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Captain Karen

Ive moved to Facebook town an im nae comin back

8/24/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from a pirate ship
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Dont look at me, im only breathing, dont look at me, im indiscreet
Me, Myself, and I
Kyle!....(knock knock knock).....Kyle!

I gots promoted! :)

Myself and Fiona have just discovered the amzingness of cordless loppers, and you should too! Tobys getting in on the act ana!! Heres all you need to know fact fans - they are chainsaw cutting in a less intimidating form, ideal for lopping and logging, works like a manual lopper but with the power...wait for it...of a chainsaw!!! So there you have it!!! Marvel in the wonder people, just marvellous
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Lliam Whittleton

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The legendary James May!!!
What can I say aboot James May?!!!! Aceness!!! And do i find him attractive i hear you cry?!! No...of course not......but if I did I wouldn't be the only one in the world that thinks so! I wont mention names......ahem
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Yanto Jones :) , Michael Palin, themes, pirates, history, MACARONI & CHEESE, black eyeliner, stars, Bam Margera, ghost stories, orange bacardi breezers, not real frogs, listening to my ipod, painting my nails black, arguing with my dad wen he's a bit pissed, perfume, mayonnaise on my chips, otters, the mona lisa, takin photos, shortbread, my Russian hat, Channel 4 cos they got Ugly betty an Shipwreked, dry cornflakes, James May, castles, halloween, shoes, music, reminising about the bygone days, books, the good ol USA, Topshop, Prince William, bedtime, churches, glitter an sparkly things, accumulating pens from random places, The Mighty Boosh, Kate Moss, dancing like no-ones watching, sleeping with my ear plugs in, planning all the places in the world i wanna go, Ron Weasley, haribo sweeties, daydreaming, gossip an bitching, disney princesses, creme eggs, the word - antidisestablishmentarianism, havin a wee dance and randomly laughing! And the colour pink - of course!

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  • Querida Kifer

    You have to check this out http://is.gd/DvFBQM

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • Kirsty Cameron
    luv Kirsty Cameron

    Hehe thanks! I wiz well shocked lol. U still got the same mob num? I hear ur nae comin for xmas dinner ess year, sniff! xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Katrina Gothard
    Katrina Gothard

    Hey there my wee friend! - remember im still older than you!!!! lol. Hows things? what you been up to? got any goss for me xxxx

  • Nicola
    luv Nicola

    Hey doll no i never got ur txt but i don't get my fone back till imorn :( :( stil got the same number like, jus not had it for 4 months! Yeh that's cool if use r comin, i'll be waitin for the replys then lol!! How u doin anyway??? xxxxxx

  • luv Fiona Paterson

    Honk honk!!Just noticed u still have stuff aboot cordless power loppers on here!!How i love a cordless lopper, less intimidating than a chainsaw TIMES TEN!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Mitch

    hoy dnt dis bebo lol i do both, bt i do prefer facebook xx

    8/24/09 via Mobile
  • Katrina Gothard
    luv Katrina Gothard

    hey tart! luv ya x x x x

    8/13/09 via Mobile
  • Claire Wilson
    Claire Wilson

    DAAAVID :D how you doing min? xxxxxxx

  • Ceallach

    Jesus-it's only two weeks to TITP!! I hadn't even realised! Eeeeekk and i agree with Claire's comment below, it's easy to brush your teeth, there's other things to worry about! xx

  • Claire Lawrie
    luv Claire Lawrie

    Hometown- a pirate ship! haha, off the coast off cruddy gay! And about teeth brushin at T, just use a bottle off water and spit it out dumbass! YOU ARE IN A FIELD REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mitch
    luv Mitch

    I just orderd britannia high series 1, im so exctied! xxxxxx

  • Miss Lawrie

    Your friend just took the words right out my mouth! You going all wknd to TITP???? k xxx

  • KirstyPuff

    Take toothpaste, tooth brush, and a water bottle. Use the water bottle as your tap :D x

  • luv Fiona Paterson

    Nah Nah Nah!!:D xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Claire Lawrie
    Claire Lawrie

    We've done heeps!! Highlights are the baseball, the shopping and san antonio was gorgeous. ITs just too damn hot!! hahahha guess what, i have a massive scabby bit on my chin cause i misjudged the bottom off the pool and swam right into the pool floor!!! hahaha Oh and today we were at 6 flags the amusement park, s'goooood!!!!! I'll meet up with a when we get back, give u ur tshirt and tell u everything we were up to. Xxx

  • Claire Lawrie
    luv Claire Lawrie

    Hey homie!!!!!! I burnt my belly this morning!! Lying on a lilo in the pool eating a yogurt, as you do, and I burnt my belly!! hahha its toasting here, was pissing down with rain the day we arrived but we all went in the pool anyway, but everyday now keeps getting hotter and hotter!! Got you your hooters tshirt :D I got me another one too. Was SO close to buying a pair of juicy couture pants today, just to say I've bought something from juicy couture, but they were like 13 quid for a pair of friggin pants!! The shop was amazing though. Its absolutely amazing over here :) Xxx maybe give you another bebo comment over the hols tell ya how were getting on.

  • luv Fiona Paterson

    AAAAAHHHHH min!!57 days???!Fan the hell did that happen!!??Its like tomorrow!!!We better get a tent on the go!!:D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Oh Oh Oh and just been on the webby, did u ken The Maccabees r gan?? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Oh Oh Oh and just thinkin ive not seen u for years!!Did u sleep in yesterday?? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx