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Beautiful Meteor

Worried about Alan, he's working himself to death.

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Hi, my name is Isabella Marie Swan (but call me Bella). I'm 17 and I come from Phoenex but recently my mom and her new husband Phil went travelling so I decided to move to Forks for a while to be with my Dad, Charlie. And when I got to Forks High School, and saw Edward Cullen thats when everything changed; I was hooked. He looked like a greek god. One day he started talking to me and was so happy but I felt there was something he was hiding frm me. Something about him was too different. I figured out that he was a vampire. I told him I knew what he was and said that I wasn't afraid because I knew he wouldn't hurt me. He said that he first hated me because my blood sang to him and he wanted to kill me, but I trust him and knew he could control himself. We confessed our love for one another and I decided to stay in Forks to be with him.

Ooc I'm Tasmin, feel free to chat, I dont bite :) I mainly roleplay Bella Swan or Edward Cullen but can roleplay other Twilight characters, just ask :)
The Other Half Of Me
'Isabella Swan

'Isabella Swan

My lovely Ashley :)

Real Me
My name's Taz, (short for Tasmin) I live in Ewell, Surrey, England :) and love listening to music, (mainly pop, rock, and r&b); roleplaying, playing modnation racers on my ps3, and writing young fiction stories, (mainly fantasy and romance). I attend creative writing classes to stimulate my mind on new ideas ands get feedback on what I need to improve on and what I'm brill at :) I also love playing The Sims 3 on the computer, and playing on my nintendo ds (Mario Kart and Pokemon are particularly addictive :D ). I go to a drama club on Monday nights, which are always awesome :D I am a volunteer at Oxfam in Ewell village which is lovely :) I love to work with children and also volunteer at a holiday kids club which is always fun :) the children love me! Its nice knowing that I can always count on my friends. My bestest friends are Sihem, Libby, Alice, Mo, Mary and Susan. I have so many great bebo friends so I know I can have fun and will never be alone :D
I mainly roleplay either Bella Swan or Edward Cullen but can roleplay some other twilight characters if you prefer me to do so, just ask :D
I am hot on spelling because I'd like to be able to read my replies clearly, but if you're dyslexic or have something wrong with your eyesight or something like that then I'll let you off :)
I dont mind one liners occassionally but not if theyre just a few words or if you do it regularly. I will ask you to do me longer replies but if you dont listen when I ask and go ahead and do another short one liner anyway then I am likely to delete you because I did warn you!
Ooc I like going swimming, playing badminton, kicking a ball around and dont mind basketball, apart from that I hate sports :L . I build up my strength by going to the gym at least once every 2 or 3 weeks. I'm not fat so I don't have to go so regularly :L .
Scared Of
Ooc Thunder! Cant sleep if theres a thunderstorm at night, its such a horrible noise :( Plus I have a phobia of needles and my mum has to drag me to the doctors screaming when I need a blood test. I'd never go by myself :L .
Happiest When
Ooc Hanging out with friends :) and roleplaying, of course :D I love shopping, eating out with friends, and seeing good films in the cinema with a friend.
Roleplay Hates
1. Hate it when I ask someone to roleplay and they dont even reply.
2. Hate it when someone asks to roleplay but insists that I start (its ok if they ask once nicely, but if I don't want to then dont delete me, I will just wait until you feel youre able to think of a starter or will eventually send one if I suddenly think of something.)
3. Hate starters or replies with more than 4 parts. Won't accept 5 or more. I prefer between a medium-length paragraph - 3 parts to start with, but don't expect my replies to always be 2 or 3 parts because I have brain damage so I can't always think up that long and I can only take in so much in one go!
4. Hate it when someone expects me to reply constantly to them at their pace. I have so many roleplays going on so some people may need to wait a few hours or even a day or two for their reply because I'm often busy so cant get to everyone in one go and can't always think up decent replies so you should wait until I can and dont delete me coz i will get to you when I can!
5. Hate it when people add me and dont even talk to me, whats the point in that?!
6. Hate it when people delete me or block me without giving me a reason first or deleting their page without warning first.
7. Hate it when people delete or block me just because I don't always reply straight away; like I said, I get super busy sometimes so just wait!
8. Hate people who just use my page for my pictures and dont actually talk to me or roleplay with me.
9. Hate people who steal my edits which are clearly tagged with my username! What use should they be to anyone else if its got my name on it and not theirs?!
Roleplay Loves
1. Love it when people offer to make me edits or if I ask and they bother to make them for me :)
2. Love it when people genuinely care about me and listen to me :)
3. Loves amazing roleplayers! :D
4. Love people who ask how I am and whether I've had a good day all all that jazz :))
5. Love people who dont ignore me and talk to me regularly :)
6. Love people who dont delete me and would never dream of deleting me!
7. Love people who ask to roleplay, have a really good idea AND start! :D
8. Love people who ask whether they can have any of my pictures rather than just take them without asking.
9. Love people who put me in their top friends without me asking :D

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  • Just Incase It Shuts Down...

