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Mercy BhaddBhut'

ROTFL I Was Dared Tu Get On Bebo'! Smh She Childichh'!

6/22/11 | me too! | Reply

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Mercy BhaddBhut
Me, Myself, and I
★Its' Badasx Ent Official Page★

_♥Badsxx Ent;;


Besties ILY
Far As Mhy Haters
Why Envy Meh ??
Love Or Hate Meh;Its Realli Nuthinqq
It`s 2010 Yall Hoes Dnt Phase Meh
So Fuk Yuh Yuh &`d Yuh

&`d Aint Fightinqq Ova No Niqqa
&`d Aint Worried Bout No Trick

Cuz Imma Do Me So....

♥Gotta problem?...Solve it♥
♥Got Beef?...Cook It♥
♥Think i'm trippin....Tie mi shoe♥
♥Cant stand me....sit down♥
♥Cant face me....turn around♥
♥Luv me?..good...hate me?..even betta♥
♥Think im ugly?....dont look at me♥
♥U think u kno....but u hav no idea♥
♥Dont judge me if u dont kno me♥

-K33p MoViN 0nN.

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  • Neva Had Friends

    Mayne My Momma Always Told Me I Dnt Have Friends

    Na I REALIZE What She Was Say'n

    Cause Once They Get ((New Friends))

    They Start Act'n SHYT'IE Wit Ah Niggah

    Bhut Once Yo New Friends Change On Yo Duck Asz

    Dnt Come Runnin Bakk Tu Me Cuz Imma Shut Ya Asz Down

    I Aint Noh REBOUND

    Dnt Call Me No More Cuz I Axcept'n Tha Mutha Fukk'er

    Humm I CRACK'x MySelf Uhp :L

    &&If Yhu Think Them New Friend'x Gone Have Yo Bakk

    Like Old Friend'x du Hum Yhu Got Ah NewsFlash Comin

    Soon Asx Yhu Get Crowd'd Dem New Friend'x

    Gone Act Like They Dnt Kno Whats Goin On

    &&Yhu Have Ah Duck Look On Yhur Face :P

    Dhat'x Juss Why Yhu Shouldn't Change On Ole friend'x For New Ones

    People Said I Chang'd When I Got My New Bestii ((EASTLYN RIDLEY))

    Bhut I Didnt She Juss Want'd Tu Hang Around Me 24/7

    So We Became The Bestest BESTII'x Ever

    NewsFlash From: Mercy Bhaddbhut Dha Ladii Certified Gangsta :DD

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    i wish i could take it back even thought it was so long ago

    i wish i could take it back i cant let it go we had some great

    times together talkin on the phone late at night i miss those days

    ever since we STOP'd TALKIN THINGS Juss hasn't been right i really did like

    you. i cant let it go i wont to say im sorry but i feel afraid of wat u might say

    somtimes i jus think of wat could have been and somtimes i could jus kick

    you in yo ass for talkin to me like that they warened me about you but i didnt l

    care i thought u were DIFFERENT. but any way YHU know i wish i could take it back that night!

    II REALLY Miss Those DAYS :* :( :(

    0 Comments 145 weeks

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