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Supernatural Roleplay

Apologies for not being online to look after the group been on holiday.

8/6/12 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I


So I'm not trying to rip off any of the groups already on Bebo. But I have the same dream as the HARRY POTTER ROLEPLAY group with one goal in mind bringing back a genre that was once well loved.
Remember when their were load's of Dean's and you couldn't turn a supernatural corner without seeing an active Sam. I'm going to search and search and bring this once prosperous genre back to life. So if you want supernatural character mains both Canon and Non then get on this group and fill in the comment spacing. I know its a big task since Supernatural role-play has died down slightly since Vampire Diaries took over.

Many props to the HARRY POTTER ROLEPLAY group who inspired me to do so. And they definitely have the right Idea. Also if your a Harry Potter Role-player reading this on RPFS heres a link to their group.



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Supernatural - No More Sorrow

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  • ºArchangel Michael
    ºArchangel Michael

    'As the first archangel, Michael is among the oldest and most powerful supernatural beings in existence. Castiel describes him as the only being, besides God and Death, to be stronger than Lucifer. Only God and Death are known to be more powerful than him.. He can do and create almost anything out of nothingness'




    Jun 27
  • ºArchangel Michael Jun 22
  • -Jerk

    Dean Winchester, need i say more?

    Jun 16
  • ºally

    ʜᴜɴтᴇʀ │ Con Artist │ ᴩоѕѕᴇѕѕᴇᴅ


    My name is Shiva, and I am what's known as an ''unclean spirit''. In other words, a Demon and I possess the body and soul of Alayna Singer.

    I am Elemiah, the fallen. I came from heaven onto earth to save the righteous soul of Alayna Singer from the condemned Shiva.

    Jun 15
  • ºUncontrolledTemper.

    Name: Faith Ameila Lehane.
    Occupation: Slayer.

    May 23
  • ºjoannabeth May 17
  • Demonic Princess
    Demonic Princess

    Meg Masters (:

    May 7
  • Rose Talbot.

    Name: Rose Wellington
    Occupation: Supernatural Hunter.
    Being: Human/ Werewolf.

    Rose lost her parents in a fire caused by a demon, being brought too live with her uncle who's hunting the supernatural, he learned her everything he could, he also shown her too use different weapons leading too that she became most skilled.
    Hunting down the demon that killed her parents, Rose is a stubborn, clever and beautiful young woman, who will protect those who she loves with her life at risk. She is born a werewolf, but seeing as she is ashamed of that fact, she hides it very well, or at least tries too.

    Seeking other supernatural roleplayers and non cannons.

    Apr 14
  • ºNattie Spy
    luv ºNattie Spy

    [Limited File Access]
    Name: Natasha Romanoff
    Alias: Black Widow
    Looking for roleplayers who are active, and don't send one liners. I am on nearly every day, so replies will be nearly instant.

    Feb 1
  • 'Queen Of Hearts
    'Queen Of Hearts

    S a l e m W i t c h / S u p e r n a t u r a l R o l e p l a y e r.
    Farrah Alyson Alden, nearly 340 years old, Farrah survived the Salem Witch Trials making a living after her parents death by making black magic deals with desperate people, vengeance spells and all sorts of nasty hexes. Never feeling any real guilt over it until she discovered her origins go back much further than the late 1600's. Fallen from heaven as Lilah, leaving behind friends of centuries to be raised in a time of darkness, absorbing and even relishing in mortals pain before belief in witch craft slowly phased out leaving her to pick up on small jobs that lead nowhere before her life took an unexpected turn and she began working in a strip club called Somnia Perdita. Now that she's learned of her true origins, she's at a crossroads, uncertain what to do with her life now that she's got her Grace back.

  • º SPN Roleplay

    º { SPN Role-play }

    your an ALIEN, your touch so FOREIGN it's SUPERNATURAL - If you want to meet other supernatural role-players due to the decline in them on this site, then come here. We'll hold group role-plays, forum discussions on every topic imaginable, discuss group story-lines that we can throw at this thing full on. Let's bring the Supernatural Genre back to life and show the other genre's what we are worth.

    ° Hardcore role-play.
    ° Supernatural group role-plays
    ° Official Character URL list.

    Whether your a Non Canon or a Canon we want you here. We want to see what every person of every type of skill has to offer. And I promise you all an amazing time role-playing here with us and the other moderators.

  • ºCara.

    Supernatural Roleplay

    Beth Elena Napier, was born into a family of hunters, she was the youngest of Four brothers and One sister, her parents where well known hunters, leaving home for months on end, Beth's family never really gave her much affection or shown signs of love towards her, thats when she found out that she was a witch and that wasn't good in a family of hunters as such. Beth finally escaped her bad past and childhood, killing every demon and vampire she could get her hands on, taking out her angry and pain on the creatures she killed. Beth never really lets anyone into life, she usually works alone but that all changed when she met the Winchesters.

    Looking for supernatural mains, Love interest, family, looking for good storylines also.

  • The Wild Rose غ
    The Wild Rose غ

    a non canon i can fit in several genres such as Marvel/DC, Harry Potter, BTVS, Merlin, POTC, and so forth.


    - charmed
    - one tree hill
    - celebs
    - gossip girl
    - glee
    - TVD

    im not going to explain her here since it's rare that people actually read it. so add if you like and im also looking for a male love interest and other half.

    When Rose find her half, she will remain loyal and I wont do any sexual roleplays BUT with the other half.

