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Omg sooo sorry for not being online, been on holiday it was fucking amazing!!! Magaluf ftw.

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Meg Masters/Supernatural Roleplay


Manipulative Bitch Fucking Whore

Baby I've Killed a lot more for a lot less.

That's kind of a turn on, you hitting a girl.

Oueen Bitch

Well, I’ve lied... a lot. I’ve stolen. I’ve lusted. And the other day I met this man – a nice guy, you know? And we had a really good chat...sort of like this. Then I slit his throat and ripped his heart out through his chest. Does that make me a bad person?

(Quick Piece of Information)
How i portray Meg is how she is meant to be evil, though she is one of the more smarter Demon's who has managed to avoid death numerous times and of course returned from hell and of the fact she has worked with the Winchester's on occasion she is still a demon and though i know in season 7 she changes slightly as i have heard spoilers i will roleplay her like she was in season 1 as i thought Nikki's portrayal of the character has been my favorite. Appearence wise i do not like Rachel Milner i think she is a poor Meg compared to Nikki and seeing as how Nikki was not in it that long and has not really been in anything else i will slightly change my appearance but mainly sticking to Rose McGowan as she is my absolute favorite actress.
Look Up the definition if you need to!

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  • Storyline Idea's (I will add to these as i go)

    (For a Sam/Dean)
    Meg is on the run from Cas who has been trying to kill her since he gained his power and see's to have it out for everyone,So far Meg has been lucky in evading him but how long will her luck last? So she goes to the two surviving people she knows the most. Sam and Dean, how will this unlikly alliance turn out.

    (For a Dean)
    Meg decide's that she is sick of the Winchester's and their god like complex so she decide's to take Ben from Lisa keeping him her hostage to torture Dean but what will she do will she Make another Demon control his body or simply kill him.

    (For a Ruby)
    The two girl's go head to head against each other out of hate though they are both Lucifer's followers she becomes slightly jealous and pissed of at her relationship with Sam Winchester how will the fight turn out between the two. Who will survive.

    (For a Castiel)
    Castiel (just before he gets his power) They work together on a case, basically she is forced to help him for Crowley who she now knows is alive otherwise he will kill her. (Extended if anyone would be intrested though it's just an idea) Castiel and Meg have a one night stand so to speak not out of love!! or romance pure passion but after of course they wonder why they feel different so sex between an angel and a demon cannot be good! (The sex part could just be like..and the lights when dark and they passionetly made love (: of course i doubt a demon would passionetly make love :L but what i mean is it doesn't have to be roleplayed). That roleplay could go anyway like ultimate power child...not that ruby should have a kid :L we could think of something.

    (For a Ruby/Lilith)
    The two girls begin to work together against the Winchester brothers and whilst they do, they discover they have a little more then a work relationship (Though it wouldn't be love more passion they are demons after all!) They use each other whilst probably cheating in the mean time one is seriously betraying the other.

    (For an Adam)
    Meg pretend's to be a freind to Adam posing as a hunter a freind of John Winchester's in the hope's he will lead me to Sam and Dean themselves.

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