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-Tala Wayne

"Just because I don't talk to you, doesn't mean I don't think about you, and everything I wish we could be..."

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Me, Myself, and I
Name: Taleena "Tala" Wayne
Age: 16
Figure/build: Slender
Occupation:Student/Business assistant
Currently lives:Wayne Manor
Weaknesses: Physically week, bugs.
Love interest(s): Jason Todd(Crush)
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Parents: Bruce Wayne(Adobted father)
Siblings: Richard "Dick" Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne(adopted brothers)

Tala was a child left behind during a joker attack, her parents never came looking for her so she was adopted but the playboy Bruce Wayne during the time dick was robin. She was raised, unlike the robins, like a normal child. She had no wish to take part of the "batfamily", as well as being to week. Her real wish to help clean up the city with politics, or take over the family business so her family can focus better on stopping crime. She's a kind girl, but can be cold just like Bruce.
 ™taleena "tala" wayne

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©Original D.C fan character©

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  • Jason's death/meeting tim

    I still remember that day, the day my father brought Jason's body back, the day father had all those people come to cry about his death. How it was one of the first things that made our family drift. After Jason's death, dick disappeared tell Tim came into the family. I was left alone in that time, to think about Jason's death.

    You could say i grew a depression, as did father. Barbra came over a lot, but it was more for father. Yes, I was alone. Left to think about how joker took my family then my brother. Some thought i was just to young to understand, was i that young to not understand that joker was and forever will be insane?

    Honestly I thought they underestimated me, I understood what had happened, I understood why. What i'll never understand is why I was left to think about all this by myself.

    I still remember, after jason died, the last time I spoke to dick. He tried to cheer me up, stop the tears from falling off my pale face, but he needed me more then I needed him. his voice was weak, and he was so pale...I thought he was going to pass out right in front of me!

    but he didn't, he smiled that looked fake to me, and his eyes....I've never seen them so dull. I didn't see much of father when Jason died. not tell tim came to live with us.

    Tim is the same age as me, when I saw tim I was angry, i thought they where just simply replacing jason, jason could never be replaced.

    I avoided tim, at least the first few months, he didn't know who i was, i never bothered to tell him. Father had to tell tim about me when our paths crossed in the house, then not a word was spoken, not tell that moment.

    oh how i wish i could take it back, then agsin, if i hadn't, me and tim would of never even spoken to each other.

    Tala Made her way down the main stars, she let out a soft sigh as she looked around, she quickly spotted tim, making his way from the kitchen to his room. Tala stared at him, a stare that quickly turned to a glare. a rush of rage pulsed threw her body. she ran down the stairs and ran at tim who wasn't awake enough to notice she was charging him.

    she closed her eyes and tackled him, tim let out a grunt, staring up at her with a shocked expression as she turned him around. she grabbed him by the hair and forcefully slamming his head into the ground, screaming as tears poured from her hazel eyes.

    "I won't let you replace him!! you will never replace jason! never ever! jason was my brother! you're not my brother! you're not! i won't let you replace him!"

    she screamed, Tim watched surprised, but reached out and whipped a tear from her cheek. Her eyes grew wide staring at him, his voice was crackled from pain.

    "my aim was never to replace jason....but i do hope you'll stop thinking that soon....i don't think i could handle another head beating."

    He didn't tell father, or anyone about that moment we first spoke to each other, i would get in trouble. but i think he still remembers, i can see it in his eyes at times that he remembers.

    No one can replace my love for my brothers, no, no one can replace my love for my family.

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