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Roleplay postponed.. read comments.

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Me, Myself, and I
" she won her very first trial by seven lengths.. when luke nolen took her back to the stables, peter's comment was 'not bad'.. I got back in the car and thought 'Yes! Peter thinks she's all right.. "
- Ms. Pam Hawkes; Part Owner.

black caviar
six years old
dark bay pelt

champion race horse
twenty five wins
twenty five starts

in season
not interested
foaled eighteenth august twothousandsix
sired by bel esprit - champion thoroughbred
out of helsinge - champion thoroughbred
twothousandeight - nine season.
two year old handicap restricted - eighteenth april
blue sapphire stakes - second may

twothousandnine - ten season.
—● crockett stakes - twentysecond august
—● danehill stakes - fifth september
australia stakes - twentysecond january

twothousandten - eleven season.
—● schillaci stakes - nineteenth october
schweppes stakes - twentythird october
●— patinack farm classic - sixth november
●— lightning stakes - nineteenth february
●— newmarket handicap - tweleth march
●— william reid stakes - twentyfifth march
●— tj smith stakes - nineth april
●— btc cup - forteenth may

twothousandeleven - twelve season.
schillaci stakes - eigth october
●— schweppes stakes - twentysecond october
●— patinack farm classic - fifth novermber
●— australia stakes - twentyseventh january
●— c f orr stakes - eleventh febrary
●— lightning stakes - eighteenth february
●— robert sangstar stakes - twentyeigth april
●— goodwood handicap - tweleth may
diamond jubilee stakes - twentythird june

twothousandthirteen season.
●— lightning stakes - sixteenth february
●— william reid stakes - twentysecond march
●— tj smith stakes - thirteenth april
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  • Takhi-
    luv Takhi-

    "I've never known a soft hand or kind word."

    He snorted harshly, his scarred nazals flaring as he pushed the air from his lungs. Twitching his torn auds back he moved unsteadily around the box in which he was trapped in. The last attempt at escaping had failed dismally. And he'd hurt himself even more. Raising a cracked hoof he struck the floor, the jarring sent a sharp, stabbing pain up his shoulder and across his back. He tossed his cranium to try and ease it, but it triggered more spasm of agony.

    "What is this place anyway?"

    Jul 7
  • ºtheholygrail

    Replies done..

    Jun 24
  • 'Vitorio
    luv 'Vitorio

    Should I send one across in mail, madam?

    Jun 19
  • 'Vitorio
    luv 'Vitorio

    You're most welcome..
    Did you wish to roleplay?

    Jun 17
  • ºtheholygrail

    " Roleplay will have to wait for about a week to get replied to.. don't have a computer at the moment & it's too hard to roleplay on my tablet aha.. "

    Jun 16
  • Takhi-
    luv Takhi-

    His auds pinned to his poll as she spoke, his jaws snapping together as he drifted through the awful feeling of sedation. He was in agony. But he fae's voice caught his weary attention. He looked at her. His vision blurred as he tried his damnest to focus upon her.

    "I suppose, crazed and stupid. I can't be confined. What use do they have for a psychopathic horse here?"

    He stumbled forth as he tried to walk, but he couldn't move properly. Sighing he lowered his cranium. The pain still tearing through him, which somehow eased his horrible thought filled mind. Why was he here? Who wanted a scarred, tormented horse. Who would ever love the horse that saw the humans as his enemy? Some complete foolish human he thought.

    Jun 16
  • 'TheDarkestKnights.
    luv 'TheDarkestKnights.

    "Jeeez, you seem so stuck up."

    With a harsh snort he turn away, and with a harsh snort began to rip the short grass with his dentals. His nostrils flared as he moved slowly forth, his dock slashed across his haunches. Hearing the sounds around him, he kept jumping. It would take some time getting used to. Hearing the gate go, he looked up, his rider was coming towards him. A sorrowful look plastered across his face.

    Gri walked forth, toward the human who had cared for him for many years. Tending to his every need. The human wrapped his arms around the stallions strong nape. A sob escaping his throat. Gribaldi had a feeling, this was now his home. Surrounded by stuck up mares, and sex craved stallions. The human, composed himself, whispered "goodbye old fellow, I'll return soon". And with one last, firm familiar stroke, walked away. Gri followed, nudging his back. He closed the gate. And was gone.

