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Kyle Jenkins

When The Rich Wage war It's The Poor Who Die - Stone Sour

6/23/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 21, Luv 82
  • from Poole,Dorset
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 1,495
  • Last active: 11/15/11
  • www.bebo.com/OneAndOnlySexGod
Me, Myself, and I
My Name Is Kyle Jenkins And Im 18 Years Old.

I Live With My Mates In Poole. At The Mo I Am Workin With Anglian As Got Kicked Out Of The Army After Doin 7 Months Training.

I Love All Sports Mainly Football And Rugby.

I Use To Play Football For The Quay Foyer Football Team And I Am Hoping To Play Rugby Very Soon.

Thats All U Need To Know About Me So Leave A Comment And Fuck Off!!
It Has To Be All About Trance N Club
I Watch All Films But Mainly War And Chinese Warrior Films
Any Type Of Sports Mainly Football And Rugby
If You Want My MSN Just Ask
Best Mate U Could Ask For. He Has Always Been There For Me And Has Helped Me Out Alot. Hoping To Cross Paths When We Are Both In The Army.Cheers Mate
Well It Was Gd While It Lasted. Had The Best Times Bt Also Had Bad Times. I Did 7 Months Of Training Then Got Kicked Out Because They Junged Me For My Past Behaviour Problems Well Lets Just Hope That My Appeal Wins Then I Can Get Back In And Start Training Again. PWRR (Pricess Of Wales's Royal Regiment) All The Way

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A Beautiful and Mysterious Place by ZHANG Yan [English Subtitles] 张燕 美丽神奇的地方

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  • sexy girl :D


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  • Charlotte Allen
    Charlotte Allen

    I earned $160 in a month browsing the internet! Heres how - http://x.co/KT9c Dont forget to thank me!

  • Aimi D
    luv Aimi D

    hey babe hows u been ain't spoke 2 u in ages please wb i miss u m8 xxxxxxxxxx

    10/25/09 via Mobile
  • Ryan
    luv Ryan

    leaving me basterd lol

  • Aimi D
    luv Aimi D

    hello babe u ok ain't spoke 2 u in ages wb love u loads xxxxxxxxxxx

    8/26/09 via Mobile
  • Abigail
    luv Abigail

    Im Going London With Jess Tonight Until Thursday Night Babe, Are You Around On Friday? Wb. Loveeyouu x

  • Jessicaa.

    KYLEEE :) :) OMG!! i thought you allreadyy went to armyy . but obviously your not oh my dayz. Kyle babe how you been? abigail told me you were home. i think :/ are you home ? ummm i dunno lol bless me. ( Abbie - blue giraffe ? since wen did u get kyle a blue giraffe lol ) bless us both. wb bbe xxxxxx

  • Abigail
    luv Abigail

    Aw Cool :) Not much just been out with jessica alot. going london tuesday with her :) Ohkayy Babee :) havent seen u in ages. i'll give you that blue giraffe i got you :L :) Wb. Abbie xx

  • Abigail

    Good. Aww good for you hun :) Ohkayy thanks you. we should meet up sometime soon, what you been up too? Take care, Abbie xx

  • Abigail

    Hello You Ohkayy? Havent Spoken To You In Ages, How You Been? Give Me a Text Or Something Cause i Lost All My Numberss, Ly x

  • -Aniko

    babe ,, can you PLEASE im beggin you to come to the moor wid me :( loveyou x

  • -Aniko
    luv -Aniko

    Well tbh i only just found you yesterday bubsss x ann im alryt just fucked off with life and my mates tbh ,, wbu ? tapp bacc love youu - have you got msn ? - mine is aniko.-11@hotmail.com

  • -Aniko

    Babes (: i found ur beboo ;) added u ,, loveyouuu kyleeeepoooooo 8)

  • Liam Gregory
    Liam Gregory

    Is it True your a bi lol :L Right back

  • Lara

    Helloo Babee x Aintt Seen Youu Inn A Whilee x LoL x ILoveeYouu Dudee x