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:0 i r not ded

5/19/11 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

March 31st, 2011.
Me, Myself, and I

ᴴ ᴵ ᴺ ᴰ ᴸ ᴼ ᴺ ᵀ ᴵ ᴺ ♥

"Hindley, is the name, really. "

The Other Half Of Me


♥ hessocute.

Why yes! I do RP, but, under a few of MY rules. Such as, number one: If you say you want to RP, then YOU start it, since YOU brought it up! Simple enough, yes? Number two: I don't like one liners. I'm not able to work with that, in fact, I don't think a lot of people can respond to such starters! Yes, they must be two paragraphs or more, understand my lovelies? Spelling, grammar and the use of words is fine though, since I'm still actually learning Enlgish myself, haha. Anywho.. what else.. Ah! No girls! Please.. I'm gay, obviously, and I hate vagina. Dicks only! And no controling over MY character, all right? Got it? Alrighty then~ +If I don't respond, obviously that means I don't know how to respond to something stupid you say, or that I'm simply bored. Not to sound like a douche.+
Quite a few I have, yes~ Younger boys, crossdressing, violence, drama and blood. When I say younger, I mean 10 to 16 younger. When I say violence, I mean bangin' 'em in a fluffy, pink dress; something with easy access. When I say violence, I mean gliding my switchblade across their soft skin, barely drawing blood; being in control and what not. When I say drama, I mean the other being bipolar; wanting but not wanting me. When I say blood, I mean sinking my teeth in their neck, drawing blood and lapping up the metallic liquid~ ♥
About me.
About me? Well, let's see. I'm Hindley. Tall. Blonde. German. Homosexual. Demanding. Over powering. Kind-hearted. Misunderstood, and happily taken! ♥ My age is really 26, currently, turning 27 very soon! (Long story.) Well, and uhm-.. anything else you want to know about me, just ask. I don't bite hard.
- . .I love: Jai, Drawing, RPing, Writing, Finding new friends, Solving problems, Video games, Music, Singing, Being loud, Cosplaying, Yaoi, Knives, Blood, Skinny jeans, Oversized shirts, And you~ ;

. . [ - ♥ - ] . .
5Oth luv: Levi

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  • Auxi S

    hi how are ya ^^

  • Kitamµra Yøichi

    I like you, but I don't know if that would suffice.

  • -Envy-
    luv -Envy-

    Thanks for adding me~! 8D

  • Kitamµra Yøichi

    I'm sorry..I'm normally better at keeping my word but I underestimated these work units I have to complete. I can't reply to anyone at the moment, only talk in comments which I do rarely now. Please please forgive me. I don't know when I'll be able to get the free time, perhaps one day this week or the weekend but I promise you, it'll be you that I send the first thing to. <3

  • luv ººCronic

    Hesitant on that last part Hindlontin, :3, but okay. I'll just take your word for it. Anywho! Whatchya been up2? :DD

    5/9/11 via Mobile
  • Levi 5/6/11
  • Levi


  • Levi
    luv Levi


  • Levi


  • Levi
    luv Levi


  • luv ººCronic

    I assume by that short reply somethng is bothering u? Is there anything i can do? If there is...

    5/6/11 via Mobile
  • luv ººCronic

    ....o.o Bahahahaha! :L :L what the fudge-muffin! :L okay yeah, it does sound pretty hot >;D sounds rather familiar actualy >;] AHEM! Sooo... Like... Why were they in there in the first place? >_O

    5/4/11 via Mobile
  • Levi 5/2/11
  • luv ººCronic

    Ahhhahh!;DD well don't we all;L it's been a while since I've actually sat down and watched something. Other than downloaded new movie releases:3 but it sounds hilarious

    4/27/11 via Mobile
  • luv ººCronic

    Heh, oh right. I don't know that show but the name has a nice ring to it. Thanks:DD

    4/26/11 via Mobile
  • Apathetic Adolescent
    Apathetic Adolescent

    The Resonance : Yo! Been a while since we last talked, ay. Was just wondering how you were & decided to drop a line :P How's it all goin' anyhow? I was snooping on your page below as well & noticed you had a birthday? Well erm gee we all have those, unless you're like my mom...she hasn't aged since she hit 50, she doesn't celebrate her birthdays, cheats way out :L Any matter, hope it was a good one for ya. Cheers.

  • ººCronic

    Heh, sure:] of course. May I ask why though? :]

    4/25/11 via Mobile
  • Levi 4/25/11
  • Levi 4/25/11
  • Levi 4/25/11

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