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Doctor Helen Magnus-Tesla

slow replies :D

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Helen Magnus: ” Sanctuary For All Is Not An Empty Motto"
Me, Myself, and I
My name is Doctor Helen Magnus-Tesla and I am Head Of The Sanctuary Network, I am a Victorian Aged Intellectual born on 27th August 1850. I am the daughter renowned scientist Gregory Magnus and his Wife Patricia Heathering

The Five
Doctor James Watson
Nikola Tesla
Montague John Druitt
Nigel Griffen
Doctor Helen Magnus

We are a group of scientists and intellectuals who pursue knowledge and the sciences. In our pursuits we found out humans are not the only sentient life forms on the planet. In addition there are thousands of other lower level abnormal life forms on the planet. We also found some vampire source blood and decided to test it on Ourselves. Each of us developed an ability from the source blood In my case I stopped aging and I got a raised IQ

.Enigmatic i have devoted my life to the practical research of cutting edge medicine and science.
I am Married to the very brilliant Nikola Tesla and we have a young daughter together Milica Ariela
The Other Half Of Me
Professor Tesla

Professor Tesla

<b>A love thats survived centuries i love him

Bio continued
I was exposed early on to my fathers secret laboratory. He taught me the wonders of his world, knowing these revelations would change me forever.
Well over a century later, i run the sanctuary where i track, protect and learn from theExtraordinary and paranormal creatures that inhabit this world.
My passion is the study and protection of 'Abnormals'. I have created a network of sanctuaries around the planet, to protect abnormals from humans and humans from abnormals. Although they are dismissed as monstrous figments of our imagination and elements of our childhood nightmares.
I recognise that the world is full of natures mistakes and triumphs and i have the spectacular proof that they are indeed real.
For some 'abnormals' i become Their protector and for a dangerous few i am their captor. I am bold and straightforward, brave and no-nonsense.
Yet i remain proudly true to my formal victorian english sensibilities. My past is long and colourful as you would expect from a life lasting 274 years. The secret to my seemingly enternal youth is one of the many mysteries hidden within the walls of the sanctuary.
My Group
I have a Sanctuary Group
Please join if your a Sanctuary Roleplayer and if your not. I will be adding more polls and quizzes as time goes by. Check out the blog let me know if you wanna be added to the blog as a cannon or non cannon characture from the show.
I am looking for extra moderaters to help me maintain the group and add pictures as i can't from mobile or when i am on the xbox send me a comment if you want to be a mod and i will put you on
Milica Ariela Magnus-Tesla
Your our beautiful little girl and you are very speacil to us. We will never let anything happen to you, Millica you are mine and Daddies special little princess and we love you dearly
over the centuries you have been a pain in my ass, you have always made my life that little more exciting. i've laways knwn you've loved me and it is only now that i can return that affection and live my life with you. I Love You
Happiest When
With Nikola, Ashley, Milica, Biggie, Henry and the Sanctuary Family
The Day I Became Mrs Helen Magnus-Tesla
10th of February 2013 at 7:52 pm in London i became the wife of Nikola Tesla, the happiest day of my life, it was simple, it was spur of the moment, but it was perfectly us

I Love You Nikola

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  • Helen Quotes

    "Sanctuary: Next Tuesday (#2.8) " (2009)
    Dr. Helen Magnus: Any landing you can swim away from.
    Dr. Will Zimmerman: What is it with you and flying, anyway?
    Dr. Helen Magnus: Two crashes in 158 years? That's not bad.
    Dr. Will Zimmerman: They only invented flying 110 years ago, so...

    Dr. Will Zimmerman: You must have been stranded at sea before.
    Dr. Helen Magnus: Only once. April 14, 1912.

    Dr. Will Zimmerman: So uh, the Titanic?
    Dr. Helen Magnus: I was fished out of the water by Molly Brown. She pulled me into a life raft. I was very lucky.

