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. Sozo-Elephvnt

[ Page clean up. Then role-play. ]

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Me, Myself, and I

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   Hybrid // '06 - '07 | Present // SOZO - Elephvnt ;

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The Other Half Of Me
- Sempiternal.
Role-play with me is rather simple. Keep me interested, we will have fun as that is what I aim for. I am not one for competition nor am I to boost an ego, etc. Not here for role-play, then that is fine too. Just talk to me, don't be a space holder because that is the quickest way to get deleted. Other than that, I am pretty nice. Different. Unorthodox. A thug. Smart. Dark-skinned. Focal point of individualism.

Repertoire ;
Naruto : Aburame, Shino ( Primary ), Shimura, Danzō ( Secondary ), Sai ( Tertiary ), Hatake, Kakashi, Kakuzu, Chōjūrō, Yamato/Tenzo, Deidara, Hōzuki, Suigetsu, Senju, Hashirama, Sarutobi, Hiruzen and Akimichi, Chōji.

Custom Naruto : Fujin, Akimo ( Primary ), Uetake, Nazare ( Secondary ), The Elder Sage of the Seven Sages ( Tertiary ), Jinsei ( Quaternary ), Hideyoshi, Yachiru, Owari and Aogame, Retsu.

Bleach : Urahara, Kisuke ( Primary ), Hirako, Shinji ( Secondary ), Ishida, Uryū ( Tertiary ), Abari, Renji, Matsumoto, Rangiku and Ayasegawa, Yumichika.

MISC. : Death the Kidd & Sid ( Soul Eater ), King Bradley ( Full-Metal Alchemist ), Kariya, Hands of God ( Samurai Champloo ), Raidou Kuzunoha the XIV ( Megami Tensei Series ), The Moon ( Pure Custom ) and Hybrid/Elephvnt/Queen ( Pure Custom ).
The Family of Sozo
A small family of role-players whose styles are of high originality, creation and invention. Also whom share a bond of friendship and acknowledgment towards each other.

That is what it means to be a member of The Family of Sozo, [ 創 造 ]

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  • ( Oh poor, Atlas. )

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          -  風 -  Swift as the wind
          -  林 -  Quiet as the forest
          -  火 -  Conquer like the fire
          -  山 -  Steady as the mountain

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    Through the rifts, they cascade. Almost aimlessly, looking for that next challenge. They are intrigued by this drive, something they almost can't control. Their willingness to dive into combat, their thoughtlessness for their own being but their desire to be tested. These warriors that ride the wings of time in search for their ultimate test, scaling from dimensions unheard of and unseen. Only wanting to relive their most treasured moments of their lives vicariously through this art of war. This dance that involves the lamb and the knife. They've been bestowed this gift, where they turn to gold in the sunlight.

    ----- Location.
    Sora-ku : (空区; Literally meaning "Sky Ward") is a seemingly abandoned city. The Uchiha clan stored munitions within the city, and left Nekobaa in charge. She now lives there with her granddaughter, Tamaki, along with the ninja cats, Denka and Hina. After the formation of Hebi, Sasuke Uchiha brought the team here to stock up on supplies in preparation for the search for Itachi. [ http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Sora-ku ]

    ----- Weather.
    Average. With the time being almost evening, the temperatures are cool with a slight breeze. Clouds hover the sky. Seemingly a perfect day for warfare.

    ----- Rules of Battle.
    As role-players of skill, I shouldn't have to reiterate them. However, if you feel yourself in need of this rules, then they are the following :

    One - My rules allow two techniques per turn. I allow this to let everyone set up their techniques, and it keeps everyone on their toes because they'll be pushed. Despite this rule, don't forget to take into account a character's power level and stamina. Don't successively use powerful techniques without character suffering some form of fatigue.

    Two - My rules on hand-to-hand combat are pure and simple. There are none. So, this means, you can perform however many physical attacks as you'd like. This is role-play and I believe that role-players should find their own reaction time, one that makes logical sense to both you and your opponent.

