fight!
    13. I have finished my Associates and now working on my BA in teaching........with four kids lets just say-------CRAZY!
    14. I write for the local paper some and it's becoming quite the hobby for me.

    15. I LOVE singing! My kids and I have random dance sessions as well in our living room. Music is life! I am known for not being able to sit still in general....put a song on and Im all over the place lol My wonderful husband Charles knew I loved it and even took Ballroom dance with me. The tango rocked and we got to perform....it was AWESOME!
    16. I would love for all my children to be singers whether it be professional or for church. Singing in church is a wonderful way to get kids to open up their talents.

    17. I have a side hobby as well of stylin' people's hair. It's so fun to make people feel beautiful. I would go to school to be a hair stylist but you have to mess with people's feet and I am not even going there.

    18. My dream is to someday be a choir director......that would rock. I sing solos alot, but my favorite past time is singing in groups or trios for events and church.

    19. I love my little Nephew and am so happy Rob and Meghann came down over Christmas break. I sometimes daydream of how awesome it would be if we all lived in the same town.

    20. I know how it feels to lose people closest to your heart! Losing my dad at the age of 24 devasted my world. Taught me to not take anything for granted and to cherish each moment with your loved ones and close friends. I have so many wonderful friends......the GEESE will always SORE...wink wink.....how about that Listerine too....lol
    21. I have also known the feeling of losing my soul mate and learning that life moves on and you can LOVE AGAIN. I am truly blessed to have a wonderful

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  • Santa Tracker for Kids


    The above link will take you to a site that is awesome for those of you with kids. They can send emails to Santa, track the weather at the North Pole, track Santa's progress on Christmas Eve, get Christmas color pages etc....

    Check it out! Bekah

    0 Comments 243 weeks

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    Hey, everything is going good here. Update: We have had explosions so no need for worry anymore!!!!

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    I love your profile picture! Very pretty!

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    Hey Bekah, I know you are so excited to have your new little baby! Congrats! Enjoy and try to get some rest when you can. You are going to be one busy Momma with 4 kids, but I bet Chelle is a huge help. Hope you are good. Love you, Erica

  • Lisa Roberts
    Lisa Roberts

    Hey Girl, We still haven't had our catch up talk. It is gonna be up to about 2 hours by now.......lol You are in my thoughts. The baby is so cute. She looks like Rachelle to me. Give her kisses for me and tell Chelle and Lundy we are so looking forward to see them.

  • Ramona Sturgill

    how r u whats going on babe!? I'm so hot and horny on cam right now, let me show you what i can do for you! hit me up on msn messenger: hamptonwivhr@hotmail.com xoxo bye xoxo

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    What an adorable little blessing to add to all your wonderful blessings. I really enjoyed all the new pictures. Love, Jolene

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    hey,girl, how ya doin' ? glad everything went well...your new little one is adorable!

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    Congratulations! She is beautiful!

  • Dianne Gilpin
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    Congratulations! Raime is adorable!

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    Your profile pic is adorable!!!!!!!!!!

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