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Why Did I Come Back

all my friends are gone..grate :(

6/2/12 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
нι тнιѕ ιѕ му вєвσ ρяσƒιℓє ι gσт ℓσтѕ вυт тнιѕ ωιℓℓ вє му ℓαѕт σηє

ι нαтє α ℓσт 域 тнιηg αη∂ ℓιкє α ℓσт σƒ тнιηgѕ

קє๏קlє tђเภк เ ค๓ ๒๏гเภﻮ ร๏ ๓คץ๒є tђคt เร tгยє

sö ï dönt hävë ä löt öff frïënds

ι ∂σηт ℓιкє нєηтαι fúćk őff íf ýőú dő >:(

σηє ∂αу ι ωιℓℓ ƒιη∂ ℓυν

ร๏๓є๏ภє ฬเll lเкє ๓є Ŧ๏г ๓є

ѕσмєтιмєѕ ι נυѕт нαтє уσυ αℓℓ

50m37!m35 ! ju57 h473 y0u 411

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  • rp

    day out - at the beach-

    8 Comments 64 weeks

  • rp

    (The day is a new day for Emma Swan she had just become deputy she go a bag once she put it badge one there is a big bang and there big hole witch there is a old mine...)

    In a town called Storybrooke, lives a man called Archie" Hopper
    He is the local psychiatrist in the town, today starts a bran new day for him, he get up and gets ready for work look dressed kina smart walk’s along with is dog
    Pongo to his office where the mayor asked ..I mean told him that he had to see her son Henry 1st today because she wanted him to get the whole story book thing being real out off his mind. Archie did not want to do that it did not feel right for him do that because he that Henry has a big imagination, but if he did not the Mayor will take away his home / job everything he owns, he arrives at his office feeling carm untill Henry came in and sat down, Archie looked at him and asked him about he asked him why did he has to make people remember they are fairy tale character’s

    Archie: why do you have to make people remember, that they are fairy tale character’s ?

    Henry thought about it..It took a moment but he looked up at him a shook his head at him

    Henry : I don’t know I just do

    Archie: look. There something I have to tell you..I was hoping you would grow out this but this is not healthy for you, you have to snap out off this

    This made Henry sad and he ran out off the room with a sad look on his face, when he went Archie thought he take a brake to clear his mind. He calls his dog and walks out off this office and into the street he starts to walk and heads to the park taking in the fresh air making him feel better but not a lot

    0 Comments 64 weeks

  • my own rpc

    (This is part of my story I made up)

    Half human
    Half crow (don’t find out until later in his life)

    Age: 21 – (2065 Once) years old

    Lives in the village Betsuni (Nothing)
    He is strong he can brake down 100,000 bricks walls with one the tip off his finger
    Speed as fast as the speed of Light
    When he is 21 he train a young 10 year old Raz who is smart and can do a lot of thing part from figure out when a girl likes him.
    He can not fly until he knows about His half crow side.

    Crows past as a kid age 10 going to school he had a choice to train or to stay on school well he picked to train he thought a lot off people and got put in a team with Lizard (elder 10) Crow Caz who gets kid napped later meet then after 10 years tries to kills them and remembers who they are because she did not know them at 1st

    Later Crow sleeps with Caz and they have a kid...Who turns into at ten year old after 1 day?
    Later tries to kill Crow (her dad) with buy her fingers that has any drug she takes in them and she eats Matthews Heart oddly that down kill him O.O

    He only turns 265 when he meets a man who swaps life spam lives with him and they kill him to get his life back + the rest of the old guys life witch is not a lot about 10 years added on

    when he found out he is half crow he found out about the grate war that changed everyone into half people and half plants or Animals. He is stronger in this stage and he do what a Crow can do

    0 Comments 64 weeks

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