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Just for tonight Darling.. Let's Get Lost.
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  • x.Carnivorous'Casualty.x

    *NOTE: All characters can eaither be Straight/Bi/Gay but you won't know until you roleplay - Enjoy the mystery. ;) *

    Dax Taylor
    Actor: Shiloh Fernandez

    Bio- There are the good and the bad, and then there are people; or werewolves, like Dax. Someone who is a bit of both. But more so interestingly enough is actually out to destroy his own race. He's seen what werewolves are capable of, especially on a full moon. And that's why he's set out to genocide his own race.
    Killing packs of werewolves isn't easy though. First Dax must weasel himself into a pack before cleverly finding ways to exterminate them - even if it's one by one. Although if he sees good, sees control..he leaves them in peace. A bit hypocritical, but all Dax wants is a world of peace where there aren't all these killings all over the place.
    However, a werewolf with abilities is a rare thing. Being able to withstand silver - except on the lunar cycle, Dax has the ability to control electricity. He's able to summon it from the clouds to creating an electic field over his body. It's what makes him both legendary, yet valuable and dangerous. It's also why to some degree that Dax is being hunted. Whether it be by hunters or other werewolves because they're fearful of his ability and his control, Dax is set out to prove them all wrong and do what he thinks is right.
    Resourceful, Manipulating, Knieving, Understanding, Powerful.

    Valon Knight
    Actor: Chace Crawford

    Bio- Enjoying every moment and living for all that it's worth is Valcon's motto. Sleep; preferably with a companion and of the female persuasion, sex, blood, alcohol and dance the nights away with a blaring of music. That's the motto to live by. Plus it's a bonus when your looks get you quiet far in life. Being born as a vampire, it's the hard core party style that's Valon's calling. No rules - only numerous amounts of fun.
    In Valon's eyes, even being an immortal you can't take life too seriously. It's just one big game with one King and it's many, many ponds. And that's all there is too it. Because if you get serious in life looking for love a career and all that crazy human shit - you're missing out!
    Carefree, Seducing, Badass, Opinionated, Entertaining.

    Everett Mason
    Actor: Shane West

    Bio- It's a gift to harness such power - at least in Everett's eyes. He was born a warlock, slowly realizing what he was after doing things that were unexplainable. That really could only be classified as magic.
    Even though he really is a good witch, because he's a good human being, he's also an assasian. Warlock by day, Assasian by night. Not in the literal sence but it's true nonetheless. Everett was taken into a special ops program after being watched carefully for many years where they found out what he was. Though considering witches weren't too popular and you'd end up in the psych-ward, Everett was basically blackmailed into joining the program at the expense of everyone he had ever met and loved would be a casuality. So naturally not wanting to bare that burden, he joined the cause and is now currently looking for a way out. Which the only way that seems possible is to destroy Lanter.
    Tactical, Persuasive, Talented, Kind-hearted, Ambitious.

    Duncan Rineheart
    Actor: Matt Lanter

    Bio- There's nothing more terrifying then psycopaths. And Duncan happens to be one of them. It's by choice given his past, the way his parents and brother were killed infront of his very eyes. Instantly the overwhelming urge to kill the person who had done this. And while he has yet to come in contact with the person who destroyed his family, he sets out to kill those who deserve it. Any kind of misdeed his seems commited, whether it's a robbery, rape and killi

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  • x.Femme'Fatale.x

    *NOTE: All characters can eaither be Straight/Bi/Lesbian but you won't know until you roleplay - Enjoy the mystery. ;) *

    Blair Lagosi
    It's Complicated with Gage de Albi.
    Children: Epperly
    Actress: Mischa Barton

    Bio- Kidnapped at the age of 17, Blair's sweet gift was that of immortality - given to her by the Volturi because of her "sixth sence". As a typical newborn, Blair slaughtered anyone in sight to quench her thirst; which included her family. But she got a gasp on her bloodlust as the gentle and kind Blair faded into a seductress of the night after she had killed her boyfriend, Cody. He was a werewolf who was brought up to kill vampires; even his own girlfriend when he found out what she was. But rather then love and accept her, the two fought to the death with Blair the victor as the Volturi watch from afar to se her progress into a rather gifted vampire. She was withable to stand the sunlight with a certain necklace and even shift into a white wolf. Her other abilities include being a telepathic, telekinetic as well as reciving premonitions.
    Though a gifted vampire like Blair wants nothing but her own freedom - which is hard to obtain when the Volturi insist on keeping her caged despite her numerous attempts at escaping.
    Selfish, Seductive, Sarcastic, Cold, Inticing.

    Anastasia Evers
    Gurdian Angel
    Actress: Kate Moss

    Bio- Sent down from the heavens, it's Anastasia's job as a guardian angel to find the person that she is to protect. However, Anastasia as failed twice in being a guardian to her humans which unfortunetly for them, died. And now skeptical of her own nature and her ability to protect someone else, it's all or nothing for her. For if she succeeds, she can return to the heavens. But should she fail again, her nature will be stripped away and Anastasia will become just a normal, everyday human.
    Taking her own outh and making the vow that she will succeed this time, Anastasia has sworn to be fully commited to her human and laying down her life for them.
    Self-conscious, Low self-esteem, Kind, Nurturing, Innocent.

    Lacey Anders
    Actress: Crystal Reed

    Bio- Reading the Will of her parents after their death was how Lacey was introduced to this life. Two binded, leather journals were given to her as well as a key to a certain door in the basement that Lacey never knew what was behind until now. A vast containment of weapons used against certain creatures - Monsters. What she saw and what she'd read in the journals were things she didn't believe until that night something came for her; a monster. Grabbing the nearest thing she could find, Lacey beheaded the beast with a machete. She hadn't known what this creature was until it began speaking of how his clan of vampires caused her parents car accident.
    It was after that day that Lacey took up the family legacy of being a hunter of the supernatural - and swearing to dispose of as much evil as possible, especially vampires in honor of her parents. That way no one would suffer the life she was now engaged in.
    Assertive, Paranoid, Fighter, Caring, Helpful.

    Schylar "Sky" Blue
    Singer: Lights/Valerie Poxleitner

    Bio- Usually turning 21 entails a trip to Vegas and being of legal age to drink as well as becoming a full circle adult. But for Schylar it was fair to say she got the opposite of what anyone could imagine. She got a gift all right, one of a kind, a gift know as the Touch of Death. With just a single touch of skin on skin contact, Schylar can make a persons' heart stop. It happened when she embraced both her parents on her birthday, her hands making contact with their skin. She even killed her own cat when she sat crying in confusion. Just with a single pet did Sheeba's heart give

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  • reminders;


    -Billie [ Blair&Gage ]
    -Stephy [ Blair&Will ]
    -Zoe [ Valon&Nymeria ]

    -Stephy (Zoey&Shane)

    ~ oTHEr AccOUnTs ~

    Elena Gilbert. (The Vampire Diaries)

    Caroline Forbes. (The Vampire Diaries)

    Katherine Pierce. (The Vampire Diaries)

    Elijah Mikaelson. (The Vampire Diaries)

    Lissa Dragomir. (Vampire Academy)

    Rosalie Hale. (Twilight)

    Akeria Morna. (NonCannon)

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