    Just incase Bebo shuts down, be sure to stay in touch :) Just send me a messege letting me know who you are and say hi :) .

    Email address:

    Ooc Facebook account:
    Tasmin Lang
    (You'll find me straight away. Only one Tasmin Lang on there to my knowledge, did a search of Tasmins one day when I was bored and curious and there's only one with my surname, me :L )

    Roleplay and Ooc Facebook account:

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  • Twilight V.S The Vampire Diaries

    What are your favourites? :)
    1. Twilight of Vampire Diaries?
    2. Katherine or Victoria?
    3. Edward or Stefan?
    4. Damon or Laurent?
    5. Elena, Rosalie, or Esme?
    6. Bonnie or Renesmee?
    7. Jake or Edward?
    8. Bella or Elena?
    9. Alice or Caroline?
    10. James or Logan?
    11. Lexi or Emily?
    12. Vampires, witches, or werewolves?
    13. Jake, Mason, or Tyler?
    14. Jules or Leah?
    15. Paul, Sam, or Seth?
    16. Jonathon Gilbert, Charlie, or Carlisle?
    17. Quil or Embry?
    18. Renee or Isabelle?
    19. Alaric or Jeremy?
    20. Any other characters that I havent mentioned?

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  • MY BEST FRIENDS :D continued

    -Isabella Swan. www.bebo.com/VampireLover__Ox (Janine)
    My two/three parter buddy! :D love her forever! xx

    Cosette ValJean. www.bebo.com/Reckless_Beauty (Kate)
    First met on her Winged Angel Bella page. She's awesome. Our human Bella and human Edward idea meeting on the beach is amazing :)) She makes me feel special :D love you forever hun xx

    Katherine Pierce www.bebo.com/_KatherinePierce (Emma)
    Such a caring and understanding person, love her so much xx. Loving our Katherine and Jake roleplay too :P .

    bella'. www.bebo.com/theforbiddenlovex (Chloe)
    She's great, she really listens :) Go, Clo! :P :L

    Edward Cullen www.bebo.com/Dark_Protector (Jack)
    The sweetest, nicest, funniest guy I've ever met on here :D . My ace Jacky boy, love you xx

    RussetWolf. www.bebo.com/EclipsedQuileute (Ciara)
    Shes fab and so funny, loving our roleplay :D xx

    Vampire Edward Masen-Cullen www.bebo.com/Tamed_Fangs13 (Ellen)
    She's so nice, I just want to give her a hug :D . Love her and our roleplay xx

    -'Isabella Swan Cullen www.bebo.com/UnbelievablyClumsy (Sarah)
    She's such a caring person and really listens :) brill roleplayer too xx

    Ice Cold Barbie www.bebo.com/EternalBeautyRosalie (Ariana)
    She is awesome, her name begins with an a so that makes her extra awesome :L She is a great person and really listens and understands :)

    Bella and Nessie Cullen www.bebo.com/Bella_Cullen_Swan (Blair)
    Shes ace and her roleplay rocks! :D love you xxx

    Alice Cullen www.bebo.com/AliceC94885 (Chelseann)
    Imprinting roleplays are so fun and happy with her Alice :) She really cares and listens :)

    Mrs Ness Black www.bebo.com/x_nessie_luvs_jake (Alexandra)
    One of the most caring people I know :D xx

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Which Cullen are you from the Twilight series?

Isabella Swan

You don't really fit in with other people, but you don't really mind that. You care about other people more then your self. Your selfless and you get nervous easily. Your a tiny bit stubborn and a pretty bad liar.

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  • -Chosen

    "I want to be with you too Bella I really do but you have to let me go at my own pace, i'm still dealing with the dead of my family, I am still suffering there loss. Are you willing to let me open up when I feel ready to? Without hassling me over it?" I clicked send and frowned, the phone buzzing in the drawer even grabbed my attention, I tried to ignore it when she sent that message but I just,, couldn't. I left it beside me now, knowing well that if she text me back I would just pick the phone up straight away. I just wanted to run through the woods and go to her, hold her.. I hated this, it was killing me.

    1 day ago
  • -Chosen

    "I want to be with you too Bella I really do but you have to let me go at my own pace, i'm still dealing with the dead of my family, I am still suffering there loss. Are you willing to let me open up when I feel ready to? Without hassling me over it?" I clicked send and frowned, the phone buzzing in the drawer even grabbed my attention, I tried to ignore it when she sent that message but I just,, couldn't. I left it beside me now, knowing well that if she text me back I would just pick the phone up straight away. I just wanted to run through the woods and go to her, hold her.. I hated this, it was killing me.

    1 day ago
  • ºrenesmee'
    luv ºrenesmee'

    Renesmee whole face light up at Jacob's words, taking his hand in hers she started walking"the cafe they are at is just down the road"Renesmee said, they had found it on there first vist here and been there ever since."Um Jake.."She stopped thinking of how to word it so she didn't hurt him "Do you think mom and dad will be alright with us being together like this?"She asked remembering her mother first reaction when she was only a few days old after she found out Jacob had imprinted on her.She lifted her hand to his check and showed him her memory of it, what she remember in the house, to the shouting outside, to Seth coming in hurt. When it ended she removed her hand but looked at him for a reaction

    1 day ago via Mobile
  • Supermodel Bella Cullen
    Supermodel Bella Cullen

    "Yeah it will get to you soon hopefully" Bella hugged him tightly with all the strength that she has, she cuddled her head into his chest feeling safer than before.

