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Kerry Reich

another festival and another phone down!

8/5/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • misty water coloured memories..............

    right what is the craziest memory u have of me what was i doing why was i doing this?
    should be fun to read....................dont hold back unless its white lies....

    thank you! xx

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    6. There were originally five horsemen of the apocalypse. The Big Man said he would travel by foot.

    7. They say you can't go a day without water, The Big Man has gone five seasons.

    8. When Miss Reich lost her virginity, The Big Man found it and put it back.

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    33. There is only one rule for dating The Big Man's daughter. Don't.

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  • Graeme Russell
    Graeme Russell

    Hey everyone! Add my new profile!!!! http://goo.gl/Leg3v

  • Kimmi Von Star
    Kimmi Von Star

    hay chick hows life ^^; x

  • Lynsey Ikon
    Lynsey Ikon

    hey stranger how r ya xx

  • LIsa Lashes
    LIsa Lashes

    LISA LASHES IN FALKIRKAppLink:10193193349

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  • O'Couture

    ocglasgow.com for electronic guest list every night. Also half price food this week when you say 'oc food rocks' get involved AppLink:10193193349

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  • O'Couture 9/2/09
  • O'Couture 9/2/09
  • O'Couture 9/2/09
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  • O'Couture


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  • Gavin Kerr
    Gavin Kerr

    hey missi u got an other number now? if so send me it lol ur a nitemare to get a hold of lol ttfn xx

  • Uber Girl
    Uber Girl

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  • luv Sir Martin Of Fisher

    Flipping flops Kerry. Are you sure it's a Gaucho Grill your working in ? I was down in Manchester at the weekend and passed the ahem restaurant that you were training in. Even purchased a meal. I've changed a bit since i last saw you. Do you like my new haircut :D

  • Sir Martin Of Fisher

    Hi Kerry. Heard from Neil that your back home in God's own country. What the flipping flops happened ? Did you get deported ! Take it you've been enjoying the weather ? Hope so cos that's our summer. Even tho it's still spring !

  • Steamy Steamerson
    Steamy Steamerson

    hey my phone has decided to stop working!....want to meet up tomorrow or saturday i'll give you a bell when i finish work tomorrow at 5 x

  • Neil McCook

    Hey biatch, Hows tricks with you?? What you up to now?? Should check out my kids work www.segundaoportunidade.com/wtv.html Take care N3!\ x

  • Jason
    luv Jason

    Shapnin Kezza! Im sure all the guys miss you to! Dropped by the old Grant Drive the day, but we just got mary! (I stayed int he car, but somehow she identified me!) Hows madchester?? xx

  • Lynsey Ikon
    luv Lynsey Ikon

    yeah i took the full week off so i couldnt miss it. ive been tryin to get something sorted with comin down, was gona make it a surprise but think nic knows now, just tryin to get everything sorted money wise so i can get my badge for work paid off, think sandra is comin aswell...miss u xx

  • luv Malky

    hey are you still enjoying manchester? hope everything is okay. what happened with uni? were you just not enjoying it? I'm good Im living in the east end its okay despite enormous heating bills

  • Nickington
    luv Nickington

    Ofcourse i do

    3/23/09 via Mobile