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Quote of the year - "my virgintiy has grown back" LOL. ;)

3/27/09 | me too! | Reply

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And I'd promise you anything for another shot at life.♫
Me, Myself, and I
#-'D a n i i___Xo.

Bebo is wank now a days.
Facebook-The place to be!

Blue/Grey eyes.
BEST Friends.
Them good times in 2008! : )...♥

I think we're running out of alcohol.
Tonight, I hate this fucking town.
And all my best friends will be the death of me,
But they won't ever remember, remember...♫

The Other Half Of Me


Definition of SEXY. i Love Her.

smASH ; ) ...♥
I Love this lass to bits!Shes my form budy i can talk to her about anything : )
Frod Crew.
Jane shottts : )
just fucking drink it.
i love you :)

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  • Kellie : )

    Dani-what would happen if i died?
    Kellie-oh there would be a dead person next to me...
    Dani-I kno u less than 3 me really.
    Kellie-Meh ... Its debatable.
    Dani-if i wasnt here who would you trust?n have our funny sex talk things with ? AND GEOGRAPHY WUD BE A HELL LOT BORINER!
    Kellie-i like geography so it wouldnt be boring,id get work done,id talk to myself. or will about future sex id have with him and then he'd be really worried.and then id ask him how he broke to his boyfriend that he was on his period and LOL, but hes not on his period and hes never had a boyfriend.so i wouldnt ask him that...
    Then id have no one to talk to of the matter and go on chat rooms and then in later life id be a agony aunt helping all these people. and then i go hang myself becuase me solving everyone elses problems i couldnt solve or discuss my owen therefore YOU'D HAVE MURDERED ME!
    And then Will would die a virgin.
    END OF!

    Dani-Well ,if you died i would end up going to a phsycologist because i would be that distrought at my loss of you then in a few years time everything would be back to normal so i then became a phsycologist for people who have had dead people in there life but then this would bring you back up i would then probs be run over by a raving phsycotic person who came to my rich clinic wich made me have millions of pounds which i never got to spend.Then i would die because the car hit me through a shop window.
    so basicly YOU MURDED ME because you made me go to a sycologist becasue you died.

    ... i <3 you kellie : )

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  • DO DIS PLZ!!!!!

    [1] Who are you? ...
    [2] Are we friends?...
    [3] When and how did we meet?...
    [4] Do you have a crush on me?...
    [5] Have you ever had a crush on me?...
    [6] Describe me in one word...
    [7] What was your first impression of me?...
    [8] Do you still think the same now?...
    [9] What reminds you of me?...
    [10] If you could give me anything what would it be?...
    [11] How well do you no me?...
    [12] Have you ever wanted to punch me?...
    [13] When was the last time you saw me?...
    [14] Ever wanted to tell me something you couldnt?...
    [15] What was it?...
    [15] Are you goin to put this on your blog and see what I say about you?...

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    Cralinou Hotguy

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  • Aiden Cross
    Aiden Cross

    how can a fit girl like u be single lol wb adin ;) xxx

  • JoshySaurus
    luv JoshySaurus

    DANIIII your also loverly lol :D im good tah babes and u ?

  • Emzii 6/21/09
  • Kellie

    I will give you that money for kasabian when i next see you.

  • Fray-Zerr Fantastic Has AbondonedBebo
    luv Fray-Zerr Fantastic Has AbondonedBebo

    i think you gunna have to ask her im good thanks, what about you? see you tomoz hopefully:P lyxx

  • Fray-Zerr Fantastic Has AbondonedBebo
    Fray-Zerr Fantastic Has AbondonedBebo

    i know sorry i dont have my phone on in school, coz i play by the rules obvs :) il come see you on monday night hopefully coz im like buisy till then :S see you soon, and tht thing i [romised we wud...erm study, we will study it on monday, i wont forget my equiptment this time ly xxxx

  • Fray-Zerr Fantastic Has AbondonedBebo
    luv Fray-Zerr Fantastic Has AbondonedBebo

    do you know what your gunna do when you leave school? a hair dresser lol, good effort, im gunna bleach it tomoz :) xxxxlylxxx

  • Fray-Zerr Fantastic Has AbondonedBebo
    luv Fray-Zerr Fantastic Has AbondonedBebo

    oh yeh my weekend had consisted of late nights and erly morning , and workin most of the day "just thinkin of the monney" hope you havin fun...at least you get to drink ly xxxxxxxx

  • Fray-Zerr Fantastic Has AbondonedBebo
    luv Fray-Zerr Fantastic Has AbondonedBebo

    come throo then :) :) miss you to danniiii sex?...yes fek all to tht question ly xxxx