    Three - My rules on instant kills implies no deaths until your tenth comment once battling has commenced. Not your role-play, character introduction. When fighting has begun, when the first punch has been thrown, you may begin to countdown of your ten comments. Once you've reached your ten comments, you're allowed to perform a death.

    Four - Since this is a cross role-play battle royal, here's the rule on power levels. Power levels doesn't mean a thing. The characters used will be nerfed to an extent in which they are equal to each other. Getting slapped by Goku won't amount to a destroyed skull and flying half-way across the planet.. But you will be harmed. Pikachu swiping it's tail into Ulquiorra's face will amount to damage, and so-on and so forth. So, in laymen terms, think of every character fighting as if they were from the game Super Mario Smash Bros. where characters prowess doesn't matter. For additional info on this, feel free to ask. ( Kai's rule )

    Five - There will be no commenting order, just be logical in your posting. Read each one clearly, and post accordingly.

    ----- Belligerents.
    [1] ● - Elephvnt - Date, Masamune ( Naruto Custom )
    [2] ♦ - Blue/Azure - Caius ( Final Fantasy XIII-2 )
    [3] ● - Ry/Sumi/CODE: RY - Cifer, Ulquiorra ( Bleach )
    [4] ♦ - Envy - Uchiha, Itachi ( Naruto )
    [5] ● - Rioshi - The Archer ( FSN )
    [6] ♦ - Euphoria - Strauss, Mirajane ( Fairy Tai

    46 Comments 30 weeks

  • Chaotic Silence, A Breath of Life ~

    [ This role-play will be set in an array of time frames that will either correspond or run astray from original series. Majority of the characters mentioned here are of pure creation and aren't apart of the original series. Here, a group of role-players will work together to create an exciting story of fantasy and lore that will entice and intrigue the masses. Now, all readers, sit back and enjoy the read. ]


    - The role-play is going to be developmental, meaning that rules will change and vary amongst differing situations. Nevertheless, we all are experience and I pray we know the basics for all role-plays and the basics for any unforeseen battles. Characters can die and fairly easily, but it's a progressive role-play so deaths shouldn't occur 'til late.

    - During the role-play, there will be no commenting order, just be logical in your posting. Read each one clearly, and post accordingly. If you and another role-player venture from the main story, that is fine, just make sure you follow your story-line until you find your way back to the main line.

    - Anyone can join this role-play, just ask the creator of this blog if it's permissible. Other than that, have fun as this is what this entire role-play gig is about, fun.

    - As of now, we'll be starting in Tanzaku Quarters but as this blog progresses, locations will change and characters will as well, just make sure you're in attention for when it happens. A lot of locations will appear that weren't introduced in the original series nor manga, and the creators of this blog will describe them into image to the best of our abilities.

    - Like the location, this will change often. Temperatures also change and quite more often then our location. Days and nights vary, and since we're starting off mid-day, temperatures will be fairly moderate, cloudy skies, little sunshine and reoccurring breeze. Just be observant in the post as the temperature and times of the day can change in the drop of a dime.

    - At the moment, our cast is fairly small but it will grow as the role-play moves onward. In attempts for an interesting story, I hope for a large group to soon be on our roster. This is as followed :
    [o] - Gorobei Katayama.
    [o] - Unknown // .
    [o] -
    [o] -
    [o] - Saizen.
    [o] - Hisui Imamura.
    [x] - Kusatsu.
    [o] - Dakaii Kyoudo.

    * NOTE :
    - This [o] dictates the status of a character. When the "o" changes into [x] then the character is dead or inactive. Another status is depicting their activity as well, as if it goes from "o" to [-] then they aren't doing anything major within the role-play at the moment.

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  • - Jägermeisterº
    luv - Jägermeisterº

    Thank you, thank you. :')
    Nothing at all. Hoping something would happen on here to grab my attention.

    And yourself?

    2 days ago
  • December 師走
    December 師走

    Understandable...There hasn't much of anything going on lately, but hopefully all of that will change with this plan being set in motion.

