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You Are Beautiful

Come on guys! 119 members, and only 3 pictures. If you want to become a mod so you can invite people, let me know! :D read new blog!

11/16/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Group created: November 2010
  • www.bebo.com/xyouarebeautiful
Me, Myself, and I
hello beautiful people! :)
yes, i'm talking to YOU.

have you ever felt insecure about your looks? your not alone, everyone has.
as a matter of fact, when I was about 13, my older friend jenny commited suicide, because she thought she wasn't pretty enough.

I created this group to show that ALL girls out there are beautiful.
EVERY SINGLE picture will be submitted. (no nudity please..)

please comment on other girls photo's, telling them their beautiful.
(rude comments will be deleted.) :Z

If you want to be a mod for a few days so you can invite people, i'd be happy to add you. :D

add the owner; http://www.bebo.com/kristiecyrus

and remember... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! :D

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  • luv 2011 stunners

    stunning people join everyone welcome :)

  • gypsy's

    sorry for addvertising feel free to do it back gypsy massive if your 1 become a member xx

  • Miley Cyrus
    luv Miley Cyrus

    This group is great. :D

  • luv CallMeMaybexx

    pic up plz:)

  • Tay

    I think this is a GREAT group for those girls/boys who feel insecure about their looks, weight, clothing, personality etc.. This is the perfect group for other people to be able to judge them in a nice way and give them compliments that make them feel good. Good group <3

  • Help and Resourcesxxx
    Help and Resourcesxxx

    hiyah,i downloaded it for free but it was my friend who done it for me sorry erm mabey if you looked at some websites and see ? sorry :( x

  • ºD
    luv ºD

    put it up pleasee? LOLOLOL x

  • Help and Resourcesxxx
    Help and Resourcesxxx

    hiyah, advertising back :D are you a brand new editor and donno how to edit well your lucky ... hear we have everything u could ask for Tuiourtals,Backgrounds,Sitemodels(  picups),Brushes,and all that stuff :P well if you want a tuiourtal and its not already up here you can request them for free :P pleasejoin:D xxxx

  • Danni.

    heey, could i hav my url on my pic plzz?? :) i'd love to meet more friends. And thank u for putting my picture up, it means alot (: xx

  • Selena.

    hello. thanks for adding moi. ;}} i will give much support. love sel. xo

  • Jasmine

    thanks for adding me to this :]]]

  • ºjustinn
    luv ºjustinn

    Thanks for adding me to the group. I'll give you as much support as possible in my spare time.<< Many thanks<< Justin Bieber.

  • Danni.
    luv Danni.

    Why am i insecure? I hav always had in my head that im not good enuff, and im not pretty enuff, cos i hav always been bullied since i was like 5, even by my brother and my dad. So its just plastered in my head now lol. So thats why. Thank uu. Awww, thanks ur really nice, xxx hav sum love x

  • Charlotte

    haha, thats quite alright

  • Charlotte
    luv Charlotte

    Today is the start of anti-bullying week. Remember the many people who have taken there own lives as a result of bullying, and repost this to show your support♥♥

  • Danni.

    HeeyThanks for adding me to this(: Im insecure alott lol. Heres a pic xxxx

  • reereeskins

    thankyou :D

  • luv ºdeleted

    great group

  • Danni.

    Hey erm sure. X x

    11/14/10 via Mobile

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    Okay, so from now on I won't be adding anymore sitemodels or celebs to this page. They already know they're beautiful.
    Plus, there's the controversy of who's real, and who's fake. So I'd rather just end the drama before it starts, and not add pictures of famous people anymore. :)

    If you want to become a temporary mod to invite people to this page, just shoot me a comment. :) I trust that you won't change anything on this page. It'll only be temporary anywaym :) but any help to get this page out there would be appreciated. :)

    120 members, and only 3 pictures added, with hardly any comments. COME ON PEOPLE! Show your support for these beautiful guys and gals. :D let them know they ARE beautiful.

    And finally, if you want your username or URL added so people can add you, just let me know when you send your picture. :) but remember, this isn't a dating site!

    Thank you all so much for the support, seeing as how this page was just created. :) I really really appreciate it. :D

    Don't forget to add the owner!!


    0 Comments 139 weeks

  • "How do I submit my beautiful pictures?" :O

    no worries! :)
    send me a link to the picture you want to put up, or just attach the picture to your comment.

    send us luvies too? :D


    0 Comments 140 weeks