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Dr. Feelgood

new start i reckon.

Apr 4 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I


Póg mo thóin!

There isn't much Alfie would share about his life. He'd probably tell you what he could remember from the age of nineteen onwards, but try getting further back than that and you'll have to deal with his sudden turn of anger and hostility.
He moved to New York when he was almost twenty, the place he'd loved since touring there with his band at the time. It was on that tour, in NY, where he had his first shot of heroin, and became addicted very quick to it.
Not long after he moved from Dublin to NY, after a few brief relationships and flings, he met Kya Halliwell and they quickly married, soon after their marriage Kya fell pregnant. It wasn't long after the birth of their daughter Aoife Sinead Rhodes that they decided to redo their vows, their 'first' wedding involving many problems, however their 'second' wedding lasted even less and Kya soon left him.

The Other Half Of Me


ive loved you for so long...

"I've smoked so much pot I'm
surprised I haven't turned into a

During his marriage his second daughter Áine-Marie Rhodes was born, her mother being his ex-girlfriend Amy. During their relationship Alf was arrested several times for his violent, abusive tendencies towards her, down to being dependant on alcohol sprouting from an argument he'd had with his band mate and older brother Eamon, the only person he'd looked up to, over Alfie's reckless and self-destructive personality, during which Eamon vowed to want nothing more with him. He'd been torn and managed to get off heroin for a brief spell, but had succumbed to liquor instead.
Not long after getting with Kya did he get back on gear, but that mixed with excessive drinking and his temper made him an unbearable man.
For many years Alf's never been a monogamous man, after having his heart broken by the woman he adored, he became insecure in love, not a valid excuse for the way he treats women but. He would rather break her heart before she could hurt him, and has lived to that ever since Áine Finnegan left him years back, he has a tendency to woo any woman he wants for a while before turning into the abusive, controlling bastard he's notorious for being.
For the past year and half he's fronted a band called The DT's, the five members all well-known for being big drug takers, although Alf hated the man he'd become he'd fallen back into the limelight, the man could never really handle it and his self destructive habits are worse than ever.

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    If anything Kya was rather glad her and Aflie were able to sort things amicably because the last thing she wanted were things to get messy especailly for the sake of Aoife because he was right there daughter deserved better, she just hoped they could handle there divorce the same way. "Alfie the fact we have split up doesnt change the fact you are her father, she will always be your daughter ... she will always be our baby and i dont plan on letting her forget that and i cerntialy have no intentions of letting anyone else bring her up i'm quite capable of raising her by myself incase you hadnt noticed ive done it twice already with both of the boys. All either of us want from you is you to be her father plain and simple."

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