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Jul 15 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 21, Luv 4,354
  • from somewhere you can't find me
  • I am Single
  • Member since: December 2010
  • www.bebo.com/x3PaperHearts
Est: O7. July. O9;
Me, Myself, and I
  - hεч, í'm skчε :) . í'm 21 чεαrs σld frσm thε uk, í'm síṉglε αnd kíṉdα lσvíṉg ít í guεss :l, í líkє dεsígṉíṉg αnd mαkíṉg pєσplε smílε (:, αlthσugh í dσn't líkε pεσplε mαkíṉg mє smílε fσr sσmε rεαsσṉ lσl. í fαll íṉ lσvє wαч tσσ εαsílч & í dσn't líkε ít lσl :/ í tεṉd tσ kεεp mчsεlf tσ mчsεlf unlεss í trust pεσplε whích ís prεttч rαrε; í'vє вεεṉ hurt mσrε tímεs thαṉ чσu'vε hαd hσt dínnεr's guṉrαntεεd! mч вírthdαч ís ín juṉε í'm α summεr вαвч! í lσvε thε wαṉtεd, thεч αrε mч lífε tσ вε hσṉεst lístεṉíṉg tσ thεm just mαkεs mч dαч вεttεr, sεεíṉg thεír vídεσ's mαkεs mε smílε. ít's α tw thíṉg <3 & í'm prσud σf ít.íf чσu wαṉt tσ knσw αṉчthíng εlsε fεεl frεε tσ αsk mє. í dσṉ't вítε much

   PaperHearts <3
Editing :)
I Own The Name xCitydreams
I've been editing for 3 - 4 years
I Use Photofiltre + other programs
Currently Trying To Get Photoshop :DD
ii Love Danni@Reckless Wonderland :DD

Other Stuff
F4F - With Editors Only :D
PC4PC - Sure With Anyone Who Comments My Edits I'll Comment Yours As Well :DD
L4L - Sure When I have some left :D
My Display Picture:
i edit okay. so the girls in the picture's aren't me and i am not pretending to be them cuz that's just sad (: so before you say your "good looking or cute" IT'S NOT ME!
2O/O7/2O11@23:58 PM
NEW NAME: Paperhearts <3; No One Steal Or Use :D If you do i shall report you

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  • Keep Calm Picture Requests :).

    Text Colour:
    Picture? (Link:)

    Picture or colour?
    if so what colour?
    if so what picture?

    keep calm picture's with text are 2 love
    keep calm picture's with background picture's are 4 love.

    0 Comments 57 weeks

  • O4; Sept; 2O11

    So some of you may of noticed that I haven't been on for 3 weeks & to be honest those 3 weeks were great, life without bebo was good so that's why I've decided to quit bebo & soon delete the profile or give it to someone who I trust everyone i loved talking to has kinda moved on which is okay because you cant edit all your life sometimes you have to grow up, but i will carry on editing but not on websites who knows maybe I'll come back but until then it's goodbye :-)

    1 Comment 99 weeks

  • Love For Love.

    just because i'm bored today i'm doing Love For Love. . so if you want love you have to send love!. . .

    1 Love = 5 Loves
    2 Loves = 1O Loves
    3 Loves = 15 Loves
    4 Loves = 2O Loves
    5 Loves = 25 Loves

    if you want love you have to send love. i might not send it straight away but you will get it.

    0 Comments 104 weeks

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  • A D E L E

    glad your okay hun, i;m doing great thank you xox

    May 9
  • A D E L E

    hopefully sweetie:-) thanks.. how's you? xox.

    May 8
  • luv A D E L E

    no, no not yet anyways still trying but no luck as of yet :( skylar is 6months old! xox.

    May 8
  • A D E L E

    aw yeah, Skylar is my niece:-)x

    May 6
  • A D E L E


    May 5
  • Reload The Music

    cool edits

    May 5
  • ºTaken.


    May 5 via Mobile
  • Lisababy Boy Forever Xx
    Lisababy Boy Forever Xx

    thanks for the add:)

    Apr 9 via Mobile
  • .
    luv .

    love back :')

    Mar 14
  • luv A D E L E

    it's okaay :)xox.

    Mar 13
  • A D E L E

    i see your cautious, don't worry i'm the same about giving my number out aswell it's RARE that i do as i've had bad experiences in the past, xx

    Mar 11
  • luv A D E L E

    me too it's just fabulous! we will have to swap nums so we can text:-)xox.

    Mar 10
  • luv A D E L E

    i done it in that order aswell wanted to try them all out♥

    Mar 10
  • A D E L E

    which model, 3/4/5?.. oo do'ya like them then?xox.

    Mar 9
  • A D E L E

    what kinda phone do you have?xox.

    Mar 8
  • A D E L E

    deffo a lucky girl, i'd love to see P!NK live. she's like so hotttt! i suppose that is a good thing that's you's have kinda grew abit distance be easier to overcome your feelings for him xx

    Mar 7
  • A D E L E

    aw you lucky girl :) olly murs is lush! &at least you tried with this fella babe, it's gunna be hard to get over someone while they're still in your life if you have feelings :/ ibs = 'Irritable Bowel Syndrome' it's horrible kills me. &wooo a great auntie to a little boy/girl?♥

    Mar 7
  • Nate The Creator

    Ha ha
    I'm da man

    Mar 7
  • Nate The Creator

    U wish lol

    Mar 7
  • luv A D E L E

    aw gosh where to start ..
    me & jonny have our own place now;
    were trying for a little baba.
    i was diagnosed with having ibs.
    oh were buying another pug.
    found out i'm allergic to hairspray gutted!!
    i'm a auntie again to a beautiful little girl called Skylar she was born last november. you babe?♥

    Mar 7

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