    Well I was thinking something along the lines of my character having done something terrible (Mistakingly) and despite his good intentions his act was viewed as a crime nonetheless, and as such he was punished for it by being imprisoned and stripped of his ninja rank.

    Perhaps our character could have been childhood friends or even former teammates prior to this event.

    I was also thinking that my character would be from a lesser village, but was relocated to one of the main villages due to the severity of his crime.

    I have to Intel on offensive act he committed at this moment, but maybe we can figure something out.


    Would you prefer I used a different element? O.o

    2 days ago
  • . Sozo-Elephvnt 2 days ago
  • December 師走
    luv December 師走

    I seriously thought you either found employment...or went out of town again...I was all like...where the hell is he at!! DX

    That's fine...but me on the other hand...I really need to create an ice ninjutsu user. :P

    I don't have any more details, but I thought that this might be a good starting point to expand a story...XD

    2 days ago
  • December 師走
    luv December 師走

    Well, just speaking honestly...we can't do much...you're only signing in one day a week. 7.7

    Did you find a job and not tell me or something? o.O

    But in spite of that I'm still willing to give it a try...I always wanted to do something involving prison...perhaps my character could be the one in jail. XD

    4 days ago
  • - Chicago Made
    luv - Chicago Made

    - I good thanks big sexy!

    naw making me blush, i miss you too :)

    5 days ago
  • αηѕωєяєя

    :L I Just wanted to use that picture

    5 days ago
  • Adolescent Uchiha - Avenger
    Adolescent Uchiha - Avenger

    I didn't copy it I simply was very impressed with it so I stole the idea. My blog is similar not exactly the same. Heh, but thanks.

    5 days ago via Mobile
  • - Jägermeisterº
    - Jägermeisterº

    I miss you too! I know right. I never really had much intention of starting that RP. ;)

    5 days ago
  • . Sozo-Elephvnt
    . Sozo-Elephvnt

    ( PURGING )

    6 days ago via Mobile
  • αηѕωєяєя
    luv αηѕωєяєя

    Hey bro!! xDD

    Jul 21
  • - Chicago Made
    - Chicago Made

    - My friend! How are you?!?

    Jul 16
  • Cave Johnson
    luv Cave Johnson

    Did you get caught up with the HxH or Soul Eater?

    Btw what happened to that Blue guy?

    Jul 15
  • 血雷隼 - º
    血雷隼 - º

    『 Opεn yσur ωιngs…
    ↘ ムタネ
    ヘヘヘ ↘
    αиd sσαr... 』

    It's back for now, at least. I'll give it a year or so before it bites the dust, but who knows?
    I'm prepared to finish our RP, though there's no guarantees that I'll be able to reply quickly or consistantly. Nonetheless, it's about time we wrapped it up before we end up repeating ourselves. :L

    Jul 15
  • December 師走
    December 師走

    Wait...so bebo isn't going to die!?

    And your positive of this? o.O
    What happened to change the circumstances? XD

    And you are right. I will not take bebo for granted again. 8)

    Jul 14
  • . Sozo-Elephvnt Jul 14
  • December 師走
    December 師走

    Got any ideas? o.o

    Jul 14
  • ʟᴇᴅᴏ

    Just curious really but I don't think people would want to fight my machine and I :L

    Jul 13
  • 血雷隼 - º
    血雷隼 - º

    『 Opεn yσur ωιngs…
    ↘ ムタネ
    ヘヘヘ ↘
    αиd sσαr... 』

    I've got a bit of time later in the week that I can use for writing a reply. It seems we still have a while left since Bebo's founder bought back the site, so I doubt it'll be going anywhere just yet.
    Just as well, as I don't feel very comfortable on all those other sites. xD

    Jul 3
  • December 師走
    December 師走

    Lol I have made several mistakes. :L

    I added an 'S' onto december...and I overlooked entering my date of birth...it says i'm 14 on my profile. :L

    I've been trying to fix it, but I can't seem to figure out how. DX

    If you know how...can you give me some step by step instructions, please. DX

    Jul 3