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Miss Hellfire

INACTIVE!! Sorry, :(

Mar 13 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Beautiful killer
Me, Myself, and I
“Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice,
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favour fire
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that destruction by ice
Is also great
And would suffice



+ Jinx
+ Natasha Hellfire
+ Alicia Kyli Shadows

<b>Flames </b>
. .<u> Earth </u>
. . .<i>Wind </i>
. . . .<i><u>Shadows </i></u>
Darkness Descends

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Paige sings fever on Charmed

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  • GIRLZ!!

    Vengeful Saviour
    “In the dark
    In the darkness you will find
    Dirty little sercrets, we hid
    Cause we all have a darker side”

    Double life

    If you meet me your either unlucky or you've been very, very naughty.

    Who am I? You ask. I'm the shadow, the punisher, the judge and jury. But you can call me…

    I’m the phantom that haunts the darkness. Wanted, feared and revered. Unstoppable, relentless and inescapable. I’m a killer, murderer, slayer. More than a hit man. More than an assassin.

    So murders, abusers, arsonists and the corrupt ... beware and if you’ve got rich enemies watch your backs because if your my mission.... Your a dead man walking

    ...you have been warned...

    Name: Natasha Hellfire
    Age: unknown (around 20)
    Gender: female
    Spieces: witch
    Occupation: assassin
    Powers: telekinesis, force fields and healing.


    Eternal Flame
    "Red bird of fire
    Red bird of flame
    Come forth from the ashes of thy pain
    Reborn in light and in sunshine
    Embrace thyself, for you
    Are a child of the sun and of the earth
    To fly forever,
    To live, die and live again

    Eternal Flame

    I was the first into to step into creation. I'll be the last to leave into the destruction. My song will entice. My tears will heal.

    My immortality is...

    A gift,
    A curse,
    Never ending,

    Ruler of the skies.
    Truest immortal
    Oldest being
    Powerful fire bender.
    Emotive empathy

    A phoenix.

    Name: Jinx
    Age: old as the earth (looks 22ish)
    Gender : female
    Species: phoenix (my version)
    Occupation: varies. Fire dancer (night), waitress (day)
    Powers: fire and plant manipulation, healing tears, transformation, immortal (reborn and human self never ages), heightened senses. Empathic and telepathic (reads and controls others emotions not thoughts)

    Origins: At the beginning of creation, the phoenix sang the song of life which marked the beginning of time. From that day on the phoenix has lived in 100 year cycles. Once it comes to the end of its life, it builds a nest of herbs and incense and burns inside it. Then from the nest a red egg will hatch, releasing the new phoenix. Then the phoenix will carry the ashes up to the sun and become immortal again.


    Damned Soul
    "The darkness is closing in
    The fires are circling,
    Nowhere to run,
    Nowhere to hid,

    Welcome to Hell,

    With Angle's wings,
    Devil's horns,
    Part pure, part polluted,

    I'll make sin feel so good,
    Damnation, I'll make you crave
    I'll make my Hell your Heaven."

    Bow to the heir of the flames
    The shadows
    And the condemned"

    Earth is my playground. Men's hearts are my toys. Adrenalin is my lifeblood and danger is my calling.

    Conceived in hate. Born in blood. Raised in the darkness. Heir to the underworld. Judgement day will be my coronation. My purpose is to turn the tides of the eternal war.

    But I'm on my own side. I protect only me. The rest can burn, see if i care. I'm no one's tool. I'm playing by my rules. I'll crush Hell and Heaven under my black, high-healed boot … out of sheer boredom.

    So let the game begin. Let see who remains standing at the end.

    Name: Alicia Kali
    Age: unknown (looks 25)
    Gender: female
    spices: half demon, half angel
    occupation: Hier to Hell
    Powers: Shadow and fire manipulation, emotional manipulation, healing, transformation (into a dragon, tiger and wolf), immortal.
    Parents: Hades and Persephone

    0 Comments 45 weeks

close What role would you play in a world of fantasy?

What role would you play in a world of fantasy?

My result is: Assassin

You are a Assassin! You are a mysterious type, lurking in the shadows and attacking from behind. Assassins are normally paid too do one thing, Kill. They are masters of stealth and can sneak right behind an enemy too stab him in the back before he has a chance too retaliate. You carry many poisons and can rarely be trusted. Your loyalty only goes as far as your payment. As well as killing, assassins are very good at spying and so in battle they are perfect too be sent into the enemys area and discover vital information.
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close What Element Are You? (8 ELEMENTS)

Which Element Are You? (8 ELEMENTS)

Your Element Is: Lightning

Your dominant element is LIGHTNING: ...charismatic and a people magnet ...can easily articulate ideas, but not feelings ...very unpredictable. Usually knows what they're doing, but no-one else usually can figure it out before it happens ...other people usually find them unreliable ...can be egotistical
Abilities: Style and charisma with the ability to pull it off well, ability to 'stun' others with their wit, when they have a receptive audience.
Extraordinary abilities: Ability to endure voltage, survive thundershocks, affect electrical equipment if emotionally disturbed, or mess with streetlights!
Preferences: Heavier foods, but mostly lighter meats.
Possible minor elementa: Heaven or Fire
Opposite Elementa: Water"

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  • Lone-Thunderthist Apr 2
  • Lone-Thunderthist
    luv Lone-Thunderthist

