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Beckett is also being moved and until further notice this profile is dead.

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    Fiction reveals truths
      that reality obscures.
    Jessamyn West€

    Below will be a listing of the
 character[s] for which I have the most
       muse for ↙
    ◢Beckett Grate
    ◢Daniel Parkner
    ◢Chase Donnovin
    ◢Felix Auburn
    ◢Lilly Sharpier
    ◢Kairi Okayasu
    ◢Sae Kashiwagi
    ◢Vendetta Duponte

   ☞This list is
     subject to change.☜

     Please do not abuse them! If the character has more than four roleplays that have little intrigue to the storyline, I may lose my muse for them. Also, this does not mean you must choose from this list nor that I will not reply should you choose a character that isn't on this list, my muse for characters sways without warning from day to day. I will have muse for all my little creations it might simply take a day or two.


      The Beings.
     'It's not just vampires and
     werewolves anymore folks'
 ☇humans with abilities
  •Flesh Eaters

   Current Number of Characters.
   Twenty Four
    《21 Originals》
    《3 Canon/Group RP》

 All characters are original,
       unless listed otherwise.



  Penor's and Bergina's
Yes, I do have straight, gay and bisexual characters. I have not listed them bluntly because I feel it's the best way to avoid a sterotypical storyline. If we plan something interesting and then you choose to back out because my male/female doesn't swing the way you want them to swing, well then I think that's a tad shallow. If the storyline is going to involve romance I want to make sure we have something else that is dramatic going on in order to hold the roleplay together aside from the attraction. Lovey dovey plotlines bore the piss right out of me. If you want to know the characters sexual prefrence simply ask while we are planning our storyline.


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  • |The Choice Is Yours|

    Note: All vampires are interchangable depending on what series your character is from. I.E Vampire Diaries, Twilight, Underworld, Supernatural, Vampire Academy, etc.

    Valentine Vasseun
    Ryan Reynolds.
    741 years of age.

    Interestingly enough Valentine is one of the few vampires in exsistance with split personality disorder. He is surprisingly caring at times but he can slip and fall into his other self, the one that is no picnik. His name: Odium. Latin translation; hatred. Given this fact it has been difficult for Valentine to find a companion, much less a friend. This has made life extremely difficult for Valentine and fuels his other self.



    Delilah Everward
    Olivia Wilde.
    Over 700 years of age.

    When a person is bad, they are punished, when a person is good, they're rewarded - maybe that's why Delilah believes in salvation after damnation. A long time ago, she died. Now don't get all teary eyed, it wasn’t all that bad. She was a witch, and being such a witch in her time, she was tried and burned - horrible maybe, but Delilah knew there was something on the other side, something that she was coming for - so in retrospect maybe it wasn’t all that bad.
    For Delilah, bad was good. She thrived on contacting the spirits from other realms...but never was she warned about the one, the only, eternal damnation. She figured Hell was a myth, like unicorns and aliens...but then, maybe she should have asked more questions of the spirits she’d raised. Long story short - she didn’t. She was sent to the inferno in the basement and suffered for a few centuries…that was until she got her break. You see, Delilah had changed her view, become a good person, desperate to show the lord that she could change and had. And she knew of a way out. Demons. So Delilah tortured and ripped and harmed anything and anyone the demons put on her rack, just so she could get her shot uptop and when she was given the chance to become a demon - she jumped at it.

    Harper Willory
    Kristen Bell.
    Over 8000 years of age.

    Evil bitch emobodied. I'd say that describes Harper pretty well. With a love for carnage and suffering, Harper has risen through the ranks of demons and become Alistair's right hand woman. There is a secret behind her though, one she wouldn't dare share with anyone. Alistair knows of course, but that isn't because Harper shared. Alistair's power was simply strong enough to delve into her mind and reveal her memories. Once upon a time Harper was a witch, blah blah blah, as he often describes it.

    image pending.
    Daughter of Lucifer. The fallen angel.



    Evan Bryght
    Ian Somerhalder.
    Abilities: Strength, Mind Link, Teleportation
    Guarding: Anna Wayne.
    4014 years of age.

