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  • from New Salem
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Me, Myself, and I

   F A Y E  C H A M B E R L A I N
  "We're witches, and we're wicked."
              - Senior
            - Witch
              - Bully

           I dream about fire -
      Tongues of flame licking me.
       My hair burns like a torch;
         My body burns for you.
            Touch my skin
       and your fingers will stick -
       You'll blacken like a cinder.
          But you'll die smiling;
     Then you'll be part of the fire too.

I'm Faye Chamberlain, resident bad girl and local wicked witch. Listen closely because I'll only ever say this once, we're the children of Crowhaven Road and we own this city. I own this city. As far as I'm concerned, unless I approach you myself, you don't exist. Stay out of my way, fall in line with the other Outsiders and we won't have a problem. And if you try to step out, if you try to 'stand up' for yourself, I'll be sure to nail you to your knees.

How could you be so cruel?
"It just comes naturally."

FAYE CHAMBERLAIN: The wicked witch of New Salem, one of the twelve witches of Crowhaven road. She's mean, cruel and a bit of a bully. She's fearless and bold and doesn't allow anyone to step over her, she's solid and immovable and is fiercely protective of those that she cares for and has a talent for striking fear into peoples hearts.

You know the drill:
○ No one-liners or text language
○ No God-moding
○ Descriptive, and detailed writing
○ Exciting and creative storylines
○ Cross-genre is welcomed
○ If you nag, you will be removed
○ Theft, will not be tolerated

I roleplay Faye Chamberlain from the book trilogy and the television series the Secret Circle and have intertwined both universes to suit my roleplaying style. Don't be afraid to drop a comment or a request, I'll reply as soon as I'm able :]

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Faye Chamberlain || Now I'm That Bitch

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  • Psyche Evaluation

    "We're seniors, and we're wicked. As wicked as we can be."

    Name: Faye Chamberlain

    Sex: Female

    Age: 16-18

    Family: Dawn Chamberlain (mother), Grant Chamberlain (father; deceased), Henry Chamberlain (grandfather; deceased)

    Sexual Orientation: Bi-curious

    Race: Witch

    Occupation: Student

    Hair Colour: Long, thick black hair that falls to her shoulders in luscious waves

    Eye Colour: Narrow, cat-like, honey-gold eyes

    Distinguishing Features: She stands at 5'10 and has a voluptuous body shape, with long legs and a slim waist with olive brown skin and a sulky mouth

    Personality Profile: Faye has a complex personality and attitude towards others. She's confident, fearless and shameless and very rarely shows remorse, compassion or kindness to others unless she benefits from such emotions in some way. She is extremely selfish to the point of seemingly uncaring and refuses to allow others to walk over, disregard or belittle her. She's proud and determined and can be hostile, cruel and thoughtless in her actions and words. However, Faye is loyal to those that she loves though finds it difficult to convey these heart-felt emotions because she is constantly keeping others at arms length and does not what to appear weak or give someone the power to hurt her. These traits suggest deep personal issues of insecurity and self-loathing that forces her to project her own faults and weaknesses onto others.

    Excels in: School Education: English and Literacy, Witchcraft: Faye shows a considerable interest in fire based magical spells and often uses the element to scare, frighten or harm those around her. She is just as skilled in several other branches of Witchcraft and exceptionally powerful, though she occasionally lacks control.

    Hobbies: Other than practicing magic, Faye has shown interest in the party life and has an open receiving personality to substance abuse, typically alcohol as well as other stimulating drugs. She has also shown interest in horror films and enjoys toying with those around her by stirring up strong emotions

    Biography: Faye Chamberlain was born the same day as her cousin, Diana Meade, on February 29th 1995, to Grant and Dawn Chamberlain. Faye, like most of the children born and raised on Crowhaven Road was unknowingly chosen by the dark Witch, Black John, then known as John Blake who had been killed in 1679 after the Salem Witch trials. He had discovered a way to bind his soul into an object, a crystal skull and managed to create an new body several years later and returned to New Salem. He gained the trust of the Circle that consisted of the second generation of descendants, Faye's parents among those that he manipulated and managed to deceive into trusting him and he became their Circles leader.

    It wasn't until the third generation witches were born, all within weeks or months of one another that the parents began to grow suspicious of John Blake. They discovered that he planned of turning their children into his own coven, a circle of those raised and taught by him, to be undoubtedly loyal. Several of the second generation rose up against John Blake to save their children -who possessed magic even as infants- from his deception that they themselves had fallen too.