    He was now, alone.

    Jun 16
  • 'The Outsiders.
    luv 'The Outsiders.

    "Me? Born and bred in the United Kingdom, raced as a two, three and four year old on the flat, won 90% of my races, placed the rest. Went out on grass for eighteen months, came back and did hurdles and steeplechase for another eighteen months, then had to retire from racing. But I won over thirty races over fences before retiring. Had another two years out, had a foal, then started my eventing, had another foal then shipped out to here."

    The ebony mare smiled lightly, she'd enjoyed her life, it had always been full of thrills. But now was her time to relax. She had been given two months on grass to recover from lameness. And that was soon to be up due to her coming sound.

    Jun 16
  • Secretariat.

    Thats what I said..

    Jun 15
  • Secretariat.

    Hm. Yes I can see that. Never mind.

    Jun 14
  • Secretariat.
    luv Secretariat.

    Another thoroughbred, hmmm. Interesting.

    Jun 12
  • - BreakingBeauty
    - BreakingBeauty

    Sure. Mind sending a starter? (:

    Jun 11
  • ºtheholygrail

    " All replies done (: aha. "

    Jun 3
  • ºtheholygrail


    • Nostalgia - in mail.
    • Jigsaw - in mail.

    Sorry guys, no more muse..

    Jun 2
  • Tru
    luv Tru

    Absolutely, will you start?

    May 20
  • Thunder


    May 19
  • Takhi-
    luv Takhi-

    He felt weak. The life steadily draining from him. He didn't feel the needle in his neck. Or the vet gently removing the implied piece of wood. Or the anxious voices of the yard staff. Many discussing which box he could go in without getting upset. They decided one of the larger stables, with padding across the door would do. And that was next to the fae.

    When he came round, and managed to get up on his limbs. Feeling shaky and drugged he limped quietly into the stable. Standing with his cranium to the floor. His breathing laboured.


    May 18
  • Takhi-
    luv Takhi-

    Spinning about the stable, the stallions whites showing in his terrified orbs. He kicked out, his cracked and split hooves hitting the padded wall of the stable. A shrill whinny escaped his vocals as he barged at the door. He heard the soft splintering of wood. He ran at the door again, this time a large spike of wood punctured his breast. Another barge and the door collapsed. Taking off, it was clear he was in a blind panic.

    Pain coursing through his body as he slipped upon the ground, his hooves coming out from underneath him. His body came crashing down with an almighty thud near the fae's door. He struggled to get up. But soft hands touched his nape. A pitiful whicker escaped his maw. Blood pooling on the ground.


    May 18
  • 'TheDarkestKnights.
    luv 'TheDarkestKnights.

    Rearing up and striking out the stallion frolicked. It had been many many months since he could prance and play upon the fresh grass. He had no idea why he was even here. But even so, he would make the most of it. He saw his rider disappear into a building, and slid to a halt. Watching, he decided now was a good time to explore his new home. Breaking into a trot, he approached the water feeder. Sniffing the surface he shrugged, then dropped his cranium to the surface and began to drink. Finishing up, he walked over towards the small bunch of old trees. His nape arching. Walking along the fence line he saw the other.

    To him, she looked fed up and not wanting to come near him. But he stood by the fence, his cranium hanging over the fence. With a soft whisker he waited patiently. His facials soft and kind. Another whisker escaped his vocals. Snorting softly he nodded his cranium. A soft snort escaped his nostrils.

    May 17
  • 'The Outsiders.
    luv 'The Outsiders.

    She grinned lightly, her nostrils flared. Her thin soft mane lifting lightly as a breeze passed by. Her dock flicked across her hocks and flanks. Snorting she heard a commotion, and turning to look over her shoulder, saw a large group of youngsters taking off up the field. The lead youngster had a lead rope trailing. She trotted over. Caught the attention of the lead horse. Told it off. And it walked meekly back to the humans.

    "Are they always that naughty?!"


    May 17