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Leaving... Find me on roleplay social under unleashed

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Me, Myself, and I

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Remember - Some people forget Roleplays aren't real. They have no limits. So let your minds run free. <3
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  • Character information

    Age 20 - Raven: Borderline personality disorder. Angry and broken were the only feelings he could feel now. He'd been placed into the mental hospital after what happened at home... No surprise really. Four white wall... sponge padding with soft cotton like flooring... He wouldn't be able to hurt himself if he tried. But he knew one thing... He was going to die in this place... So why not have a little bit of fun? Just to take his mind off of things?

    His personality is hard to grasp. Most people see him as scary, mysterious, and with the rumours about him spreading around, it really is hard to keep track. He’s good at hiding what he’s really thinking and he doesn’t show much emotions, mainly because he doesn’t know how. He is severely traumatized and this influences everything he does. He hates being touched and has small scars across his chest. He finds it hard to trust people. He wants to die, but doesn’t think he deserves the luxury. He’s supposed to suffer, he knows he is, and because of this he has a hard time accepting that some people are able to bring smiles out of him. He has a knack of manipulating others and making them do what he wants them to do. He is a expert seduction.

    Still under co

    Age 21 - Copper - His mum was ill and she just seemed to be getting worse. Thee doctors were expensive and they just couldn't afford it. So the father sold their son into slavery at the age of five. The mum had been dead against it, but when it came to her health, selling their son had became their only choice.

    Copper served for only five years when his master (Jay) founding. He was a high spirited child even though his past had been messed up. But as the years went on, he'd grown found on Jay and his teachings. Now at the age of 21 he's a fully trained Sub and does everything to please his master... However, if he's placed into the wrong hands he can become somewhat of a wild animal and can be hard to control. But he'll still take whatever is laid out for him, whether its a punishment, or simply obeying a command.

    Will he be passed onto a new owner?
    Or will someone help mend what's been done?

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