    "Sanctuary: Sleepers (#2.10)" (2009)
    Nikola Tesla: It's just my soul crushing depression talking. I am not myself.
    Dr. Helen Magnus: On the contrary you are your real self again. Human. Mortal.
    Nikola Tesla: Watch your language.
    Dr. Helen Magnus: I'm sorry, Nicola, but its true. I've tried everything I could think of. There is simply no way to re-vamp you.
    Nikola Tesla: You see how this puts a crimp in my plans for world domination. Not to say that I won't keep trying.
    Dr. Helen Magnus: I would expect nothing less.
    Nikola Tesla: Very well. If this is to be a wake, then lets do it properly. Join me in a toast. To happier times to those Halcyon times of blood lust now gone. Plus you got to admit vampires are just plain cool.
    Dr. Helen Magnus: Amen.
    Nikola Tesla: Here's to the glorious vampire race. Once mighty, now extinct.

    Dr. Helen Magnus: Besides, we don't want to kill them. We want to help them.
    Kate Freelander: [pause] No, I'm thinking kill them.
    Dr. Will Zimmerman: Yeah. Trust fund vampires? I'm thinking she's right.
    Dr. Helen Magnus: Granted, but it wasn't their choice. They may be rich, spoiled, insolent children, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't save them.
    Dr. Helen Magnus: Terrible sales pitch.
    Kate Freelander: If we ever get out of this alive, I'll kill him!
    Dr. Will Zimmerman: Me first.
    Dr. Helen Magnus: Both of you; back of the line!

    Helen Magnus: Any questions?
    Will Zimmerman: Just one. How come there's no organ music?
    Will Zimmerman: You ran me over.
    Helen Magnus: You got in the way.
    Helen Magnus: Let’s just say I’m someone who's chosen to embrace the full spectrum of our reality. There are things in this city - in this world - that no one wants to admit are real.
    Helen Magnus : Your instincts told you that the boy was anything but normal. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here. Inside these walls are beings that make his qualities pale by comparison. "Sanctuary for all" is not an empty motto.
    Helen Magnus: Fair warning, Dr. Zimmerman, you’re about to leave the world you know behind.
    Helen Magnus: This isn't a zoo, and it's certainly not a prison.
    Will Zimmerman: Yeah, but some of these things, they look dangerous as hell.
    Helen Magnus: We have a dual obligation: to study the miraculous, and to protect against the perilous.
    Will Zimmerman: Yeah, but... the dangerous ones. What’s the point of even keeping them?
    Helen Magnus: Every creature expands our knowledge. We learn from the deadly as well as the benign.
    Will Zimmerman: How many more are there?
    Helen Magnus: Hmm...many.
    Helen Magnus: I work with sentient beings, each worthy of the same respect that humans, even animals, receive automatically. These creatures are the key to the evolution of our race, past and future, and yet we revile them, destroy them. And worst of all, pretend they don't even exist

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  • Soundtrack to my life

    Opening Credits: JLS - Beat Again

    Waking Up: a girl like me - Rhianna

    First day at school: Grafitti my soul - Girls Aloud

    Falling in love: I Don't Need a man - PussyCat dolls

    Fight Song: The War is over - Kelly Clarkson

    Breaking up: Rumour - Lindsay Lohan

    Prom: Don't let me down - Atomic Kitten

    Life's Okay: The Way i are - Timbaland

    Mental Breakdwon: Be with you - Atomic Kitten

    Driving: Wrong Again - Mariina McBride

    Flashback: More Than A Million Miles - Sugababes

    Getting Back: Closer - Neyo

    Birth of a child: Angels - Robbie Williams

    Requiem: One Touch - Sugababes

    Wedding: Ready Now - Kelly Clarkson

    Final Battle: Crazy little thing called love - Rhianna

    Death Scene Te Amo - Rhianna

    Funeral: Last Name - Carrie Underwood

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Doctor Helen Magnus-Tesla says "slow replies :D "
  2 days ago
via Mobile me too!
Doctor Helen Magnus-Tesla says "dammit started watching stargate atlantis again and bow i am thinking of making weir or teyla"
  2 days ago
via Mobile me too!
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  • Pikachu.
    luv Pikachu.

    Lizzie watched all three of them with a raised eyebrow turning too stare at her father with wide eyes."Father, shall I shock him?"She asked curiously creating an electric ball in the palm of her hand ready to fire it at John if her father told her to.

    2 days ago
  • McKay Sisters
    McKay Sisters

    Akorin said, she was hoping that the representive was not very strict on temple law, because if she was then this would be harder to get past.

