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Reiizul Valek

I know I'm not perfect, but I'm so close it scares me!

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Do I look like i give a shit.
Me, Myself, and I
Reiizul Abaddon Valek

Mother :Jade Lillith Valek - malefic vaiek & font of discord
Father : Dominic Serique Valek -Dark Lord VaIek
Twin Sister: Saphyra,
Aunt: Church Diavolo
Height : 6'
Nationality: Valek
Family: Angel, Odessa ,Nikita ,Al'Lonora, Syndel, Sasha ,
Lillith,.Peyton ,Babit ,Marlee , Keilana , Jazmyn, Odessa ,Seraphine ,Lysindra,
Hair Color Dark Brown/Black
Eye Color : Pale Blue
Race: Bloodborn 2nd Gen Valek,Symbiote Demon
What Reiizul is all about
He has an aristocratic, elegant demeanor, and a very pragmatic outlook on life. He believes that the vampire nature is inherently dark. He generally acts flippant and arrogant. He has no problem with killing humans, although he generally won't go out of his way to do so. IF, he kills it is without any hint of remorse, and unlike his twin. He is a master manipulator. He is cunning, self-interested, and amoral, willing to do just about anything to get what he wants. In essence, Reiizul is a borderline sociopath, showing very little concern for the well-being or survival of most people. Family is a different story..He can be sadistic, taking pleasure in the pain of others. He has no problem taking lives, either human or vampire, if it suits his mood or purpose, and he can turn on a former friend completely upon betrayal.

Sly and narcissistic, Reiizul, is well aware of his own physical attractiveness and has no problem using that to his advantage. He can be very charming, and certainly seductive as well. He often displays a dark and cutting sense of humor. Reiizul tends to prefer to present those aspects of his personality, and he is often as careless to the suffering of others as he appears. If there are times when he does care, he almost always hides it. He tends to view human beings as something he can use/feed from rather than peers.

He had no hesitation about feeding on humans. He is self-contained and reserved on the surface most of the time, only letting his emotions through when he's angry. He has a magnetism that draw women to him "like moths to a flame, ".He is described as being gorgeous, with straight black hair and pale blue eyes with "odd lights in them." He is slightly Taller than his twin Saphyra and resembles his mother greatly. His features were cleanly defined and nearly perfect under a shock of dark hair. His cheekbones were a sculptor's dream.
Angel, Odessa , Nikita , Al'Lonora, Syndel, Sasha ,
Lillith, .Peyton , Babit , Marlee , Keilana , Jazmyn, Odessa , Seraphine , Lysindra, More coming I am sure. List updated ....
Clans and Guilds, Including Strengths:
Clans: Valek /Ciotti
Guilds: Order of the Dark Triad
Assassin Divison
Exp: 25, 550
Gp: Hidden
Forums: SB
Things that could happen
I can see you thought, that you were quite clever,
Trying to evade me but it didnt last forever

Kicking and screaming but no one can hear,
I will become your greatest fear.

I will slice straight down your pretty spine
You will become forever mine

Ill let you lose but leave you blind,
The way out youll never find.

Your pain and agony is my master,
I give you the gift of my beautiful disaster.

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