    You are without a doubt the most arrogant guardian I have ever seen.
    Your point?

    The only guardian in the history of guardians that has stood up to the Custos. Not to say that he wasn't punished for it time and time again, but what are rules if they weren't made to be broken? That's Evan's way of thinking any way. Don't think that he wont risk his own life to save his wind child, of course he would, but he has broken a few of the key rules before.
    Number One. Guardians must obey the Custos. - That was already broken very long ago when they ordered him to go down and 'observe' the earth and keep an eye out for demons. So he got a little sidetracked by the women on the planet, so what?
    Number Two. Guardians must not use their gifts in plan view of humans aside from your wind child. - Oops. So what if a

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  • AlwaysforgiveNeverforget.

    【Character in use】
    ✓= Replied.
    ✖= Owe.
    § = Starter.
    ➸ = Awaiting a starter.

    【Delilah Everward】
    The Angels.

    【Kairi Okayasu】
    ☞Planning storyline.

    【Valentine Vasseun】
    Nikole Lemor

    ºвeaυтéѕ ѕoυнaιтaвle
    ☞Planning storyline.

    【Felix Auburn】

    【Chase Donnovin】
    Jane Porter

    【Evan Bryght】
    ✖ Anna Marie Wayne

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  • People, lend me your ear!

    To put things bluntly:

    ◢1] Please oh please do not pester me for replies. You will get them when you get them. As you will see later I have a short paragraph about the way my muse works and you might have read about it on my profile page as well. The more you bother me, the less inclined I am to reply, especially if it's already difficult for me to reply. Remember kiddies, patience is a virtue.

    ◢2] I will accept nothing less than a 2+ reply. This means in comments if your reply is anything less than two parts I will find it extremely difficult to reply and more than likely ignore you. Immature I know but hey I can't help my standards. In mail if your reply is anything less than about three or four inches, I'll have difficulty replying. Long story short - please be detailed.

    ◢3] Adding and not roleplaying. No I am not here to chat, I'm not here to pad out your friends list. I am here to roleplay. If this isn't your endevour then please do not add me. You will be deleted within a week of silence even if I have added you. Thems the brakes kid.

    ◢4] Character creation. I have a multitude of characters swimming around in my little noggin which means I'm more than capable of filling out my own character list. I will not create a character for you unless they are interesting, detailed, fully formed and have multiple storyline possibilities. I haven't had this happen to me yet but I'm going to put my foot down anyway.

    ◢5] Overuse of my characters. I get that some of my characters might be more appealing than others but if you take a gander at my 'AlwaysForgiveNeverForget' blog, you'll see how many roleplays my characters are in, if they are in any. If a character is involved [and I've said this on my profile page] in more than four roleplays my muse for them starts to dwindle. This is a multicharacter profile for a reason. If I wanted that character to have a million roleplays I'd give them their own page. So please, if you could, give me a little variety, otherwise I fear I may abandon the character all together.

    ▬▬▬▬Now Then▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

    Some of you may know, and others of you may not know exactly how many accounts I have. I have many. That being said I will make this very clear, I tend to have muse for certain accounts at certain times as I'm sure most of you do as well. You can't just conjure muse now can you? Now don't get me wrong, I love this account with all my little original children and the bonds they've made but I must admit that I may disappear from time to time, I shall to my best to log on at least once a week but if that does not occur I apologize. If you have an issue with my absences then by all means delete me as your friend - it won't hurt my feelings, I understand completely. But if you do think that my replies are worth the wait then I thank you for your patience and kind understanding. :')
    Find me on one of these many other glorious accounts ^^.

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    - All good luv, I've been away two months either way. Yeah, original charries FTW! xD

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  • -'Sarah Winchester.
    luv -'Sarah Winchester.

    OOC; Ah! It was no problem at all. :) would you like to roleplay? :D

    8/25/12 via Mobile
  • Styles

    ; i dont play supernatural roleplay often, buuuut Delilah...I CHOOSE YOUUUU!. ....hi.

  • -.Bentlee

    I just seen your comment you better keep him because I wanna role-play with him lol.

