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AWR Under City Lights

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Me, Myself, and I
Under City Lights is the first PPV of the new regime at American Wrestling Revolution and it comes from the bright lights of sunny Florida. We will be coming live from the Bank Atlantic centre.

The main event of the night is Craig Adams up against Matt Young in a barbed wire massacre match. This if the first pay-per view under the reign of Watkins and he is fully expecting the New Generation to show their ability against the rest of the AWR roster. Other matches will include Luciano Damascio defending his Euro-Continental championship as well as Randall Evans and Chad Sanders defending their tag titles. The other championship match of the night will see Bryan Roberts defend his title against Lance Dawson. And with 22,000 packed into the arena we will be expecting huge things on the 7th August. Who will come out on top?

Under City Lights Deadline

UK / Éire - 7:00pm

US EST - 2:00pm

US CST - 1:00pm

US PST - 11:00pm

Australian Eastern - 4:00am Sunday
American Wrestling Revolution Major Label

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  • Results For Under City Lights

    Dark Match

    Corey Maxx won the over the top battle royal after single handily defeating his competition and slinging all of his opponents over the top rope. Maxx is now apart of the new generation!!


    Tonight is the night, the lights are going to shine down on wrestling's best and in return they will put on a show that wont be forgotten so quickly. Tonight the superstars will put all of it on the line but the question is, is it enough? Craig Adams the undisputed champion has had the deck stacked against him during these last few weeks with the presence of Brandon Watkins. Can he overcome the odds and remain Undisputed Champion? The new generation is growing and before the show even goes on air a new member will have been welcomed into the family. As the new gen grows final solution begins to shrink as Brandon Watkins will make his in ring debut as he takes on Justin Storm where if Storm loses he will be forced to leave the faction. Can Storm overcome the odds? All of this and more as we see a grudge match between Luciano Damascio and David Schizoid. And on top of all of this Watkins has invited Chris Edwards backstage to watch the event, with Edwards acting mysteriously at the end of last weeks Underground.

    Can Adams Retain?

    Will the New Gen take over?

    What does Watkins have next?

    Hopefully all of this can be answered tonight!

    Prologue End

    Brandon Watkins: You know, I never thought it would be this easy. I had many plans planned incase some of those failed. But I guess I needed just the one plan really. It just goes to show the stupidity of who I am against. Steve Wilson doesn't know what is going on around here. He may think he does, but in reality. He doesn't. I am the man that can and will run this show!
    Just wait and see.

    Steve Wilson: You know, I never thought it would turn out like this. I had visions to turn this place into a breading ground for the biggest names this game has ever see. But I guess things never turn out the way you want do they? I have overcome many obstacles since joining the world of wrestling and this is what Watkins is. He is just an obstacle. And after tonight, when he fall flat on his face. Maybe I can start to rebuild this place.

    Craig Adams: Tonight..

    Matt Young: Tonight..

    Craig Adams: The lights, they will shine down on me

    Matt Young: The lights, they will lead me to the Undisputed Championship

    Craig Adams: The time for talking is over

    Matt Young: Its time for the revolution to begin

    The screen is fixed into impending darkness, the buzz from the crowd can be felt through the silence. The opening chords from the Taking Back Sunday song, new again begin to belt out through the arena and this starts the opening Under City Lights video package. Upon this ending the camera is rooted to the bottom of the ramp which let the over the top pyro display kick in. The blue and white fuse together in an explosion of noise and light. The crowd continue cheering. Some are standing some remain in their seats. But all are shouting at the top of their lungs. The voice of TJ Watson begins to kick in as the camera takes different shots from around the area

    TJ Watson: Ladies and Gents, we have made it. Under the City lights is upon us and tonight we have a top show for you. Tonight 3 out of the four titles are on the line with the Main event being for the Undisputed Championship

    The camera finally arrives at the announce table where we see Robbie Black accompanied
    by TJ Watson.

    TJ Watson: Welcome. TJ Watson here and Im with Robbie Black. And tonight Robbie its a big one isent it.

    Robbie Black: There is no doubt about that TJ, we have everything for you tonight. We have title matches. We have grudge matches. There are going to be twists and turns and by the end of the night we will be able to see the direction that this federatio

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  • Under City Lights PPV - 7-8-11

    Under City Lights
    8th August 2011
    Bank Atlantic Centre, Sunrise, Florida
    22,457 In Attendance - SOLD OUT!
    TJ Watson & Robbie Black

    With a federation on the brink of chaos between two rival owners what is in store for AWR's first return pay per view? Brandon Watkins heads up the new generation as they had into a show that could potentially put them on the map with Matt Young Challenging Craig Adams for the AWR undisputed championship. Come then end of the show the landscape of the federation wil be more clear. is it time for a new revolution?

    Dark Match Battle Royal
    Five Box Promo Limit
    Winner Becomes a part of the New Generation

    Corey Maxx Vs David Cvjetkovich Vs James Cross Vs JC Slam Vs Justin Hughes

    Match One
    Lionheart Championship Match
    Submission Match
    one fall to finish

    Bryan Roberts (c) V Lance Dawson

    For the past two weeks Lance Dawson has proved that he has what it takes to challenge for Byran Roberts' Lionheart championship by winning the two qualifiers that were presented for him. Roberts however has had quite a seeminly quiet life as the Lionheart champion after winning it on the 10th July edition of Underground but tonight will be his first real test. Can he defeat the impressive Dawson and retain his title. Or is their a new kid on the block?

    Match Two
    Singles Match
    Loser Leaves New Generation
    one fall to finish

    Daniel Kennedy V Daniel Hughes

    Both men have expressed their desire to Watkins that they want to remain apart of the New Generation but their constant bickering with each other has lead Watkins to believe that the new gen cannot move forward with it in a state such as that. But this match Watkins did not ask for this match. Steve Wilson placed this match on the card a way of trying to take one of the members of the generation out. Watkins however hasent minded that match and is encouraging this match to take place saying "May the best man win"

    Match Three
    Tag Team Championship Match
    Standard Tag Team Match
    one fall to finish

    Craig Anderson (c) & Chad Sanders (c) V Ryan Jameson & Daniel Richards

    After the events on last weeks Underground it would make sense for Anderson and Sanders to get their hands on two members of the New Generation mainly Jameson and Richards. With tensions running hight between these four superstars can the New Generation claim their first piece of gold, or will the tag champs show their domination?

    Match Four
    Singles Match
    If Brandon Watkins wins, Justin Storm can no longer be apart of Final Solution
    One fall to a finish

    Brandon Watkins Vs Justin Storm

    This a match that Watkins has labeld as "Revenge" due to the match which Steve Wilson set up where New Generation were going to lose a member Watkins thought that in an attempt to get back at Wilson he is going to challenge Justin Storm to a match and if Storm fails to win. He can no longer remain in the faction Final solution with Wilson and Craig Adams.Is this a storm that Justin just cant ride out?

    Match Five
    Strap Match
    one fall to finish

    Luciano Damascio V David Schizoid

    David Schizoid has not been on much of a winning streak as of late and although came close to becoming the number one contender to the lionheart championship but missed out to Lance Dawson. These emotions ran high last week when Schizoid went crazy with a steel chair all over Damascio. But now with an even playing field will Schizoid be able to continue to let his fustrations out? Important thing to note the Eurocontinental Championship is NOT on the line in this match. This is purely for pride and to settle the score

    Main Event
    Undisputed Championship Match
    Barbed Wire Massacre Match
    one fall to finish

    Craig Adams (c) v Matt Young

    This match has all the makings to be a classic. Matt Young has been the

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Taking Back Sunday-New Again

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