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Samantha Geniven Malfoy Loves Stefan

Feeling sad tonight :( :(

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xx Imortal Child Of Darkness xx
Me, Myself, and I
Iam the Lady Princess Samantha Geniven Malfoy of Transylvania Romaina but my friends call me Sam or Sammie. I ws born 1952 to parents Lord Richard Malfoy and Lady Julia Malfoy and I have a sister Lady Princess Aprilanna Geniven Malfoy.
Sadley my mother was killed by humans when I was young leaving me, my sister Aprilanna and our dad behind in this world. When I turned 18 I left my birth place and my family. I decided to look after myself and I couldn't stand the memories of my mother fellowing me around like a ghost.
I only drink the blood of animals. I would never harm a human nor would I get close to one.
After a few years of being on my own I ended up in Mystic Falls where I met another vampire like myself. His name is Stefan Salvatore and he is the nicest guy I have ever met.
I guess this is where my new life begins.....Currently pregnet with Stefan's Imortal Unborn Child
Scared Of
Loseing Stefan, Loseing Our Child, Sunlight, Stake Through The Heart, Being Buried, Being Set On Fire, Loseing Loved Ones
Happiest When
Im with Stefan xx
My Other Accounts
Aprilanna Geniven Malfoy

Rachel Malfoy

Anabella Marie Salvatore
The Other Half Of Me
Stefan Salvatore Loves Sammie

Stefan Salvatore Loves Sammie

My Vampire Boyfriend xxx

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    RP StoryLine1: Sam was walking alone in the woods wishing her boyfriend Stefan was with her. She didn't mind being alone, she was a vampire after all. Sam had being alone her whole life and no one was gonna change that except Stefan. He moved her in ways she never thought she could be moved and she missed being with him. Sam just wanted Stefan to hold her and say that he loved her and she would always be safe around him but he was never around when she needed him the most.

    RP Storyline2: Sam was on top of a house looking down upon the world. She loved being up high where noone could harm her or touch her. Sam could hear evrything around her from tiny bettles to the birds flying through the air, humans talking about thier lives and cars zooming along the highway. Sam was born a vampire not that she enjoyed racing through the streets at night besides noone could see her or though she thought. What she didn't know was someone could see her and he was not human, he is a vampire and his name is Stefan Salvatore.

    RP Storyline3: Stefan, Stefan, Stefan. Sam woke in the mddle of the night to find she had been thinking about this lone vampire hunni. Why she thought about him she did not know but she liked it. Her alarm went of at 6AM and as Sam hit the snooze button she thought about him. As she brushed her teeth she thought about him some more but when she sat down to breakfast alone she couldn't stand it anymore. She had to tell him how she felt but how. She knew he owned a mobile and she knew his number so she dialed and waited for Stefan to answer.

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