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10/8/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 1,130
  • from BPT
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: December 2005
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About Me

remember ''you only have one life''
Me, Myself, and I
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║█▓▒░ Name-Jamie Levi Goodson
║█▓▒░ Age-Old enough
║█▓▒░ Loves-?
║█▓▒░ Hair-Light brown
╠█▓▒░ Music-DonkGrime+top 40
╠█▓▒░ Birthday-15th july
╠█▓▒░ Reppin-BPT
╠█▓▒░ School -Baines High
╠█▓▒░ Drinks-Bare alcohol
╠█▓▒░Eats-Anything near enough
╠█▓▒░ Hates-Dying&&being sick
The Other Half Of Me


Just A Fucking First Class Babe.!xxxxx

hacked by chloe lowin
jamie goodson babbbeee <333, havnt spoke to you in ages.. and we need to start speaking again and meet up cus i miss you & we used to be propper close.. like on the phone about the mightly booshh , lmfao.
your propper nice and i hope we get close again gorgeous.. your a really nice lad, and im always here if you need to talk to someone .. love youuuuu babbbbbby <33333333x
hacked by emily ruman
jamie; i have just hacked u =D.
now then, i abs love love love this lad so much
whenever i need a friend he is always there to help me
& i know i can trust him with anything and he wouldnt tell a soul
he can annoy me sometimes like in science ;]
buttt we always end up missing eachother and make up;
i love u jamie goodson<333.
hacked by rachekl sutton
well its rachel sutton чour bestest friend ever{:
i love чou loads baчbie, and im alwaчs here for чou NMW!
чou alwaчs ring me about at 2 in the morning
and be like чou coming out?
im like jamie have чou looked at the clock latelч ahaa.
well dunno what to reallч saч apart from I LOVE YOU LOADSSSSS.
hacked by jodie sherratt
hes one of the randomest lads i know and nocks on for me at stupid hours in the mornin, but hes amazing and i would trust him with anything and i know he would always be there for me if i needed him. i dont really know what else to say everyone up there has it about right . jamie i love you so much baby XXXXXXXXXXX
hacked by cheniceeee
right, ill do it again. better not get deleted.
anyways, yeh.. your a dead nice lad babee
&your there for mee, i'll be there for you when you need me,
and you need to call me at a normal time in the day not bloody 2 in the morning or something
but yeah, i don't no what else to say,
soo, i love you lots gorgeousss ♥♥
hacked by julia bennett.
well babe, i dnt even know where too start? we've been through so much- but no matter what, im always here for you- the lad who brightens up my day, puts a smile on my face, treats me like an princess but most of all is there for me whenever i need him. i cant thank you enough baby- a true best friend- even if u do have ur weird moments i love you <33
hacked by geo liptrot
hey gorgeous ♥ it meee geoo x i jsut wunna sey yu mean world to me am soo glad were close agen, nd i hope your alyrt babe, jsut forget yur haters nd move on form em babey <33 keep ya head up high, yav got loasdsa mates so forget bout her i love you millionsss forever nd everr! never change, coz i dno wat i wuld do without ya baby, i love you ♥ xxx

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