    " She may assert that temple law is final and absolute, so it may take more persation to prove that Annie can be made harmless."

    Akorin glanced at the paper and saw the ink had dried.

    " Help me up... we need to get this signed and sealed. All parties must be present."

    Akorin said, pushing her covers off her. She wasn't sure if she could manage the walk down to Annie's SHU cell, but still Akorin had to ensure this was done properly.

    2 days ago
  • McKay Sisters
    luv McKay Sisters

    " Now with four daughters and with Nikola to prove your point then I see no problems in asserting your supirority over the representive.
    She will assert that the law is clear that Annie must die, but you have the contract with Biggie and Annie and with a child in the balance then must first push that she accept the validity of the contract.
    Then you can prove Annie can be made safe and prevent her from being a threat.
    If in the two days we have you can even start to show an improvement in Annie then that will be to your credit. If also you can offer this as a way to curb others who commit the sin and offer Annie as a test case... that is if Annie continues to succeed then this treatment could then save the lives of others who comit the sin thus the temple would not lose vital contracts. It is always wise to make an offer that is of benefit to the whole not just to the many."


    2 days ago
  • 'Pointy Ears.
    'Pointy Ears.

    I shall no doubt think of more later for now that be good xD

    2 days ago via Mobile
  • Era Dashal
    Era Dashal

    " I felt very strange when it happened, like I wasn't myself... disconnected but I could feel your hand holding mine... grounding me."

    Era continued quietly, her stomach grumbled a complaint, she hadn't eaten since lunch time before and it wasn't happy about it in the slightest.

    2 days ago
  • Era Dashal
    Era Dashal

    Era added, confused by all this. This was not an Estalian trait, she had met a blind Estalian and they hadn't ever demonstrated this ability.

    " I didn't just feel my emotions though Aunt Helen, I felt yours... I could feel how you felt towards me then. You knew I was scared and that you had to make me understand that it was okay, I was just acting on instinct."

    Era said, her hand raised again for Henry, wanting that hug more than ever.

    " How can this be replacing my sight? Estalians don't have any premonition abilties."

    Era of course was only thinking that was the only sense she had lost, but even as a part Estalian she had lost her ability to read the emotions of others.

    2 days ago
  • Era Dashal
    luv Era Dashal

    In all her life Era had never experienced anything like this and it frightened her more than being blind.
    Breathing slowly, Era tried to make sense of what she had seen, listening to Helen's comfort.
    It didn't surprise the young half Estalian for Helen to pick up on what happened, with her centuries of experience how could she not.
    Letting Helen talk to Henry, explaining it to him, Era calmed herself down, knowing Helen would be able to make sense of this.

    " I... saw myself when I was small, in this room. It was the only time I was scared here, I thought I was going to get into big trouble, because I had accidentally hurt Biggie with my spinal hook... so I ran and hid in here."

    Era remembered how scared she was of getting a row of her Aunt Helen for being so bad, but that wasn't how it played out.

    " You came in.... and then you told me it was okay, that Biggie knew it wasn't on purpose. We were talking about it last night, Biggie and I."

    2 days ago
  • 'Pointy Ears.
    luv 'Pointy Ears.

    Ah that is awesome xD I do like that idea, perhaps they mistake it for a normal creature until it proves different.

    2 days ago via Mobile
  • Era Dashal
    Era Dashal

    ((Exactly, if the evidence doesn't make sense or they can't find that key piece then maybe if Era learns control then Era could help find that evidence.))

    2 days ago
  • 'Pointy Ears.
    luv 'Pointy Ears.

    I would love to my dear xD Ah awesome, good luck and have fun ^^

    2 days ago via Mobile
  • Era Dashal
    Era Dashal

    ((It would be useful for Helen, to find out what happened in a room, not full proof of course, but it can be handy.))

    2 days ago
  • McKay Sisters
    McKay Sisters

    "The stronger and more authroritve you appear the more power you have to bargain with. You must be the dominate female."

    Akorin pressed that point, she already recognised Helen as being in a higher position than herself, all the women of her family would.
    Her head lowered, yes there was a lot of pain in her heart, an emptyness. She felt her child kick, it did feel stronger than it had the day before.