    Faye's father, Grant, was one among the twelve that confronted Black John, they managed to kill him with fire but perished along side him. The parents who survived, those who were too afraid to confront John Blake or were convinced to remain behind to care for their children, forced themselves to forget about magic and what it could do, many forgot about Black John entirely. But one by one, their children discovered the powers tha

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  • 'CollegeBoy

    Hey there. I owe you a reply, form like ages ago, however I'm wondering if you're still up for the roleplay. I've got the reply you sent me saved, so I should be able to whip up a reply if you're still up for it? :D

    May 17
  • 'Dante Nazzaro
    'Dante Nazzaro

    Just letting ya know, I've changed my character to like this total manwhore xD, if you unfriend me it's understandable :P

  • 'CollegeBoy

    I'll be getting your reply to you soon. Sorry for the wait, work has been keeping me busy (& tired) so I haven't been writing replies out, but I'll be getting yours to you asap. :D

  • 'Dante Nazzaro
    luv 'Dante Nazzaro

    Miss ya

  • 'Dante Nazzaro
    'Dante Nazzaro

    Sorry you're reply took forever, :L I was think if she was to follow him and see how he controls his spirit, it would be when she realizes she does infact need his help :D

  • 'Dante Nazzaro
    luv 'Dante Nazzaro


    A sudden stinging sensation across his cheek, and his eyes would slowly move back towards her, there seemed to be shock and anger in them before slowly reverting back to a calm and dopey gaze, as he listened to her offer, before he shrugged it away, and slowly looked up towards the sky.

    “No thanks”

    He’d mutter softly, letting his head drop back to her and then just stare at her for a few moments before looking away to the side and sighing, Turning on the spot he'd let his hands slip behind his head and walking away from her, before coming to a sudden halt.

    "Who were you even trying to bring back? Was it someone you care deeply about..? Because if it is, Stop trying, you'll never succeed...your soul is stained with rage and anger"
    as he slowly let his hands drop to his side as he looked over his shoulder; "You must be able to soothe you're soul at an instant, become one with the other side...accept the pain that lingers in your heart..."

  • 'Dante Nazzaro
    luv 'Dante Nazzaro


    As his eyes gazed back ahead of him; as he gave a light smile to himself.

    "Until you're able to do this...you'll never be able to summon your loved ones, just the people you hated and killed will continue to come back.."

    before he licked his lips and slowly turned back to her and smile in a teasing and dorkish manner..."When you finally come to your senses and realize that You require my help you can find me at the old cemetery on most nights between, 9 - 12 am...Have a nice night..." before he slowly turned from her and headed up the stairs.

    As he reached the top of the stairs, a small blue orb would float next to him; a soft male voice would speak out from it; ”Why do you not take her offer up Nick…? You’ve used up a lot of your spirit energy…?”

    Nick would slowly look back down the stair, and just mutter softly; “Because….We have to go chase down the others that slipped out of the portal…”

  • 'Dante Nazzaro
    luv 'Dante Nazzaro


    His voice slightly coming off colder and softer, as he slowly began to head off down the road, the blue orb following him, ”But master you won’t be able to maintain Spirit Control or even Unity in this state…”

    Nick would just smile, and continue to walk as he would slowly return an answer to his spirit guardian; “Toyotomi Hideyoshi, my friend give me some credit, I’ve never let you down before…and you’ve never let me down...”he’d smile as he slowly pulled out his locket, and drew him back inside before wittingly adding, “and I told you, Don’t call me Master…”

    It wouldn’t take long for him to track down the other two spirits, as he smiled as they threatened to possess him, slowly Nick would slowly walk to the side and pick up a small metal bar, and twirl it in his hands, “Yeah...this will do…”he’d mutter to himself, before slowly averting his gaze back towards the two spirits.

  • 'Dante Nazzaro
    luv 'Dante Nazzaro


    ”You have two options, you can leave quietly or you can go the hard way…” he’d say with a sigh, as he listened to them bitch and moan, on how weak he was and how the weakest spirit was able to possess him, and how he wouldn’t stand a chance against the two of them. Nick would slowly stretch and rest the metal pole upon his shoulder, and turn his head from side to side, as it lightly cracked, before he muttered softly “ Well Get ready then…cause I’m sending you straight back to the other side…in one turn…” he’d smile lightly, before watching them set out for an attack; “Toyotomi Hideyoshi! Spirit form, Into the metal pole!” his voice would boom out.

