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Serena Forbes

Owe Caroline a rp reply and all OOC replys tomorrow heading out tonight.

May 18 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
Serena Leah Forbes.

"Ive learned that while we are free to
choose our actions, we are not free to
€€€€choose the consequences."€

Serena Forbes born 10th of July 1994 to Elizabeth Forbes and Bill Forbes she is the little sister to Caroline with whom she always held a strong bond .Growing up her life was the same as any young girl with an absentee father and workaholic mother although they werent a wealthy family they made do with what they had their mother beeing the town sheriff worked hard for their earnings therefore leading to Serena and her sister getting whatever they wanted. Some would call her spoiled when really she just knows what she wants and isnt afraid to go for it. She lived a relatively easy life in the social spotlight until one unforgettably vivid night turned her world upside down and changed everything.
The Other Half Of Me


the only exception.♥

Jenna: Are you and Jeremy like seeing eachother? Serena: No were just friends, we used to date but we broke up.
Jenna: Really?, why? Serena: He stole my barbie.. Jenna: .... Serena: Did I mention we were five.. Jenna: Oh.
€€ €€
"You were never there for me when I needed you, Caroline was she was the one who thought me how to ride a bike and how to write my name things you should have been doing she did...all because you were too busy to spend time with your kids. Me and Caroline are screwed up because of you and your obsession with perfection....you made us like this!"
€€ €€ €€ €€€€ -Serena to Liz.
full bio at;

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  • 'SkilledArcher

    Hello. Would you like to roleplay?

    Jun 25
  • Leo.
    luv Leo.

    Awesome :3 ermm not sure |: could you tell me a bit about your character?
    No worries doll, I haven't been on this account in agees!;d

    Jun 25
  • Niklaus.
    luv Niklaus.

    yeah...that good. :)
    sorry about the late reply. :)

    Jun 24
  • ºsixthsense.
    luv ºsixthsense.


    Jun 21
  • Maddison Gilbert.
    Maddison Gilbert.

    Not that I can think of right now. I'll have a think :)

    Jun 20
  • Seer.

    Not at the moment but I'm thinking. Was there any particular season that you wanted to base a storyline around?

    Jun 17
  • 'Wolfie
    luv 'Wolfie

    What kind of question is that? OF COURSE YOU SHOULD! :DD

    Jun 17
  • Caroline

    Hey sweet heart. You're completely fine. I can understand that. :] And you're completely fine. :L

    May 27
  • Maddison Gilbert.
    luv Maddison Gilbert.

    I'm sorry for the late reply. Yes, lets :D
    Did you have anything in mind? :) Would you like to go from the show or make it up as we go?

    May 20
  • ºjoannabeth

    thanks for accepting :D

    May 18
  • Niklaus.
    luv Niklaus.

    we shall.
    what do you have for Serena and Klaus? :)

    May 18
  • Matt Donovan
    Matt Donovan

    Aw thanks, I know there not many of us around . Haha and yea I'd love too .
    And I don't really mind have you anything in mind ?

    May 17
  • 'HybridBarbie

    Sure. I'd love to roleplay. Shall we discuss a storyline?

    May 17
  • Gilbert.
    luv Gilbert.

    We could do something along the lines of season 2 where Caroline becomes a vampire and Elena calls Serena to help or something? I don't know.

    May 16
  • ºjenna

    Your welcome, thanks for adding.

    May 16
  • Leo.
    luv Leo.

    no worries doll :3
    awesome, ermm shall we brainstorm?

    May 16
  • Tyler Lockwood
    luv Tyler Lockwood

    OOC:: oh sure. Send me a starter!

    May 16 via Mobile
  • ºElijah

    Thank you for the add. (:

    May 16
  • Lily Saltzman
    Lily Saltzman

    Ok hun. I look forward to it!

    May 16 via Mobile
  • Lily Saltzman
    Lily Saltzman

    Ok hun. Sleep well :) I look forward to your starter :D

    May 16 via Mobile