  • -.Bentlee

    Oh I like that honestly, I think we should do this. I mean I haven't heard of anything like that before so I am fully up for it;)

  • Kayley.

    thanks for accepting.

  • Ren.

    It was no trouble at all.
    Thank you for addin'. ;o
    I'd love to roleplay with you. I quite like the sound of Harper. She sounds fun. ;)
    I owe you love. D:

  • luv Epiphany

    - Haha, I rarely do. :B Anywho I should thankyou fer zee add but...NOOOOOOOOOOO. Missed you 2222! Where you been gurlfran?

  • Elly
    luv Elly

    Well the most basic idea would be Elly being hired to assassinate Beckett, or else Beckett interrupting Elly in the middle of another assassination... It'd cause a stir and draw people closer to the scene, so Elly would almost need to grab him and run to avoid being caught... idk :L You got anything?

  • Anna Marie Wayne
    Anna Marie Wayne


    While having Evan pinned up against the wall, Anna watched him carefully, trying to read him. See what he was thinking, or how he was feeling. But it wasn't coming out like she planned it to. So once she let him go she just shook her head.
    "I didn't ask for no guardian link though. I don't really like people going into my mind, it's not pretty."
    Anna replied sarcastically about her mind. There were times when her mind wasn't pretty. People would be advised to stay away from her mind if they could read it. But some reason Anna knew that Evan wouldn't care. That would be the time he would want to read into her mind the most. Or however he done that.
    Sighing to herself when Evan spoke, Anna raised an eyebrow. Wind Child? What the fuck was a wind child!?

  • Anna Marie Wayne
    Anna Marie Wayne


    "Okay, I'm a what? If I'm what you say I am, don't you think I would have already known? Dad.. did you know about me being this so called child?"
    Anna questioned, glancing over at Bruce who was listening to the two of them with interest. He shook his head before he smiled down at his daughter, ruffling her hair.
    "No I didn't, but Anna what he's saying is the truth. He wouldn't have known.. our secret without not being some kind of guardian or whatever. And he know's about everything and everyone which means he know's about Jim. We haven't told anybody about Jim. I know this is hard to understand and deal with but sweet heart I think it's for the best. I'm getting older and I won't always be there to protect you. You're a dangerous girl you are, going out every night and getting in several of fights. Which talking about fights, I want to make sure your stomach is okay."
    With all that said Bruce gave her a stern look.

  • Anna Marie Wayne
    luv Anna Marie Wayne


    Anna sighed to herself before she nodded her head. She knew that her father was right about this.. guardian shit. But she didn't want him to be right. She didn't want anyone to be watching her all the time, trying to keep her safe. Jim was the only person she had gotten close too. They got into a relationship, even though it wasn't a good relationship. He would hit her and shit. That part Anna kept away from Bruce. Bruce thought Jim was a good man. Then The Joker came, kidnapped the two of them, and well.. Jim didn't make it out of The Joker's place alive. Anna did. Pushing all those thoughts out of her head, Anna didn't want Evan to hear them, even though he probably knew about Jim, more than even Bruce did.
    "Please don't tell my father if you do know about Jim" Anna spoke into her mind before she looked over at Evan.
    "So.. like.. you just follow me around and make sure I'm safe?" Anna now questioned curiously.

  • -'DS

    I didn't hear you say it back :o Hahaa :L I will have a look when I'm on the computer again as the mobile doesn't want me to for some reason :/

    8/23/12 via Mobile
  • 'Kitty

    - thank you for the add, m'dear! Role-play sometime?

    8/23/12 via Mobile
  • -'Sarah Winchester.
    -'Sarah Winchester.

    OOC; Thanks for accepting my add! (:

    8/23/12 via Mobile
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  • -SuperGirl

    Goodness me love, did i ever send you that starter? :O

  • ᴄʏɴᴛʜɪᴀ'

    { Thanks for accepting, dude! :) }

  • Anna Marie Wayne
    Anna Marie Wayne

    Thank you. (:

  • -'DS
    luv -'DS

    YOU'RE b-e-a-u-tifull. ;D
    I shall in a whileee