    I've been roleplaying since 07; I'd like decent and interesting storylines, no god moding, ya know basic rules

  • ºkansas

    Do I really need to explain who Ruby is?;o

    Crossovers are welcome, get addin' and lets get some roleplay crackalackin':DD

  • KendraB

    Dean and jo

    Nora and Tyler

    Brooke and dean

    Dean and piper

    Dean and Lisa

    Sam and ruby

    Dean and ruby

    Haley and Nathan

    Peyton and Lucas

    Sam and brooke

    Brooke and Lucas

    Quinn and puck

    Quinn and Finn

    If interested add me

  • KendraB

    Multi account

  • ºthetimids

    could we burn, darling? multi-character account, but would seriously love to be able to get some supernatural role-plays going as i love the show. i do already have a character based on a young Sam Winchester, but could fit any character into any storyline, or make up new ones. i am one of those detail whores who loves long replies/mails. please do add. c:

    10/27/12 via Mobile
  • KendraB

    Multi account

  • ºbellatrix.

    Righty-oooo.. I have been roleplaying for like a.. longtime now? so.. I do have expierience in roleplay, and also I do talk to.. don't be afraid, I won't bite.. much, just be nice and I will nice back.. yeah?(Y) now we've got that cleared.. I am roleplaying Paige from Charmed? heard of it? of course you have, its like the most famous old TV Show:L well seeing that the genre is dead and nobody roleplays it anymore, I am happy to do crossovers like TV shows like.. SPN, OTH, Teen Wolf, and other jibber jabbers.. mainly, I will roleplay with any genre so.. add me:DD

    • PREFER 18+ ROLEPLAYS{they don't have to be}
    • NO SEX{unless if your a "lucky one";o }

    Thats it.. add:)

  • ºJinx.

    supernatural roleplayer

    'This aint going to end well Castiel'

    Jinx, humans call us immortal beings called Angels. well Jinx is an Angel, she is an immortal sister to Castiel. she got roped into helping him protect and help the Winchesters in anyway she could, she was given two choices but she choose to help Castiel.

    Jinx knew that it wasnt going to end well, and she was right, Castiel had died, but she took on his duty in helping and protecting the Winchester Brothers.

    'Damn you Castiel!, it wasnt your time to Die!'

    Looking for supernatural mains, love interest, can fit into any genre also. looking for good and interesting storylines.


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  • Characters to be role-played

    Characters to be role-played - Updated 23/02/12

                    Active Supernatural role-players If your a cannon character Comment below in this nicely ordered list with your URL. Let's get this sorted.
    However now I have a compromise - I'm going to also make this blog open to the Non Cannon characters as well. so i'm going to be adding a section at the bottom to make it grow further -
    so for the non cannons if you write a little bio in the comment section followed by your URL then Deano or myself will update the blog accordingly.


    1.1 Dean Winchester - www.bebo.com/UndesirableMemories
    1.2 Sam Winchester - www.bebo.com/yourveryownbitchx
    1.3 Bobby Singer
    1.4 John Winchester
    1.5 Ellen Harvelle
    1.6 Joanna Beth "Jo" Harvelle
    1.7 Mary Winchester
    1.8 Ash
    1.9 Gordon Walker
    1.10 Samuel Campbell
    1.11 Rufus Turner


    2.1 Castiel - www.bebo.com/ElysiumsAssbutt
    2.2 Lucifer -
    2.3 Michael
    2.4 Gabriel
    2.5 Zachariah
    2.6 Anna Milton
    2.7 Uriel
    2.8 Raphael
    2.9 Balthazar


    3.1 Azazel
    3.2 Ruby - www.bebo.com/TheTormentedDemon
    3.3 Lilith
    3.4 Meg Masters demon - www.bebo.com/DirtyLittleHarlet
    3.5 Alastair
    3.6 Crossroads Demon
    3.7 Crowley


    4.1 Edgar
    4.2 Dr. Gaines
    4.3 Chet
    4.4 Richard "Dick" Roman

                    Other characters

    5.1 FBI Agent Victor Henricksen
    5.2 Meg Masters
    5.3 Bela Talbot
    5.4 Pamela Barnes
    5.5 Chuck Shurley -
    5.6 Jessica Lee Moore
    5.7 Adam Milligan
    5.8 Lisa Braeden
    5.9 Ben Braeden
    5.10 Ed Zeddmore and Harry Spangler
    5.11 Sheriff Jody Mills
    5.12 Becky Rosen

                    Supernatural beings

    6.1 Tessa
    6.2 Death
    6.3 Reapers
    6.4 Eve
    6.5 Lenore
    6.6 Elanor Visyak
    7 Azazel's special children
    7.1 Andrew Gallagher
    7.2 Ava Wilson
    7.3 Jake Talley

                    Minor Characters

    8.1 Samuel Colt
    8.2 Gwen Campbell
    8.3 Christian Campbell
    8.4 War
    8.5 Famine
    8.6 Pestilence
    8.7 Amy Pond
    8.8 Tyson Brady
    8.9 Daniel Elkins
    8.10 Hailey Collins
    8.11 Jimmy Novak
    8.12 Jesse Turner
    8.13 Karen Singer
    8.14 Ronald Reznick
    8.15 Rachel

    Non Cannon Characters
    1:1 Ally Singer - www.bebo.com/hellsangelicbitch
    2.2 Razzy - www.bebo.com/SassyArchangel
    3.3 Alexis/Bishop Forier - www.bebo.com/SupernaturalDuo

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