    After his shower Garrus walked out all changed as he walked to hug you and leaned on the back of the chair nodding*

    Pirates....hmm Blue Suns or something else...well lets start prepping our equipment

    *he kissed your cheek and walked to his sniper rifle and did some calibration on it*

    Apr 2
  • Lone-Thunderthist
    luv Lone-Thunderthist

    *The Turain chuckled and pushed a few buttons as it scans the D-pad as it shows a hidden message*

    Jinx...i'm sorry i had to leave on short notice and i was going to tell you before but i don't know if you both has kissed or what but i found this extract in my networks 'Humans must not consume turian tissue, as it is based on dextro-amino acids, and can cause an allergic reaction in the human body, must seek advice if need' If it worry's you we can meet at a Clinic in the Zetra Ward just me and you alright message me and we will meet, hope it doesn't scare you and it was fun meeting you, Liara

    *the turian moaned and got up showing you his naked body and smiled at you and walked out of the room*

    i'm going to take a shower let me know if the D-pad got anything, also, if you want you can check my Terminal for any work has popped up let me know

    Mar 27
  • Lone-Thunderthist
    luv Lone-Thunderthist

    Aww please, you know that i would never leave you, your a good friends and if you like we could always e-mail our role plays if i's better that way i won't mind :)

    Mar 27
  • Lone-Thunderthist
    luv Lone-Thunderthist

    Miss you <3

    Mar 20 via Mobile
  • Lone-Thunderthist
    luv Lone-Thunderthist

    Garrus took the food of her and tucked in as he heard her* "mm thanks. Yeah, I think we had her reasons this time unless you've scanned it for a hidden message?" *he carried on eating* (It's ok hun don't worry :) )

    Feb 13 via Mobile
  • Lone-Thunderthist
    luv Lone-Thunderthist

    :L that's alright no need to be sorry :3

    Feb 9 via Mobile
  • Zuko

    ( Fff, sorry for falling out of touch with ya ;^; I still wanna rp with your fire wielder, lols. Should I repost my intro/reply? xD )

    Feb 5
  • Lone-Thunderthist
    luv Lone-Thunderthist

    Garrus slowly woke from his slumbered sleep and looked at her as she yawned as he got up*

    "Hmm- What is it sweetie

  • Lone-Thunderthist
    luv Lone-Thunderthist

    In the morning Garrus was still asleep as he tugged the sheets and rolled a but with a moan as such, once out in the kitchen the front door slid open and The blue Asari walked in her white leather like all in one clothing as she walked in the liveing room seeing you in the kitchen but unaware that Liara has packed up and gone*

    1/6/13 via Mobile
  • Lone-Thunderthist
    luv Lone-Thunderthist

    He yawned and suggled up to her before hearing her question* "What! No....I want you to be with me forever, please...stay with me ok....

    1/4/13 via Mobile
  • Lone-Thunderthist
    luv Lone-Thunderthist

    he smiled and stroked her hair as his hand stroked down her body *

    Yes well i do work a bit heh maybe...we should get some sleep, right?"

    (yeah lucky i had new years day off to recover lol you hun?)

  • Lone-Thunderthist
    luv Lone-Thunderthist

    he then thusted into her and deeply shot his load in her as he painted and as you collapsed on him he stroked you softly*

    Your hips are so...supported as your eyes glimmer in lust,

    *he kissed your head*

    I..I love you so much....

  • Mike Sheehan
    Mike Sheehan

    hi there happy new year

    12/31/12 via Mobile
  • Lone-Thunderthist
    luv Lone-Thunderthist

    He thusted away his member pulsing wildly as he was going to give in soon as he wispered* "I...I think I'm near my climax!" *he could feel the walls of her centre moulding around his like it was going to fit again but tightly* (yeahh, well apart form working over Xmas :L and you too I hope your was well :) )

    12/30/12 via Mobile
  • KillerLove.
    luv KillerLove.

    Heyyy (:
    I have been waiting all day to hear if you landed safe so I am very glad you did :D
    Of course I will be waiting by my phone tomorrow to figure out what we can do on the 29th because I can't wait to see youuuu :D

  • Lone-Thunderthist
    luv Lone-Thunderthist

    He slowly pushed his alienated member into her is it felt like a hot shell penatrating thick armour as it was odd to him that he's never done a human as he was slowly working out a rythem to easily sync wiht you so that the intercourse would go smoothly or how ever se wanted it,* (It's ok, how was your Xmas?)

    12/26/12 via Mobile
  • Lone-Thunderthist
    luv Lone-Thunderthist

    He dinged more and moaned as the rage of his inner beast wanted him to charge as he heard your whisper he nodded and moved himself forwards and poked the tip of his member in your centre and rubbed the tip teaseingly and used your hand as a guide*

    12/15/12 via Mobile
  • Lone-Thunderthist
    luv Lone-Thunderthist

    He nodded and obeyed his command as his finger felt the wetness, squishy lips and he pushed it in to play with it as he moaned and felt you strokeing his member* Aye Commander, I shall... *he then fingered more and he kissed you deeply hopeing that he would get you into sudmission* (I was going to ask you the same thing, like wise it dosent matter how graphic you make it we can always take it to mail))

    12/14/12 via Mobile
  • Lone-Thunderthist
    luv Lone-Thunderthist

    Just wondering did you get my last reply? My net was playing up )

    12/14/12 via Mobile