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World Turmoil Federation

Swagger was gonna go to 'Mania, but then he got high!

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
World Turmoil Wrestling is an international wrestling promotion currently working on the bebo network. World Turmoil Federation is based on the old style 'wrasslin' with certain aspects of the current high-flying and hardcore style. World Turmoil Federation is built around two types of superstars, the old veterans and not to mention the fresh, up-coming talent.

If you want to join World Turmoil Federation then please do not hesitate in questioning us before leaving an application in the bebo module. In your application you need to include your ring name, weight, height and finishing move as well as any further information that is needed. World Turmoil Federation is proud to welcome one and all to its cyber home and wishes the best for all competitors and visitors passing through our page. Please direct all your queries and inquiries to the comment module or mail us directly.

Justin Williams - WTF Chairman.
The Other Half Of Me
Online Wrestling Alliance

Online Wrestling Alliance

Hey I just met you and this is crazy

Monday Night Rampage
Monday Night Rampage is the flag ship show produced by World Turmoil Federation and is run by the chairman, Jason Smith. Monday Night Rampage's inception into the company came in two thousand and twelve, to accommodate the merge between NAW and WTF. In its short existence, Rampage has hosted some of the biggest names and matches in the company’s history and continues to break records as the show grows not only in size, but in popularity.
Enclosed III
Enclosed was the first ever hosted by WTF back in 2010 and now here we are with it's third edition! All the titles are on the line, blood is boiling and feuds will be resolved. As well as World Title implications and Contracts all on the line. Every match will be enclosed by the steel structure of a cage, so who will be able to escape?
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  • Big announcement

    So today we would like to officially announce the merging of Underworld Wrestling with World Turmoil Federation which will null the retirement of Justin Williams, thus making John Charismatic and Justin Williams co-owners of World Turmoil Federation. With this being said, with Blair Holmes (Justin) being UWW World Champion, he will relinquish the title and if John retains at Enclosed he will do the same meaning there will be a big title match at the last pay-per-view of the year to crown a champion. All other champions will face off in WTF vs UWW champion vs champion matches to unify those titles. We will be continuing the open challenge option for this end of the year pay-per-view with champions being eligble for two matches if they wish to do so and in the New Year we will start off with fresh new storylines for you all to enjoy.

    With Online Wrestling taking a hit during the holiday season/end of the year, we are extending our hand out to both the WTF Roster and UWW Roster to continue with this federation to end strong and return in the New Year Strong, with hopes to persuade more people to return to bring more fun, excitement and activity to the game we all love. Even if you happen to have a beef with either John Charismatic or Justin Williams, all personal vendettas are thrown out the window in this state of the game and necessary arrangements to have the one owner you have problems with have no say in any of your activities within the company.

    We both understand in particular this change will affect the members of the UWW Roster that are not part of the WTF roster, but we would like the members of UWW to get on board with the jump and unite with us. The NEW WTF will have elements of both the old WTF and UWW, a new hybrid will be born out of this merger and it will be better than any other merging, or alliance that has been seen in Online Wrestling before. We hope to have support of UWW and WTF rosters and we hope we can bring OW into the new year, and take it through to the end of another year

    Justin Williams and John Charismatic

    2 Comments 34 weeks

  • World Turmoil Federation; Roster and Employees

    WTF Chairman;
    -- Justin Williams

    Graphical Guru;
    -- Jason Smith

    General Manager of Rampage;
    -- Justin Williams

    Rampage Commentators;
    -- Brandon Kheller
    -- Drake Hearst
    -- Joey Harding

    Ring Announcer;
    -- Jonathon

    Backstage Personnel;
    -- Rebecca Rayne [Hot Interviewer]
    -- Graham Michaels
    -- Frank [Employee Who Always Gets Hurt]

    Rampage Roster; 35

    -- Alyx Valquist
    -- Andre Young [c]
    -- Austin Ryzin
    -- Chris Black
    -- Chris Walker
    -- Craig Adams
    -- Craig Anderson [c]
    -- Craig Knightly
    -- Daniel Kennedy *Inactive*
    -- Derek Scott
    -- Evolution
    -- Hayden Porter
    -- Jamo
    -- Jason Ryan
    -- Jay Axleed
    -- Joey Alderson
    -- Joey Harding
    -- John Charismatic [c]
    -- Justin Sane
    -- Latelle
    -- Leo Hampton
    -- Lucas Harrison
    -- Matt Rydell
    -- Matt Young
    -- Max Mayhem [c]
    -- Paul Rivers
    -- Pretentious Villain
    -- Ricky Maine
    -- Ryan Sullivan
    -- Spike Daniels
    -- Steven Arex
    -- Taylor Westfall
    -- Trey de Marc
    -- Trip Johnson
    -- Triple J

    Extra Characters [Jobbers]

    -- Alistair Byram.
    -- Brego [Bregophile]
    -- Grego [Gregophile]
    -- The Boogeyman
    -- Tyrone James
    -- Hayden Johnson


    WTF Undisputed Heavyweight Champion; John Charismatic
    WTF Television Champion; Craig Anderson
    WTF Tag Team Champions; Max Mayhem and Andre Young
    WTF Extreme Champion; Brandon Kheller

    3 Comments 81 weeks

  • World Turmoil Federation: NEW! SIGN UP!

    World Turmoil Federation was established in August of two-thousand-ten and since has been one of the top federations on the bebo network. At this moment in time we have two weekly shows, Rampage which takes place every Sunday night at the usual time of twelve midnight, and Trifecta, taking place on Tuesday. On top of our weekly show we will hold pay-per-views every two months, which will usually see the biggest and best matches possible. All superstars are required to promo when booked in matches, and as a result, not doing so will be mean you are fired. Simple.

    Now we are only looking for people are who are willing to stay committed to the federation and promo when needed. If you have a history of forgetting to promo then please don't waste our time by signing up. If you would like to be apart of this glorious federation then please fill out the following application and post it in a reply to this blog. Be sure not to miss out any key information that may be vital when writing results, this is to make our job a little easier, thanks.

    Entrance Music:-
    Gimmick Details:-
    Disposition:- (Heel/Face)
    Pic Base:-
    Signature Moves:-
    Finishing Moves:-

    229 Comments 140 weeks

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