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I'm on facebook now. See you there. Kacey Coleman-Ropitini

1/25/11 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Paraparaumu
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Me, Myself, and I
Stayin in Melbourne with my little monsters. Doing jack shit at the moment.
LADY GAGA!!! Loving Kings of Leon right now.THE VERONICA'S, The Script, Tupac, Snoop dog, Disturbed, Sublime, Atlas, OpShop. Anything from NZ. Amy Winehouse
FIGHT CLUB!, saw movies (their horror movies)dirty dancing, Booty Call, kung foo hustle, the goonies, Beetlejuice, Stand by me. CHOPPER. any trashy horror movies. Hate romantic comedy. Yuck!!!
I like boxing. It's good to watch people get their heads punched in.
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Not getting retribution for the shit things people do to me.
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The sun is shinning and I've got a cold beer to drink.
ZENTANA is 3, ZYRUSis two
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The curious case of Benjamin Button. Brad was hot but the movie was boring. Want to see the new transformers movie.

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  • Nadia Ropitini
    luv Nadia Ropitini

    hey kace!!! long time no hear my cuzzy! been a while since we last spoke or beboed each other, since we moved back to this shit hole of a place, np (me miss wellington hard!!) we havent really got stuff sorted so we not on the net yet! My partner Adyne works in IT now so thats all good. the kids are growing fast! so i hear you back in oz now, didnt take u long! sux we didnt get to see each other before we both split, aye, neva mind! hows your kids going? man they must be big now huh. it was good to see aunty and uncle, sad it had to be on upsetting circumstances though. well my cousin that was only a short chat, hopefully we have more!!!! luv to u and the whanau.......... AROHANUI ALWAYS.............. ME!!!!

  • Vicki Campbell
    luv Vicki Campbell

    hey nerd haha pram oh what can i say its awesome im at work at the mo about to finish. How is things? Give those boys a big kiss i miss ya all

  • Sam Hill
    Sam Hill

    hey sorry forgot ta reply haha, everything is algud in otaki! nothing changes.....hows the job hunt goin any luck??

  • K. Taylor
    luv K. Taylor

    heya cuz.. how are you nd the boiz?? how is the new whare?? umm cuz whats your numba?? take care.. much aroha..

  • Sam Hill
    Sam Hill

    hey kacey hows things in auz? kids algud?

  • K. Taylor
    luv K. Taylor

    heyy.. im good.. doin well lol :) just workin all the time lol :L yea i no, but it was a fun night.. i had a blast... o thats awesome.. cant wait to see your whare.. i wil do.. love you heapz.. mis you lots.. say hi to jamie for me nd the kidz.. xO

  • K. Taylor
    luv K. Taylor

    hey cousin.. mis you.. had a great time with you at zion's party.. xO heaz a picz of me nd you.. nd ther is one with, me you nd aunty marion.. check them in my picz.. love you heapz.. xO

  • Mon
    luv Mon

    dont wory u will get an invite, prob not for anotha year or so yet so plenty of time! glad u guys werent near those fires, man they looked nasty. i reckon 6 months off work will b long enuf, then its pas turn to be stay at home dad, hes gonna love it! lucky you gng to thailand....we def going somewhere before i go back to work, we just not sure where yet...poss raro or bali...dependin on wat deals we can get. thanks for the labour wishes...im sure things will go well (trying to keep positive haha)....we due in 12 days! 16 March, but im sure this baby is gonna give me grief and be late like 2 weeks! give the boys a big fat kiss from me xx

  • K. Taylor
    K. Taylor

    heya cuzzy.. havnt heard form yOou in awhile.. soO how are yOou nd the boiiz?? umm when are yoOu comin back over briz vagez ways lol?? but anyways cuz.. missin yOou heapz.. give the boiiz a kiss nd a hug from me!! lOove yoOu.. xO oOo share the lOove.. x

  • Mon

    heya kace, things are great, ive just re-joined ebay too! may as well spend my 6 months maternity leave productively ;) u can get some good stuff on there aye...im gonna go hard haha (with patakas credit card of course!). now i hope you werent near those bushfires? im sure we would have heard if u or the skiddies were in trouble so im hoping not! Of course we have names for baby (pataka is the biggest planner i know), we seem to have come to a good agreement on a name that is special to both of us....will keep you posted ;) in answer to your question, yep we are engaged! got engaged while we were in auckland for elections....very funny story to go with it...basically pa was trying to find a good place to give me the ring and i screwed it up by being difficult haha. anyways gotta get back to work....only one more week to go until im off for six months! cant wait to spend winter at home by the fire with our new baby...its gonna rock! xx

  • luv Kylie Barns

    hey sis, sorry for being a slack ass. how has it been across the ditch, things here havnt changed one bit aye hahaha not that that is a surprise. How are the boys? doin well i hope anyway the flat it good flatting with girls is a lot cleaner lol but yeah sometimes too clean hahahah im a slack ass some of the time witht the whole cleaning thing no surprises there. anyway il keep more in touch promise. love ya

  • luv MAz

    Everyfings good stinkin hot tho how bwt u and da kids? Yeah come up its nxt month in march at a hall in alex hills. Destiny Rose is aite shes toilet trained now even sleeps withowt a nappy which is gud can save money on nappies and spend it on somethin else lol. Watchuz ben upto? xoxo

  • Niki

    hello hows thigs going???

  • Mon
    luv Mon

    your in melbourne??! whats goin on miss kacey? just checked out your pics of the birthday party - the boys have grown heaps since I last saw them....still missing them :( any plans for a trip home soon? we've only got 7 weeks to go till our little bundle arrives and i cant wait.....im getting to that uncomfortable stage where sleeping is a pain (literally)!!! xx

  • Roamad.Hokio Loco
    luv Roamad.Hokio Loco

    Hey you should ring mum sumtym wen u can shes askn afta you heapz ae xoxo

  • Sam Hill
    luv Sam Hill

    mean sounds like yous havin a good time, was at ya mums the other day it's quiet as over there now!!

  • Sam Hill
    Sam Hill

    hows auzzy goin? do the kids miss me!! haha

  • Epic
    luv Epic

    Yep we Had An awsum Nw Yrs ! Hahha, So What ? Who Cares ? Flying Bak 2 Nz, Bwt A week, A Week ANd A Half Mayb ? why's tht ? x