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BLAH!!! Life is a BITCH!!!!

10/22/10 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

You couldnt hate enough 2 love. Is that suppose 2 be enough? I only wish u werent my friend, then i could hurt u in the end.
Me, Myself, and I
Heller everyone, my name is paige. I dont have internet now so i get on whenever i can. uuum... i have red hair with black streaks and blood red tips, i have my eyebrow,my tounge,my nose,my belly button,and my libre pierced... I kind of consider my self a hippie lol, i believe in everyone just gettin along but if u mess with me or my friends then thats when i turn into a bitch!..my friends are one of the the most important things in the world 2 me along with my family and music.my boyfriends name is Patrick and we have been dating for almost 2 years... im not labeled (i think i spelled that wrong) but call me what u will. my favorite band is SlipKnoT..yea thats pretty much it. if u wanna know anything else just ask!

----[]-/ /Miss Dimebags music?
--/\[]/ / Put this on your bebo
--\ [] /- To show your respect
--/ __ \
-/ /---\ \
The Other Half Of Me
Katie J

Katie J

my sister from another mister!!

SlipKnoT, system of a down, three days grace, breaking benjamin, bullet for my valentine, cradle of filth, marlyn manson, demon hunter, atreyu, otep, godsmack, stonesour, shadows fall, KISS, and yes motherfuckers i like bon jovi...so HA! (just his old stuff) and, evanescence, DOPE, ICP, rob zombie, ozzy, smashing pumpkins, nirvana, five finger death punch, creed, otep, arch enemy, 10 years and a hell of alot more!
anything scary or funny
im not really into sports but i like football
Scared Of
being alone forever, losing somebody that i love...spiders!!
Happiest When
listening 2 music, hanging out with my friends, partying!! WOOT! WOOT!
my heroes
Amy Lee, Joey Jordison, Corey Taylor
favorite band

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  • :(

    ParKour, Bob Marley, & Badazz
    Thats What Ronnie Kieth Tincher was all about.
    Copy & Paste this if u love RKT.
    Fuck Kyle Adkins.™

    0 Comments 179 weeks

  • pissin me off!

    how many times do I have 2 tell people if they have somethin 2 say about me then say it 2 my face!! quit bein a pussy and tell me instead of writin me on bebo. im so sick of it, quit runnin ur fuckin mouths unless ur gonna say it 2 ME not other people, not on my profile, me! what are u 2 scared? fuck it! if u wanna talk shit behind my back then its just gonna make it worse on u. if u hate me then tell me, if u think im a bitch then tell me. All u people are doin is pissin me off even more. hell if u wanna fight me ill even let u throw the first punch.just quit runnin ur mouths behind my back cuz its really makin me mad!!
    have a nice day

    3 Comments 270 weeks


    Im sick of people running their mouths behind my back. If you have somethin 2 say then say it 2 my face instead of bein a two faced bitch! Im not scared of anyone anymore. All people wanna do is talk shit behind peoples backs and im tired of it!! If you have somethin 2 say 2 me then say it, dont be a pussy. If your big enough 2 run your mouth than your big enough 2 get your ass kicked! Im not the type 2 start a fight but if you wanna run your mouth about my friends, my family, or me than I will. Im not puttin up with any shit anymore. so there ya have it. If you have a problem with me then tell me!!