    The blue orb flew out of the locket and slammed into the metal pole, slowly blue energy would form around it, as it began to mould itself into a glowing neon blue katana. Taking his stance, Nick would smile mischievously as he moved; his speed increase by tenfold,

  • 'Dante Nazzaro
    luv 'Dante Nazzaro


    “Heavenly-Piercer…Spirit Slice” words echoing from his voice, as he swung the blue Katana, sending a powerful magical blue slash of light through the air, and slamming into the two spirits, causing them to explode on contact, their spirit particals floating back up to the great beyond. As he came to a halt, slowly placing the sword on the ground and sighing, as it reverted back to being a metal pole, giving a little grin he’d slam the pole into the ground and stretch out, before turning and beginning to walk home.

  • 'Dante Nazzaro
    luv 'Dante Nazzaro

    #120 ;D

    12/29/12 via Mobile
  •  ºAgent
    luv ºAgent

    OH MY GOODNESS A SS ROLEPLAYER! *Hugs you* I Roleplay Cassie.. here is my account. :D www.bebo.com/blakemagic

  • 'Dante Nazzaro
    luv 'Dante Nazzaro

    Its cool his sister will be the angry one :3 she'll probably appear and scream at her xD

    12/27/12 via Mobile
  • Amycus Carrow
    luv Amycus Carrow

    Hey! I’m sorry I’m getting back to you so late… I had a tough exam during the week before holidays, then all of a sudden it was Christmas. I hope you’ve had a very merry one (: have all my best wishes for this upcoming year!

    I really like what we have here. Yes, death eater turned traitor. I’m thinking he could’ve been granted ‘freedom’ in exchange of other people’s names, so maybe he could have had Amycus’ sister imprisoned. I like the idea of Amycus using Faye, because it does sound like something he would do. How do you want them to meet for the first time? It only comes to mind the clichéd bar, at night, because he can openly flirt with Faye (we could always pretend he’s just ‘that slightly older’ than her XD) as a way to get acquainted with her, but if you have other ideas, then let me know!

  • -'Sophia Jones
    luv -'Sophia Jones

    [[ Hey sorry for the long(ish) wait on the reply. Parents surprised my siblings and I with a Christmas holiday so I haven't had a chance to get online.:P
    Awww thanks so much. I'm glad that you like Sophia.:D Faye was definitely my favourite character on TSC.
    I like that idea! Maybe they hear of the coven and bring Sophia to them in hopes that they can perform a spell to help her to block out the spirits and stop the nightmares? ]]

  • 'CollegeBoy

    Rambling in a starter is a-okay with me. Just makes it more awesome, and btw, your starter was in fact epic. I loved it, I'll begin your reply tomorrow morning. I'll be sure to get it to you quite quickly though. :D

  • 'Dante Nazzaro
    luv 'Dante Nazzaro


    The dark being would gain control once again, as he looked at her and smiled, “oh look at little ol’Faye, trying to act all high and mighty, when we all know that deep down she afraid…”his head would tilt, as in a sign of struggle for control again, as grimanced and vein made itself known upon his forehead, as he sneered”This one definitely is a fighter…Probably one of the hardest people I’ve ever possess-URGH?!”As his body straightened and the dark hues reverted back to their normal colour, as his whole body was shaking, as he looked at her; “You were so in over your head over this”as his eyes stayed on her, as he tilted his head to the side; a soft crack happening as he began to step closer, every muscle in his body strain, as he maintained control of his body; “If you have a spell to forcible remove possession, it be good if you use it now, Cause I have no idea how long I can hold him back”

  • 'Dante Nazzaro
    luv 'Dante Nazzaro


    as he closed his mouth clenched his teeth, as he began to speak; “Its like every fibre of his body is evil, and it feels like its scraping at my insides and it is hard to keep that amount of evil back, so c’mon”as he closed his eyes, and took another step forward and breathed out a strained breath; his hands clenching shut, as a dark purple aurora began to form around him , as he muttered lightly” I’m bringing him as close to the surface as I can…”he slowly stare at her, every muscle in his body screaming at him to give into the dark soul possessions control. It would be now, that the purple aurora began to manifest into the original form of the hunter that had been sent to his death by Faye, his body still shaking by voice now seeping out ”Release me You Bastard Shaman…!? Let me have my revenge on this woman?!” The shaman’s body was now only a vessel for the time being, while his concentrated will was keeping

  • 'Dante Nazzaro
    luv 'Dante Nazzaro


    from causing any more problems for the witch, as Nick’s Voice just bellowed out”Don’t hesitate just do it!!” as the hunter’s eyes widened and he screamed out”LET ME GO NOW !!”

  • 'Dante Nazzaro 12/27/12