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Ghetto Gash

xx A True Friend Is Someone Who See's The Pain In Your Eyes.. While Everyone Else Believes The Smile On Your Face xx

12/2/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • from SLOUGH SL2!! Brapp Brapp
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About Me

Isn't Something Missing?
Me, Myself, and I

Don't just turn and walk away, I can learn from my mistakes, Don't keep pushing everyone away!!!

Will you catch me before I fall or will you leave me on the ground? Why do you keep running away?!

----///-\\\----Put This
---|||---|||---On Your
---|||---|||---Bebo If
---|||---|||---You Know
-----\\///-----Who Died
------///\-----Of or is
----///--\\\---with cancer

Yu Can Take Da Gurl Out Of Slough But Yu Cnt Take Slough Out Of Da Gurl! SL2 BRAPP!

This Is How You Remind Me Of What I Really Am..
It's Not Like You To Say Sorry, I Was Waiting On A Different Story..
This Time I'm Mistaken For Handing You A Heart Worth Breaking...
I've Been Wrong.. I've Been Down To The Bottom Of Every Bottle...
These 5 Words In My Head Scream 'Are You Having Fun Yet?'
I've Been Far Away For Far T
xx Sophie J xx
I Luv Dis Gurl 2 Bitz! She Has Been There 4 Me 4 As Long As I Can Rememba An We've Got Sum Jkz Memories 2Geva.. Yer We Aint Been M8s 4 Life Or Nuffin But She Is Like A Sista 2 Me An I No We Will B M8s 4eva An Alwayz :D Yer We May Hav Had Da Random Bitch Fit But I No She Will Alwayz B Der 4 Me An Nuffin Will EVA Break Our Friendship - I'll Alwayz Hav Her Bck An I Hope She No's That!! I Dunno Wot I'd Do Wivout Her... Luv Yuu Hun xxx
xx Charmaine B xx
This Gurl, OH MY GOD She Is 1 In A Million!! She Is ALWAYZ Der 4 Me Weneva I Need Her An I Dunno Wot I'd Do Wivout Her.. Yer She's Got Her Own Probz 2 Deal Wiv But No Matta How Stressed Out She Is She Will Drop Evrythin 2 Help A M8 In Need.. An I Will ALWAYZ B Der 4 Her No Matta Wot.. She's Helped Me Thru Sum Hard Tymz An She Is Defo Like A Sista 2 Me.. I Luv Her 2 Piecez!!! Luv Yuu Babi Gurl xxx
xx Beverley J xx
I've Known This Chik 4 AGEZ Now An I Plan On Noin Her 4 Da Rest Of Ma Life, She Is ALSO Like A Sista 2 Me :D Lol.. We've Got Sum Gud Memories 2geva, An We've Also Been Der 4Eachuva Thru Hard Tymz.. I'll Alwayz B Der 4 Her No Matta Wot Jst Like I No She Wud 4 Me, An Altho We Dnt Realli Tlk Bout Anythin Really Deep An We Like 2 Hav Fun 24/7, I No She Is Alwayz Ready 2 Listen An I Will Alwayz Hav A Shoulder 4 Her 2 Cry On :) Luv Yuu Bbz xxx
xx Sophie L xx
Oh My Daiz!!! This Chik Sets Me Bare Jkz!! I Aint Known Her 4 As Long As Sum Of Ma Uva M8s But She Is Still ALSO Like A Sis 2 Me :) We Had Sum Fuckin Sik Memoriez An She Can Alwayz Make ANY1 Laugh, It Dnt Matta Wot Kinda Mood Their In :P Lol.. She'll Make Any1 Smile :D I'll Alwayz B There 4 Her An I Realli Hope She No's That.. She Dnt Hav 2 Worry Bout A Fing Cus She'll Neva B Alone An I'll B Here 2 Help Her Thru - An Thats A PROMISE!! Luv Yuu Hunni xx
OK So Me An Ma Fam Aint Alwayz Seen Eye-2-Eye.. An Most Of Us Still Dnt - But I've FINALLY Managed 2 Find A Relationship Wiv Ma Siblings - Yer I No They've Alwayz Been There But Durin The Last Year Or So, We've Started 2 Actually COMMUNICATE!! lol.. Also I Made Contact Wiv Ma Dad After 12 Yearz Of Nuffin, An Altho We All Of SOO Many Memories Of Da Past.. I'm Hopin They R The Past An We Can All Move On 2 Da Future.. I Hav Da Onli Fam In Ma Life That Realli Mattas An I Hope It Stays That Way!!! Luv Yu Mum, Meelie, Sean, Christian, Dad, Cheryl, Tamara, Zoe, Emz An Joseph.. xxxx
xx RIP xx
RIP Boyzie xxx
RIP Tyson xxx
RIP Christian xxx
RIP Katie xxx
RIP Zani
RIP Anthony
RIP Claire xxx
RIP Teeny xxx
RIP Paige xxx
xx Gone But Never Forgotten xx
These Wounds Won't Seem 2 Heal.. This Pain Is Just 2 Real.. There's Just 2 Much That Time Can Not Erase...
When You Cried I Wiped Away All Of Your Tears..
When You Screamed I'd Fight Away All Of Your Fears..
And I Held Your Hand Through All Of These Years...
But You Still Have All Of Me...