    " I ... don't want to lose anyone else... not Annie nor this baby."

    2 days ago
  • McKay Sisters
    luv McKay Sisters

    Akorin mused on what she said on Nikola, chewing her loop as she went through the law in her head.

    " I think if you use Nikola as an example then your chance of compelling the representive would be stronger... but never tell her that you would wait till your sure Annie was stable on the meds before forfilling the contract."

    Akorin warned, only certain circumstances would allow for not seeking to the family duty. Widow hood protected Akorin from her obligations, but Annie had no such protection.

    " We are suppose to be always wanting to forfill our duty and Annie must be seen to want that as much as she wants to control this lust. Now you have had two daughters so your standing is high along side your age and your position as head of your own clan, you have to establish your positon clearly and place the seals of my mother and the goddess too.

    2 days ago
  • Era Dashal
    Era Dashal

    ((I thought about seeing the future... but then what if she can feel the emotions and see the memories attached to a room, a place as her power grows then maybe she can start to see future events of a place.))

    2 days ago
  • Era Dashal
    Era Dashal

    She couldn't just feel her emotions now, but Helen's too.
    The memory and sight ended and Era felt herself return to herself and her current confused emotions, her body relaxed and then she started to catch her breath again. Trembling out of fear over what had just happened.

    2 days ago
  • Era Dashal
    Era Dashal

    " Breakfast would be good too... since I guess my eyes aren't getting fixed till my fevers down."

    She said after her stomach grumbled, her hand was out stretched trying to find Henry, wanting to know where he was.
    It was still disconcerting to not being able to see what was around her, even if this was her room.
    Era suddenly tensed up, her hand that was holding Helen's hand gripping tightly, her breath caught in her chest. She felt very very strange, disconnected from herself.
    Era felt though something else... then she saw, her head started to move as she watched herself as a child in this very room, she felt as she felt then scared, upset.
    Her head suddenly shifted to watch in the memory, Helen come in. It didn't make sense Helen was already here, Era could just feel her holding her hand, but in Helen came into the room assuring Era that Biggie was okay, that he knew she hadn't meant to hurt him with her spines

    2 days ago
  • Era Dashal
    Era Dashal

    Era murmured, looking human she had been lucky to be able to mix with them but now Era didn't know if she wanted to go back into that world at all, but then she wasn't sure of the abnormal world to which she had already belonged to from birth.
    The sanctuary was all she was sure off.
    Tilting her head, Era heard something by the door, sniffing the air she recognised the scent and then gripped Helen's hand, not sure if she was ready to be seen, but the moment she heard his voice Era relaxed.
    She may not have been sure of her place any more but Era knew that the sanctuary was her home.

    " Should know better than to try and hide from Aunt Helen."

    Era teased a little hearing him enter then room, as sightless as she was Era tried to track him coming into her room.

    " I... could really do with a hug from my best guy."

    Era flickered a smile, it was hard for her not being able to read emotions, not being able to display her own on her eyes.

    2 days ago
  • Era Dashal
    luv Era Dashal

    It hurt Era to hear this, to hear her shop had been destroyed, her life's work taken apart. Ever since she was a child and started to learn to sew that was what she had wanted to be, apart from a brief spell when she wanted to be Helen.
    It hurt more though that she knew that those haters were those she had always thought as her kind. She didn't why that being half human was so bad, she had always thought abnormal were always the ones she could truly be herself.
    The concept of puritans abnormals had never entered her head, till they took her sight and called her a mongrel.
    She stopped herself from crying, it would only serve to hurt her eyes and they hurt enough as they did.
    She nodded her head listening to Helen, she was right as always, they were not worth her time.

    " I'm safe here..."

    2 days ago
  • Era Dashal
    luv Era Dashal

    ((I had an idea, what if this blindness brings to surface a dormant power that awakens to compensate for her blindness. Perhaps far into her human father's family tree was an abnormal that they never knew about and the gene from that has been passed down through the family and eventually to Era.))

    2 days ago
  • 'SH
    luv 'SH

    Well we mentioned Jim being part abnormal which is a good idea. But I don't think we did after that. Have any other ideas come up?

    2 days ago via Mobile

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