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coming back

5/31/12 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I

Under Co.
First Doppelganger
The first Doppelganger to surface was Katerina Petrova, who had remarkable recognition in a older member, it was her who set to break the curse, but she escaped and took the moonstone with her, I later found out that she became a vampire which only angered me. Now all i wanted was her to be punished and to live the eternity being tortured like as i would, not having the power would almost kill me yet there were more ways to get around that, If she had a next of kin which I didn't look over, I would have been able to locate the next Doppelganger or well if was luck there would be another one, But I hunted her for centuries before she finally showed up in a small town called mystic falls.
Second Doppelganger
The second doppelganger appeared when I found Katerina, Apparently she was trying to make some sort of deal so she would go free, but I couldn't let my hate for her go. I took the mind of a history teacher Alaric Saltzman, it was very trick to do so especially the teaching part even though I was free minded the others were hard to cope with especially his friends, but the night of the dance pleased me, I killed or well helped her kill herself but the witch who was planning to use her powers against me the night of my first transformation, after that I've waited a few nights to get things back in order, my body back, a werewolf, a vampire, and of course the doppelganger.
Third Doppelganger
Klaus was one of the many people to return to Mystic Falls after news of the Doppelganger, however, he is probably the one that's the most feared. From his violent past, stories have travelled, became myths and legends of this towns history. Now with his brother Elijah as mayor, Klaus finds himself in dire need of created more hybrids using this Doppelgangers blood, like he did with the one previously; Elena. But this time, Klaus comes back to town with someone special. A familiar face from town. Caroline Forbes. Nobody know's why they're still together or if she's been compelled to do so, but it seems that Klaus only has eyes for her now. No matter how many girly crushes he comes across, he feels that nothing and no-one can compare to his Vampire Barbie, Caroline. Now, with making hybrids on his mind, he specifcally wants Alice to be his first trial with the fresh blood on the scene. However, Klaus may be older, but his tricks and motives have remained the same, even though Caroline has had a massive positive influence on his behavious, he still has that scheming and violent behavious inside of him, to be used when necessary, like when he doesn't get his way.
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