    1 day ago
  • Beautiful Meteor
    Beautiful Meteor

    Off to bed. Owe Isabella S and up.

    2 days ago
  • Alice Cullen. SEmi-INactive
    Alice Cullen. SEmi-INactive

    Alice giggled as she moved away from him laying next to him "You should have something to eat my love" she said as she watched him, she wanted to not stop but know that if he did not eat they would not be able to contine for long

    2 days ago via Mobile
  • -BeautifulBella

    "There is no such thing as perfect." I scoffed a little shyly, glancing down at my worn converse. I shrugged my shoulders lightly when he asked me what I wanted to do and bit into my lip, I knew what I wanted but it wasn't something he seemed to comfortable with.
    "I don't mind, just I would like to go somewhere quiet, where we could talk." I said and let out a soft laugh, I moved to the door and opened it before turning to face him.
    "Do you want to walk me home?" I asked, I didn't want to get in a car or go through the woods I just wanted a nice long walk..

    3 days ago
  • Pale Beauty
    Pale Beauty

    I'm good just miss roleplaying :D what you been upto xxx

    3 days ago
  • Pale Beauty
    Pale Beauty

    I'm good just miss roleplaying :D what you been upto xxx

    3 days ago
  • Isabella S
    luv Isabella S

    Ooc sorry hun was never on been busy xx Bella smiled as she cuddled into his chest and kept her eyes on him. "I was thinking maybe we could go to my place. Maybe watch a movie ir something?" she asked smiling a little. She couldn't believe she finally had him. She had never been more happier.

    4 days ago via Mobile
  • -Chosen

    "No Bella I said I dated before there is a huge difference I went out with her three times and got as far as kissing her on the cheek. It was a long time ago and frankly she didn't mean all to much to me, my parents set me up with her and I only went out of curtosy to them but when all my family were killed I seen things differently. You shouldn't have to learn that I have been suffering to not push me to open up Bella. That isn't right. I said I wasn't ready and frankly you should have accepted that. I am not mad Bella, upset would be more fitting. I need time, to think." I clicked send and left my phone in the drawer in my room, leaving it on silent. I lay back on my bed and closed my eyes, trying to relax.

    4 days ago
  • Beautiful Meteor
    Beautiful Meteor

    Rest of replies soon. Owe Ashley and up.

    4 days ago
  • Unstoppable Beauty
    Unstoppable Beauty

    can we start a new roleplay please xxx

    5 days ago
  • Pale Beauty
    Pale Beauty

    HEEY Long time no speak or see!! how are you? xxxx

    5 days ago
  • -Fragile Human
    luv -Fragile Human

    Bella bit down on the lower lip as she listened to him and couldn't believe it. She thought he was acting really off and hated that as it confused her. She sighed before answering him. "I guess not. Well talk to you soon if that is what you want. Bye" she said and hung up quickly. She felt so confused about why he was acting this way. She rolled her eyes before heading to the book store and put her phone in her pocket.

    Jul 22 via Mobile
  • 'Nightmare

    Ciara looked at him and bit down on her lip slightly while keeping a slight smile on her face. She nodded her head to his question "I would like that" she said softly. She did like him, it was like he was different from every vampire she had ever met.

    Jul 22
  • 'Isabella Swan
    luv 'Isabella Swan

    Bella looked at him and smiled. "Yeah of course I am enjoying this and I can tell you are also" she said smiling. She helped him finish to undress her and went back to kissing his lips again.

    Jul 22
  • Ice Cold Barbie
    Ice Cold Barbie

    ooc : I'm doing good. I understand. I haven't been at home lately.

    Rosalie listens to Emmett's reply and smirk at him then laugh a bit as she begins to smirk again
    ";o h really? how about we go now then monkey man?"
    she begins to ask as she looks at Emmett waiting for his reply smirking at him

    Jul 22
  • -Chosen

    I read over her text message about five times, soaking in every word before clicking into a reply. It sort of irritated me because she barely knew me and I barely knew her yet she was expecting me to bare my soul out to her. I wasn't quite ready for that.
    "Bella I have never been in a relationship. I have been brought into a family that doesn't like me all that much after suffering the loss of my own family. I have put a wall up, protecting myself from getting hurt anymore and if you cant accept that then this isn't going to work. I have been through an emotional roller coaster and I am not ready to be open with you or to tell you every little thing about me. So as I said, if that isn't acceptable for you then we wont work. I'm sorry." It kilt me to write all that but it was the truth, I wasn't ready to bare my soul to her.

    Jul 21
  • Beautiful Meteor
    Beautiful Meteor

    Off to bed now. Replied to all :)

    Jul 21 via Mobile