    5 Comments 272 weeks

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close 100 Stupid Questions

100 Stupid Questions

Are you scared of creepy creatures?: depends on the creature lol
Are you scared of cockroaches?: no
Do you get scared in the dark?: depends on whose in the dark!! lmao
What is your favorite day of the week?: the day that im actually having a good day!!
Your dream car: purple lambergiene...or however u spell it
Your dream vacation: jamaica or amsterdam
In your next birth, you would love to be: a bird that way i can shit on the people thats shit on me! haha
In your past birth, you must have been: a witch!! lol
Your favorite pizza topping is: extra extra cheeeeese!!!!
How many kids do you want to have?: two
Last TV channel you watched: idk
What are you wearing right now?: clothes duh!!
What do you wear at night in bed?: a t-shirt and lounge pants
Your favorite toy in childhood: bratz dolls
How many teeth do you have?: hell if i know!
When did you last visit the dentist?: last month
Which toothpaste do you use?: whatever toothpaste i have at the time
Your preferred toilet paper brand: the good shit!!
Three things you can: music, showers, and my mom
If you had one person to take with you on a deserted island, it would be: robert pattinson!! lmao or my mother
Your dream celebrity date: robert pattinson
Do you believe in aliens?: idk...anything is possible
Do you believe in ghosts and such?: YES!!
Favorite cocktail: screw cocktails!! gimme a shot!!!
Favorite fruit: bananas, strawberries, idk i just love fruit
Favorite flower: roses and lilies
Have you puked at a party?: yes
You would love to get a tattoo done on your: leg
Have you pretended to be sick to avoid someone or some meeting?: yes
Do you cry easily?: no
Do you swear a lot?: yes
Favorite body part in the opposite sex: depends on how theyre built...sometimes their stomach, back, ASS!! lol
Corniest pickup line used by you on someone: i hate corny pick-up lines ugh!
Corniest pickup line someone used on you: idk
What: paigie-pooh
What: paigie-pooh
Have you ever been caught in an embarrassing situation by your parents?: probably
The food you hate to eat: stir fry
Your favorite breakfast cereal: cookie crisp and trix
Do you have any pets?: not anymore :(
Which is your favorite holiday?: christmas
Have you ever been drunk out of your mind?: yes
Ever been in a car accident?: yes
The boy band you secretly listen to: dnt listen 2 boy bands
The body part you would love to get pierced: already have everything i want pierced
When did you last diet to lose weight?: idk u crack head!!!
What is the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up?: go pee
Do you read newspapers or books in the toilet?: sometimes lol
Are you in love with someone these days?: yes
Would you date a hottie who is totally dumb?: maybe
Has anyone slapped you on the face?: not hard but yes
What is the color of the underwear you are wearing?: green
Which is your favorite underwear brand?: idfk!!!
What is your favorite denim brand?: whatever fits good
If you could afford a fashion designer, it would be: idk
Your first cell phone was: a piece of shit one!!
Do you prefer to text or talk on the phone?: text
Are you a sensitive person?: i can be but not always
Would you go for a one night stand?: maybe
The romantic movie you like most: the twilight movies
The action movie you like most: cnt think of any right now
Do you believe in heaven and hell?: yes
Which is your most memorable trip with friends?: theres 2 many 2 count
Which newspaper do you read daily?: i dnt read newspapers
The magazines you like to read: people, star, OK
Your first job was: volunteer work at the library
Did you have a best friend in school?: yea
Which email service do you use most?: yahoo
Have you ever walked to save money?: nope
Where do you shop for clothes?: where ever i can
What was your pocket money as a kid?: ????
Can you talk to someone for long hours on the phone?: sometimes
Do you like taking stupid surveys like these?: yes
If yes, do you have too much free time?: YES!!
One memory you wish you could erase: alot of them
Any sport, you are really good at: psh! none
In your purse, you keep a photo of: my neice and nephew
Do you take any medicine daily?: yes
Have you ever lied about your age?: yes
The last person you kissed was: my bf
The last country you visited: U.S.A
Do you need music while you are studying?: sometimes
A song you loved as a kid: always by bon jovi
Any kiddie song you still remember: a few of em
Habits you hate in others: when ppl r 2faced and compusive liars and back stabbers
On a scale of one to ten how obnoxious is this survey?: 2
One habit of yours, you wish you could change?: my laziness...or my anger
Do you brush twice a day?: sometimes
How much time do you take to get ready in the morning?: 5mins
Are you a day person or a night person?: night
Your favorite cartoon character: sponge bob
Have you made a complete fool of yourself anytime?: im sure i have lol
Any word or sentence you repeat often: cuss words
Describe your computer monitor: black
One book you are dying to read: the rest of the wicked series
One movie you are dying to see: breaking dawn
One music album you are dying to hear: theres a few of them
How much time did you take to complete this survey?: idk
Don: yea kind of lol

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  • -McKinneys-
    luv -McKinneys-

    No Silly Butt I Love You The Mostest! So Dont You Argue With Me Missy!!

  • -McKinneys-

    NOPE NOPE Sugar Plum!!! I Love You The Mostest

  • Wicked Jester
    Wicked Jester

    if I had the money I would lol

  • Wicked Jester
    Wicked Jester

    then get some and give them 2 me :P

  • Wicked Jester
    luv Wicked Jester

    give me cookies :)

  • -McKinneys-

    we should most deff. hangout some time! I Miss You Too!!! My Number Is 304 469-7069 OR 304 604-7195 either way you can reach me!! I LOVE YOU BUNCHES!!!

  • Wicked Jester
    Wicked Jester

    hey now. when it comes to bein a freak there is nothing tarded about me lol

  • Always Shout Kelsey
    Always Shout Kelsey

    lol i dnt either ive been stuck at home for 3 days lol

  • Beautiful-Tragedy

    im goin 2 say what the fuck ever i want 2 say 2 u candice i dnt give a flyin fuck rather u like it or not!! and another reason 4 me askin u about the pills thing isnt becuz i care about wat u do but i care about what would happen 2 an unborn child!!! no1 would admit rather or not they did somethin anyways so fuck off bitch!! if i have somethin 2 say 2 u than im gonna fuckin say it! plan and simple so get the fuck over it...haha thanx 4 blockin me bitch! next time i see u ill just say all of this 2 ur face anyways u fuckin whore...btw y r u sayn ur step dad got u pregnant HA!! wtf does tht say about ur slutty ass??

  • Wicked Jester
    luv Wicked Jester

    then shovel it off b4 u bury yourself in it lol

  • Carmillas Mommy
    Carmillas Mommy

    and another thing,,.until i do something that physically or mentally hurts you,.you dnt need to worry about what i do ..whether you herd it or not

  • Carmillas Mommy
    Carmillas Mommy

    OK..for one why does me properly raising my child consern you.believe me i know its going to be hard..but.I'm going to do it.and another thing is If i dnt want you writing shit on my profile.you dnt need to.I could give a fuck less what ppl say i do.,Unless they see me doing it front of them,they need to keep my name out of their mouth ..idc who it is.,.Its just the simple fact no matter what i do..its no body's buisness but mine..and if i was out doing pills it would have shown up in my monthly drug test .its as simple as that.now seriously dnt write me about some stupid shit i don't want to hear about.thats all i'm asking ok

  • Always Shout Kelsey
    luv Always Shout Kelsey

    lol sounds liike fun jk i'm bored liike always to. ): lol

  • Always Shout Kelsey
    luv Always Shout Kelsey

    lol yehh i kno.. so wat have you been u 2 ?

  • Wicked Jester
    luv Wicked Jester

    bordem homie. what you been doin'?

  • Always Shout Kelsey
    luv Always Shout Kelsey

    Damn!!! nd to think i was gonna ride with him to go to chip nd dales lmao

  • Wicked Jester
    Wicked Jester

    sup cookie?

  • Always Shout Kelsey 6/8/10
  • Always Shout Kelsey
    Always Shout Kelsey

    their sexy aint they?lol OLIER SYKES is the hottest guy ever !!!!!!!!

  • Always Shout Kelsey 3/4/10