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Livin The Life With No Drugs Again :D

8/15/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 21, Luv 403
  • from Brisbane
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 8,009
  • Member since: June 2006
  • www.bebo.com/taimaishoe
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About Me

Bro ill Jab it Inya
Me, Myself, and I
......... Nothing to say beside im a POOL ADDICT

Jay You Enn Kay Eei Eey

Choose pool over a girl except when it come to Nele :D

Thats me...Nele first then Pool and fuck the rest

x. Drop It and Enjoy Your Way to LaLa Land.x
The Other Half Of Me
Miss. Connie

Miss. Connie

Where Did Connie Go?

Junkkiiee !
Neleviillee Hearts Youu Lottss Broo ! xo

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Rank: 1306575
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  • Mariah Sanson 8/23/11 via Mobile
  • Mona Henze 8/22/11 via Mobile
  • Yilin

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  • E r i n � ...
    E r i n � ...

    I scored $387 in my spare time doing simple tasks! I went to - http://x.co/KTCv Dont say I never help anyone!

  • NeLee
    luv NeLee

    Myyy Brooo ! im sorryyy , i told you to come on and you did and i wasnt even on .. my badd big headd ! i'll make it up to you thouu . Drinkk soonishhh k . Lovee youuu Deekheadd ! p.s - oi you know i soo kicked your ass in our argument . lol about the war hahaha ! dont denyy , just build a bridge and get over it :L :L x0x

  • ByzieBro. 11/9/09
  • Miss. Connie
    luv Miss. Connie

    bro where you been? x

  • NeLee
    luv NeLee

    Fuckeennn waiting for your ass .. to call so i can come pickk yyoouuu upp !! Todayyy junkiieee !! shitt ! - hurry the fuckk upp LOL :L :L Lovee bigg headd !! p.s c u soonnnishh ! :D :D

  • NeLee

    Beforee i goo To workk !! justt wanteddd you too knoww that .... Youur Onee Gayy Cuntt :D - Byee DeekHeadd ! x0x

  • NeLee
    luv NeLee

    Junkiee Bummm !! :D

  • Miss. Connie 10/16/09
  • NeLee
    luv NeLee

    Du Ma Cac May ... ?? What does that even meann .. lol does it even mean anything :L :L :L

  • NeLee

    Suga Bo ... :D soryyy ... would call you something in azn .. but me dont no nothingg :D ... ^^ so you can be a girl instead ! Lattah Gatta . Dont Forget your toilet paper !

  • Miss. Connie
    Miss. Connie

    whatever i have gaytime in my fridge right now. you're fat. x

  • Miss. Connie
    Miss. Connie

    ohh yeah...hes so sexy.x

  • ByzieBro.

    t:) t <<<<<<

  • Miss. Connie 10/6/09
  • NeLee
    luv NeLee

    Oi you Mother Fuckerr !! :L lol .. rightt aboutt nowishh exactly !! im on the biggesstt Buzz ! My Headd Iss Flyyingg Highhh :D & & & .. Im Inn La La Landd Brooo . XD . Jealousss !! I knoww youu areee ! :L - haha you havee to listen to ourr songg ! lmao soo funyy , your in itt too .. lol not really butt stilll :D p.s - i herd from someonee, its the latest rumorr !! that you have your own fan clubb :P . -OMGoshhh Hiss Hairr Iss Soo Likeee , Hess SOoo Hott ! - Hes Hungg Likee Horses - Waitt . Does He Havee A Girlfriendd !! LMBO :L :L i am Literally Laughing My Ass Off , and Rolling on the Floor Laughing :D hehe . Byeeee Biggg Headd !! Muchhh Loveee Forr youuu BesttFriendd ! - Onlyy Causeee Your Onee Gayyy Cuntt !

  • NeLee

    LOL its nott My Fault .. haha i seriously dont know why it does thatt !! :( - you could fix that problem thouu :) Buyy me a neww Fonee :D :L Lattahh hatterr :)) Dont Forget your Toilet Paperr ! :L x x