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heading to bed. night

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Me, Myself, and I

   ιттan-мoмen yoυĸaι

    ┊tคttє๔ ยק┊

₪ renѕнoυ ιѕ a ѕlιм тan мan wιтн long вrown нaιr, wнιcн нe pυтѕ υp ιn a pony тaιl, and green eyeѕ. нe нaѕ a тaттoo on тнe leғт ѕιde oғ нιѕ ғace. нe υѕυally wearѕ dιғғerenт colored ѕнιrтѕ wιтн нιѕ open вlacĸ jacĸeт. ₪
The Other Half Of Me


what an adorable kitten

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  • The Lion

                Leo the Lion

                     FAIRY TAIL

                "This is my sin.
               I'll die without complaint."

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  • About Taito


    Taito may appear to others as a young boy around the age of 12, but he is actually a teenager, age 15.

    Crowning him is a blackish-purplish mess of hair, of which he never cares if it were to fall in his face. In fact, if it were, it would only cover the white, blood-stained bandages that morbidly decorate his face, covering his left eye that is rumored to have been stabbed or gouged out, either by himself or his own clumsiness.

    He wears a pitiful look in his dark, blue-violet eyes, as if he believes everyone and everything wishes to hurt him.

    As for attire, he covers his back with a black coat, much like Kaito's, trailing down past his knees in the back, and if he were to zip it up, it would expose his belly. However, this coat lined with cobalt violet, Taito only wears entirely open in the front, exposing his near-anorexic waist and his bandage-covered chest. Some days, he wears brown pants, like Kaito, and others he wears them entirely black (on days when he doesn't care for those who accuse him of dressing in too much black). His shoes are white with the bottoms and sides of them lined with an inky purple.

    Unlike Kaito, who never removes his scarf from his neck, Taito is a single Shion who does not wear a scarf. An item that could take the place of the commonly known muffler is bandages that are tightly wound around his neck.

    Every now and again, others notice a new bandage circling a part of Taito...


    Taito is a very fragile, poor young boy, who is often incredibly shy and nervous and he is usually by himself. He carries the burden of constantly being in pain. Every little scratch and scuff he gets, the mark may fade away, but he eternally feels an imprint of discomfort to the affected area. If he lost an android limb, even if it were to be re-attached, he would forever feel a line of stabbing pain along the socket.

    However, even if this pitiful boy will have fits of his own where he'll scream in agony for it being too much to handle on him at once, while the pain is being caused to him, regardless of what it may be, Taito will grow to have a carnal appetite for it and he less shrieks in pain, but more moans in pleasure and salacity. This may be a reason for many to avoid Taito... they are deeply disturbed by the fact that he enjoys pain.

    Besides this disturbing detail, there is another part to Taito that most do not see... unless they provoke him or arrive in his sight at the most grim of times...

    If Taito is provoked, threatened, or finding himself in a situation where he feels as though he's going to get hurt, he will stop at nothing to defend himself, even if it involves killing.

    In the event that Taito is threatened in these ways, he will turn absolutely violent, and even the person with the hardest shell and thickest skin turns absolutely terrified at Taito's bizarre transition. During this time, in his mid sentence as he speaks, his voice lowers from his usual slightly-high pitch to a much lower, demonic one. Horrifyingly enough, this brutal part of Taito is the only side of him that smiles... but these are no pleasant facial expressions.

    Once Taito is through with one of these unfortunate happenings, he returns to his normal state, with no memory of his previous actions or attitude.


    During those times where Taito loses himself, he will grab hold of an ice pick that he always has tucked in between his pants and his boxers, so you should know that provoking Taito will result in an ice pick stuck somewhere in your flesh.


    Back at the center where all the androids were made, before any of them were sent to CRYPTON to live, Taito was always the Shion sibling that hid in his room, away from the others, excluded from the love and the warmth. He was always the child that never came down to dinner, but came down to get the left-overs, if there ever wer

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  • roleplay rule

    1. Don't text talk, most people find it annoying and lazy, so give grammer a try, who knows you might actually be understood!

    2. Be original, it makes roleplay just that little bit more fun, so try a litle bit harder when thinking of an image, and don't purpously steal someone elses.

    3. God-Modders and Rapists, they are annoying and pathetic, just ignore them, they'll soon give up.

    4. Bumping into people, News Flash! It's getting old, go to rule number 2.

    5. If I'm not replying, just leave it, I might have missed your comment, or I just don't want to roleplay with you, if you keep sending the same comment I will gett annoyed with you, and I will start ignoring you.

    6. Cyber sex, Strickly forbiding

    7. if i asked to roleplay, i will start and if you ask you start so don't ask to roleplay and then be all like will you start MY ANSWER IS EAITHER GOING TO BE NO OR YOU WILL GET IGNORED AND IF YOU KEEP ASKING ME THE SAME THING KNOWING WHAT MY ANSWER WILL BE IM GOING TO DELETE YOU

    this are my only rules please dont ignor them

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