Some people come and go, and relationships don't last forever - but some last a lifetime..
Everyone that comes into your life brings something that no1 else could, something irreplaceable.
Relationships never really end - they're just frozen until you meet again..
And the people that really matter are the ones that help you over every hurdle and obstacle - they're the ones who have helped you 2 see the light at the end of the tunnel..

Thanks all of u who have been there 4 me :) I no we'll see eachuva agen and we'll always be there 2 help eachuva out no matta wot..

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  • Freedom of the Night

    The darkened room lay silent
    while ripples of moonlight
    Caught the glistening tears
    I was crying in the night ~

    I didn't make a sound
    as I lay there in his bed
    While thoughts of all the heartbreak
    were running through my head.

    I waited in the silence
    till I knew he was asleep
    At the sound of his deep breathing
    then quietly I'd creep

    Tiptoeing to the bathroom
    I then closed the door
    And turning on the shower
    I slipped crying to the floor.

    Though trying to wash away the filth
    and pain of his touch
    The memory of his "making love"
    haunted me too much ~

    The bruises on my body
    were inflicted by the hand
    He used sex as a weapon
    to "make me understand".

    After I had scrubbed myself
    until my skin was red
    Too frightened by my memories
    I could not return to bed ~

    So escaping down the stairs
    and into the moonlight
    I sat in my own solitude
    in the freedom of the night.

    I wondered how it felt to be safe
    and not to live in fear
    Of his anger and his temper
    as the months rolled into years.

    To a life with no more abuse,
    no more anger, no more fights
    I'll no longer have the bruises
    like those I have tonight.

    But still the painful memory
    of the spiteful things he said
    His anger and abuse
    when he was forcing me to bed ~

    The scars so much deeper
    than the bruises I now bear
    And the pain so much greater
    than when "falling" down the stairs.

    I tried to figure out a way
    to rise above the pain
    While I hoped that he might change
    I slowly went back to bed again.

    2 Comments 286 weeks

  • Bruised

    I stood in front of the mirror
    dabbing make-up on my face
    I cover up the bruises
    and fix my hair in place ~

    I stare at my reflection
    with my tear-filled eyes
    And I pull myself together
    while silently I cry…

    I walk into the kitchen
    and clean up all the mess
    Broken dishes scattered and crushed
    like pieces of happiness ~

    I quietly clean away the destruction
    though I wince in pain,
    I mustn't show how much he hurt me
    As it will set him off again ~

    I dread the time to go to bed
    as the clock ticks away
    I know exactly what will come next
    and I know I must obey…

    And while he lays there sleeping
    I get up from his bed
    I shower to wash away the filth
    and try to clear my head.

    The only time to be myself
    Is in the middle of the night…
    I can stop to think and cry my tears
    in the shadow of the moonlight ~

    I wonder what had happened
    to change the guy I loved?
    So full of love and promises
    he was all that I dreamed of…

    So as I wipe away my tears
    and pull myself together
    I know that it will never change
    it'll be this way forever ~

    And as I climb back into bed
    beside the man who now brings me pain
    I turn the light out in my soul
    knowing he will always do it again.

    0 Comments 286 weeks

  • Ghetto


    Check dis page out an bcum a fan if u luv me or my gurls :D Thanks


    Luv ya

    0 Comments 298 weeks

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