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Jazz -

*{{Gran Canaria ere we come again}}*

11/17/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • from england
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<3 ';o ut the bathroom at silly o'clock munching bread !!'<3
Me, Myself, and I
♥«´¨`•° *Jaz* °•´¨`»♥
.¸.•*(¸.•*´♥`*•.¸)`*•.¸♥ !

R.I.P Rupert, R.I.P Sonny we love u 2 loads nd always will.
Also R.I.P Theo u shouldn't have gone like that.

92% of teens have moved onto rap. If you are part of the 8% that still listen to real music, copy and paste this onto your profile
The Other Half Of Me


she can eat a lot of icing!

i like most things reallly
most things, i'm not fussy
horse riding is my main sport and various other things
Scared Of
spiders, really scary movies (well duh)
Happiest When
spending time with mates nd having a good laugh,
partying, being down the yard
hate it when
fall off my horses !

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  • LY JAZZ FIZZ !!! X O X :l

    .... oooO..............
    .....(.....)... Oooo...
    ..Abby was...........
    ..... here............
    ...wiping her........
    .....feet on..........
    ...ur white board.......

    Abby. 0 Replies
  • every1 on holiday!!!
    every1 on holiday!!!

    haha this took me ages but its a lil thing to say... OMG mike text me sayin him n ryan r goin ova in july if were gunna b ther cuz u know they wern gunna go well their parents sed they can now or sumit so omg wot u rekun can u go then??????? i maybe goin !!!! hehe im sooo xited itl b gr8 if we ...

    Jess 0 Replies

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  • Shaunte Buglisi
    Shaunte Buglisi

    Re: hi I like what I see. Come chat with me jane31515love@hotmail.com

    5/21/09 via Mobile
  • James.
    luv James.

    jasmine u smelly little thing :P hahaha im bored :( wubu2?? wb xxxxxx

  • X HarrietJessica X
    X HarrietJessica X

    hmm ok then =/ lol i think it was viki.. cus i was really worried wen we got bak cus i thought he'd injured himself or sumthin : S xx

  • X HarrietJessica X
    X HarrietJessica X

    wel i didnt mean too, it was that slippery bit and he kinda tripped over a bit, aparently it wasnt my fault and he dus it all the time, but i still felt bad cus i was leading him : S : S xx

  • X HarrietJessica X
    X HarrietJessica X

    ohhh ino :D :D koolies yeh same just hope i dont make arthur fall over agen on the walk out thingie = S and yep i do, i did try adding you from vickis profile but i didnt want to add the rong jazz lol xx

  • X HarrietJessica X
    X HarrietJessica X

    haha oh hell yeh :P finally someone hu agrees with me! lol and yeah, you know i said i do dancing? well she goes to the same school =] altho shes alot better than me lol ooh you going to help out tomoro btw?? xx

  • James.
    luv James.

    :O u big meanyyy !!! :'( xxx

  • James.
    luv James.


  • Candii Wells
    luv Candii Wells

    yo bbe wots ur second name alison wants 2 no y thanx bbe

  • that lil essex gyal ho luvs indies
    that lil essex gyal ho luvs indies

    omg jas wats happenin wth annete hers mi number tell her to call me ASAP FLIPPIN URGENT!!!!! 07951780018 xxxxx

  • Lil-Baby-Gurl
    luv Lil-Baby-Gurl

    hey huni I MISS YOU come bak !!!! loverage xxx

  • Ellie N
    luv Ellie N

    Booo. (: X

  • WonderCloud.

    Hullo lovey! Been okay thanks, a bit ill and bored because I havent been out much the past couple of days :( stupid neck is being evil! darnit. You alreet? Good job I checked my emails today, I NEVER go on bebo or hotmail anymore so if I hadn't you would have probably got this 3 weeks later lol Happy New Year!

  • Ashley.Richards
    luv Ashley.Richards

    Hehe! Anyway, i'm gunna text you in a minute, but thought i might aswell say it now :L I can ride out on sunday, just like organise times, and places and stuff, yeah? Okily dokily :) I'm sure it will be just as fun xx Loveeeee :D x

  • Victoriaa
    luv Victoriaa

    jasssssssssssssssssssmine has a holey neck :O