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N Dubz

If you do our quiz + poll today, leave a comment saying so + we will give you 30 loves (unlimited loves)

12/12/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Group created: July 2010
  • www.bebo.com/ndublet
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About Me

this profile was made 21/7/10 ....
Me, Myself, and I
Ndubz Fansite

Ndubz are the dynamite trio from North West London, Camden. They started of as nothing but have a come a long way from then :) They have won 4 mobos, signed to us label def jam and are truely on the rise accross the country! They just finished there arena tour & i hope yous all enjoyed it as much as me :)

♥ Dappy - Costas Dino Contostavlos; 24
♥ Tulisa - Tula Paulina Contostaavlos; 22
♥ Fazer - Richard Rawson; 24

R.I.P Uncle B,
if it wasnt for u n dubz woulnt be here today & we all love you for what u have created <3

True N Dublets Should Join ! :)
& Send Your Thoughts On N Dubz

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n dubz Morning Star

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  • Reveiws

    this blog is were you leave your reveiws on this group saying
    if its good or what it need to make it better or when we promise to send out love for things say if you got it out not and basacilly just what you think of this group post all your thoughts on it here :DD and what we could do to improve it and stuff ??




    7 Comments 154 weeks

  • n dubz slanguage

    areeee you siuuucccckkkk - thats amazing
    duku yourself - big up yourself
    n dublet - an n dubz fan
    nana - both hello and goodbye
    pinky - £50 note
    seari 4 reali - are you bein serious ?
    bang bang shoes - nice shoes
    smashed - full
    maddas 4 ralles - thats proper mad
    shabarky - some ones eyeing u up
    zoop zoop -an expression of excitment about anything
    say something - a way to end a conversation
    D-A-P-'S to the Y - dappy
    FA take is easy - fazer
    T - tulisa
    haha - official n dubz trade mark
    nanani - official n dubz trade mark
    weeeeeeeeee - used to embarress somone if u catch them ot
    pickney - a baby our child

    if you can think of anymore please comment and say what they are :)

    7 Comments 157 weeks

  • Must Read This

    please click on Must Read This cause the full ting doesnt show up on the page lmao

    hey ndublets :)
    you must read this pleasee <3

    ok well i couldnt put all this on the me myself and i bit so i made a blog for it :P

    first of all id like to say something about the quiz :)
    this quiz was made in July time and some of the answers have changed now :)
    for example how many mobos have ndubz won and the answer then was 3 but it is now 4 :) when you take the quiz and say some of our answers are wrong they are not they were right when we made it ... just remember that please :) !

    we have 2 mods and we really want 4 so if you wana be one just leave a comment on this blog and we will make you one :) but you have to be willing to work hard on this page cause we have tryed or hardest to make this a very good successful page.

    add to the photo stream please
    if its a photo of you, nubz, ndubz stuff, you and ndubz whatever then by all means add it to the photo stream :) !

    Our Goal
    we have managed to reach over 1000 members
    and over 300 loves :)
    and over 3000 veiws :)

    by the end of 2010 we are hoping to have
    over 1500 members
    over 500 loves
    over 5000 veiws

    by the end of 2011 we are hopeing to have
    5000 members
    over 1000 loves
    over 12000 veiws

    so please try get your friends to join :)

    when you do our quiz and all or polls post a comment here and we shall send you 2 loves :) but we cant give you love if you dont tell us about it :)

    sending comments
    when your on this page please send a comment and some love if you can
    we do except hate comments cause at the end of the day its your opinion but please dont make it to extreme or we will delete it :/

    please comment on all the photos if you can :)

    we are trying our hardest to make this a successful group but its all down to you and how well you pay attention to the page :)
    many thanks <3

    19 Comments 157 weeks

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  • TheFemale Boss
    TheFemale Boss

    actully love ndubz so much its unreal <3 number 1 fan for life :) !

  • Tulisa Fansite
    Tulisa Fansite


  • Cevy H
    Cevy H

    hi. wats 5+4? Na na niiiii

  • Cevy H
    luv Cevy H

    hi love yas all.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Cevy H
    Cevy H

    Thats me on the right hand side off the pic i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE N-dubz NA NA NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII girls i fk with them

  • Tulisa Contostavlos 5/15/11
  • Cora McGinley 5/14/11
  • Cora McGinley
    Cora McGinley

    the tour was sooooo AMAZING 16th april & 21st april went vip 21st - best day of my entire life

  • Young Money
    luv Young Money

    Please Join This New Group Called Young Money Fans

  • Young Money
    luv Young Money

    Please Join This New Group Called Young Money Fans

  • Mcgovern

    ritte a dunn yah qiuz n poll weres ma luv

  • Zack
    luv Zack

    i did the quiz xx

  • XxSuzybabiixx
    luv XxSuzybabiixx

    Hey I L.O.V.E YOU DAPPY AND FAZER!!! I WOULD LOVE TA MARRY DAPPY COS HES CUTER BUT FAZER IS UNDER DAPPY :L xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxx :*

  • Tiittch-X 2/7/11
  • Sinead C
    luv Sinead C

    i done ur quiz n polls i luv ur quiz so gud

    2/6/11 via Mobile
  • Barbara Hutchinson
    Barbara Hutchinson

    dappy i lve u so much i wuldn give u up 4 d world :* :* :*

    1/7/11 via Mobile
  • Barbara Hutchinson
    Barbara Hutchinson

    dappy is meh life x

    12/27/10 via Mobile
  • Xcarlymorris.
    luv Xcarlymorris.

    love then xxx

  • Barbara Hutchinson
    Barbara Hutchinson

    dappy is d sexiest man n d world who agrees ;)

    12/26/10 via Mobile
  • Barbara Hutchinson
    Barbara Hutchinson

    hey ndubz lve yhoos soh much ... expecially dappy;)

    12/26/10 via Mobile