Morganna Crowley

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You think you can handle me. Then you wake up and realize just how weak you truly are.

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Don't let the hips fool you. They pack more heat than you realize.
Me, Myself, and I
Name: Morganna Crowley
Age: 19
Ht.: 5'11
Wt: 119
Race: Human
Nationality - English/African - Russian.
Likes: Fighting. Power. Music. Dancing. Herself.
Dislikes: Stupid People. Weak people.
Favorite Food: Russian
Least Favorite Food: Mexican.
Mother - Illyania Baryshev [Deceased]
Father - Terrance Crowley [Deceased]
Brother - William Crowley [Missing]
Sister - Nikki Crowley
Adopted Father/Uncle - Yuriy Baryshev
Adopted Brother/Cousin - Mikhail Baryshev
Adopted Brother/Cousin - Yuri Baryshev
Adopted Sister/Cousin - Natasha Baryshev
Sickness: Narcissistic Sociopath.
Saving Grace: Family.
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Temperament: Mean. Sadistic. Silly. Loving. Stubborn.
Training: Russian Spetsnaz Martial Arts and weapons training. Demolitions and explosives
Weapon of Choice: Twin, custom made MP445 Varjag 40 Caliber ACP Pistols. Any bladed weapon. Explosives.
Base of Operations: Underworld City.
Morganna's father had been a soldier for hire traveling through Russia during the Cold war. After saving the life of a weapon's dealer named Yuriy Baryshev. From then on, he worked along side the Baryshev family, even going on to marry Yuriy's sister Illyania and having three children with her. However, when the children were still young, both Terrance and Illyania were killed in an explosion, and their oldest son William gone missing, leaving Yuriy to adopt Morganna and her sister Nikki as his own. When he moved to America, he took them along with the rest of his family, where they grew up as a vital part of the Baryshev family business. Traveling along with her adopted brother Mikhail, helping him set up operations all over America, and doing whatever she can to protect her family.
I'm here for fun. Keep your drama away from me. It will not be tolerated. Period. For the sake of varity, I also play a fantasy version of her where she's a reincarnation of a Norse Valkyrie.

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