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You're a noob...ten guesses who.

Mar 14 | me too! | Reply

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Tim Drake is not Bruce Wayne. He isn't Grayson, or even Damian. Drake is different. Look behind his eyes. I suspect he's already won.
Me, Myself, and I
    [ Timothy Drake ]


    The Third Robin Himself!
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Tim ot hy Drake          The true virtuous Boy-Wonder

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    Gotham's Protector.
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    Truly a different breed..
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"There is no alliance. From here on, you will obey Konoha! And never, ever say that shinobi's name around me!"
Oᴜᴛ ᴏғ Cʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀ:
Anonymous- This is not Owl, but a familiar face with him and only here to aid him with his project for bebo.

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  • Midst of Akatsuki

    Time Line: Before Pain's Attack on Konoha

    Vicinity: Wasteland, during the fight between team Asuma-Kakashi and Hidan and Kakuzu. Daylight, high noon.


    1. Psycho
    2. Anonymous

    0 Comments 21 weeks

  • Akatsuki vs Godaime Kazekage

    Land Description: Within the land of wind, the battle taking place upon the outskirts of the Sand village past the opening gate of the village. Shinobi keeping guard have spotted two unidentified visitors. This was no friendly visit, the red clouds showed upon their attire as the blistering sun beaten down upon them. The information was quickly relayed to the Kazekage, his arrival soon to come, as the Akatsuki neared..a fated fight soon to come.

    Move Order

    1.) Anonymous

    2.) Babylon
    3.) Maniac

    3 Comments 21 weeks

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  • Rioshí
    luv Rioshí

    If you would like, try it out. You might enjoy the opportunity to roleplay it, and Im not gonna say no xD

    Jun 22
  • Hurricane'

    Hello! How might you be? :3

    Apr 1
  • - Red

    Can't im afraid, I am forced to use my phone until I move into my new house. then I dont know how long I will have to wait for them to hook up my internet.

    Mar 27
  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    []Knightly Defender[]

    There's my OOC name. And did you receive my role-play sample?

    Mar 25
  • ℓιттℓє ωιηg
    ℓιттℓє ωιηg

    Heeeeeey Chimo. :L How are ya?

    Going good with recruitment for the League?

    Mar 25
  • Bruce Wayne
    luv Bruce Wayne

    I'm a veteran. Seven years and counting. I can fill up pages with my detail and ideas are like water with me.

    What about you?

    Mar 25
  • Bruce Wayne
    luv Bruce Wayne

    Thanks for the add.

    Mar 25
  • ᴇɴcσʀᴇ

    Awesome! You switched to Robin!! :3

    Mar 24
  • - Red

    Sweet. Depending how the Roleplay goes, you could even recruit the outlaws, considering they have all been apart of the League one way or the other before.

    Mar 24
  • -'ᴊᴀsᴏɴ ᴛᴏᴅᴅ
    -'ᴊᴀsᴏɴ ᴛᴏᴅᴅ


    Thanks for the add !

    Mar 24
  • Koriand' R
    luv Koriand' R

    - Hey there.
    hehe yeah i know who you are, a little bird told me. hence why i added you silly haha. Hmm well Mako just asked me to be Starfire for his outlaw group. But if i can i don't mind being both Artemis and Starfire if that's okay with you? XD

    Mar 23
  • - Red

    I will be apart of the Tower. But only until you have enough people. I will leave like Roy did :D

    But until then, I am a member of the young justice :D

    Mar 23
  • - The Flash
    luv - The Flash

    Yo, thanks for admitting me into the group. Look forward to working with you.

    - King

    Mar 23
  • - Red

    - Sorry, man. I will be joining the outlaws. I'm not cut out for a big role in this RP

    Mar 23
  • Yoshimitsu

    Robin, Meets Deadpool?! :D

    Mar 22
  • Naoki
    luv Naoki

    I think someone should.. Im sure that you would do a good job assuming you tried to get the best line up you could, not just settling for anyone that wants a spot etc..

    Mar 21
  • 'Lantern

    We already have a watch tower :3

    Mar 21
  • Naoki

    whoops, i didnt even see your comment there..

    Maybe at soem point, i just agreed to fight another person as Gai vs Lee (while ive got another one ongoing) plus this Legion of Doom thing might be kicking off so i cant really let myself get over committed to fights (lest people get forgotten etc)

    maybe you should seriously look at forming the Justice league to counter the Legion of Doom, would be good to fight in the DC universe (that way its not starting another fight as such & more adding to the story line etc)

    hope your doing well dude..

    fake luvage <3333

    Mar 21
  • . Sozo-Elephvnt
    . Sozo-Elephvnt

    - With you as Madara, you would have to face me as one of my many customs. Hmm.

    Mar 21
  • Sono FounÐation
    Sono FounÐation

    It happens to everyone.

    Mar 21