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Sex Lies and Broken Dreams Part II

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Blood is thicker then water..
Me, Myself, and I
Sex, Lies and Broken Dreams Part II

The Sequal to Sex, Lies and Broken Dreams and The Second Chapter, in the thrilling story of the Thorne Family

Its been nearly a year since the tragic death of Seth Thorne in a shocking car crash which resulted in Jesse Hunter being arrested for Murder and leaving Lily and Paris Thorne without a Brother/Cousin and ending the marriage of Seth and Thorn Jackson with Seth's death, The story concentrates on how everyone is trying to move on and get over his death, with ups and downs along the way, Seth's cousin Paris opens a nightclub in his name with help from Thorn and April Hunt..but that doesnt go to plane when they have to borrow money from Seth's once on and off lover: Grace Jones, Meanwhile Thorn gets addiced to the drugs again which has April worried, April trys to show her best friend that the drugs will get her killed..like they did to Seth..

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  • Main Character Listings

    Thorn Jackson
    Image: Zendaya Coleman
    Age: 18 years old
    Former Fiancee Of Seth Thorne
    Best friends with April Hunt and now Paris Thorne


    Thorn was one of two of the main backup dancers to Seth Thorne on "Rock With You" , She is best friends with April Hunt and was Seth, who she then got into a relationship with, Thorn loves Music, she grew up wanting to be either a singer or a actress, before getting the role on "Rock With You" she and April were once backup dancers to Katy Perry, Like Seth was, Thorn got hooked on drugs which she nor Seth nor April (also hooked) could get away from, Thorn is a kind and caring girl and could never hurt a fly, On her 18th Birthday Seth proposed to her..to which she accepts but that starts the beginning of a long downfall..months later after Seth is cleared of a drug charge and two days before their wedding day, Seth died in a car crash which resulted in Thorn getting back on the drugs which killed her boyfriend, During this time she also along with Paris and April set up a Nightclub in Seth's memory.

    April Hunt
    Image; Bella Thorne
    Age: 18 years old
    Bisexual (More into guys though)
    Best friends with Thorn and Paris, Seth (Until he died)


    April was the 2nd main backup dancer on "Rock With You" , She is best friends with Thorn and Seth (until he died) and now Paris and has been since they were younger, April had dreams of being a dancer since she was little, her grandmother was once one and she is April inspiration, April got her break when she and Thorn were once backup dancers to Katy Perry before she got her job on "Rock With You" , Like her two best friends, April got hooked on drugs, taking them whenever she felt down, tired or just general wanting to take the preasure of fame off herself, April eventually gets asked to be Thorn's brides maid for Thorns and Seths wedding, during this time, April grows feelings towards her best friend Thorn..but that was soon ended when she realised Thorn didnt love her back in that way and they resumed being best friends, April slowly got off the drugs which she was proud to have done, when Seth died she still stayed off them knowing they wouldnt help, she along with Paris and Thorn opened the Malibu Nightclub in Seth's memory.

    Jason Parker
    Image: Justin Bieber
    Age: 18 years old
    Love Interest to Paris Thorne
    Friend Of April Hunt


    Jason is a 18 year old singer and dancer who now works in the Malibu Nightclub, he was employed after April recommended him and Paris saw in him potential like her cousin Seth once had, he got employed also cause Paris liked him, Soon after Jason also began to like Paris, which caused a bit of tension with the employees thinking that maybe Jason was getting paid more then them cause him and Paris liked each other, soon Paris and Jason began a secret relationship one which resulted in Paris getting pregnant.. , Jason is a kind, smart and caring boy who looks out for his friends and Paris, Jason is a lot like Seth and has even said, he saw Seth as a idol to him and hoped he could help Seth's memory live on, Jason is also flirty which Paris doesnt like, due to the fact he play flirts with other Malibu girl staff.

    Sophia Vegas
    Image: Victoria Justice
    Age: 19 years old
    Close friend of Paris.


    Sophia is a childhood friend of Paris, they grew up as nextdoor neighbours and always got in, in fact they clicked when they first saw each other, Sophia was always the one who Paris could talk to and Paris was always the one Sophia could talk to about anything, Sophia moved to LA not long after Seth's death to help her friend and comfort her, Sophia moved in with Paris in penthouse not far from the nightclub, Sophia works in the nightclub as a Bar tender which she enjoys cause she loves impressing the guys..and girls, she is also a singer but not a known one, she hopes by singing in the club she mi

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