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Winta and Marcus

Chapte 7 out now plzz comment xxxx

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  • not finish

    Chapter 10


    Aint Seen Javinah 4 A Week Still, Man On Her But Hates Her. Not Like That It... She... Ok Its Like This, She Makes Man Feel Like Some Love Sick Puppy, She Got Man On Smash And Man Don't Even Mind.

    Anyway She Aint Been In All Last Week, Shennel Said She Aint Seen Her To. she Lucky She Don]'t Have Any Exams That Week You Get Me,That Will Just Fuck Up Her Life, But It Aint To Late Doe. We Got A Maths One Right Now And My Girl Aint Even Here.

    Miss Finshed Taking The Register, Ber Asking Everyone Where Javinah is.

    Teacher: Can Plz Give In Your Moblile Or Personal Belongings And Put Them In The Box. It Will Be Returned To You At The End.......

    I Wasn't On The Same Page As This Women, Couldn't Hear A Thing, Watch The Door. I Put Mhy Head On The Table Waiting 4 this Ting To Start.

    Teacher: Ok You Can Now Start Your Paper.

    I Sat Up And Looked Behind At The Seat Javinah Should Be But No Site Of Her, I Looked At The Front And She Was Sitting In The Front Wit One On Her Legs Up On The Chair And A Bandage On Her Ankle.

    The Exam Was Over And The Let Javinah Cus True Say Everyone Wud Rush Her Leaving The Exam Hall. I Finally Got Out And Javinah Was Sitting On the Bench Wit The Girls Talking. Started Walking 2wards Them.

    Jessie: So What Happen To The Wifey's Leg?
    Me She Jump Out The Window.
    Jamal: What Yours.
    Me: I Wish, Nah Her Yard.
    Jessie: : Iz Dat Soo.

    He Ran 2ward Girls And Started Talking To Javinah, They Both Looked At Me, Jessie Was Ber Smiling, Javinah Just Screwed Me. Jessie Looked At Me And Gave Me Was Grinning teeth Now. I Sat

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  • Knew iT !

    Chapter 9


    Iyt Its SaturdayAnd Jumped Out Ov Bed. I Went In2 Da Shawa I Went Back To My Room And Got Change I Cnt Wait Going TO Go See My Mum.

    I Wor Dark Blue Shorts, Black And Red T-Shirt Dat Said 'Im Just Doin Me' I Wore Black And Red Vanz. I Tired My Hair In A Messy Bun And Put Some Eye Liner In And Mascara On. I Grabbed The Get Well Me To You Bear And Left My Room.

    I Put The Bear On The Kitchen Counter And Went To Get Something To Eat. I Was Enjoying My Strawberry Jam Toast Till Marquis Walked In. I Quickly Finished Eating And A Washed My Plate. Then Hayden Came In.

    Me: Im Going Out Now.
    Marquis: Where You Going?
    Me: I Was Talking To Hayden Not You.
    Hayden: Where You Going?
    Me: Going To To Mum.

    They Both Looked At Each Other Like Something Was Wrong.

    Marquis: You Cnt Go?
    Me: And Why Not?
    Marquis: There Not Having Visitors Today.
    Me: Dat A Lie Cuz I Check The Web Site. Im Going And You Cnt Stop Me.
    Marquis: YOUR NOT GOING!
    Me: YES I AM! Hayden Tell Him I'm Going.
    Hayden: ...
    Me: Hayden Tell Him.
    Hayden: You Cnt Go Bbz, Im Srry.

    I Looked At Both Ov Them And Then Kissed My Teeth And Grabbed The Bear And Left The Kitchen. I Went To My Room And Laid On My Bed Just Thinking. I Got Up And Looked Out The Window It Aint That Far I Could Jump It.

    I Opened My Window And Thrw Da Bear Down 1st, You lot Think Im Mad But I Need To See My Mum. I Jumped and Landed m My Feet You Dun. Bend Your Knees!

    ???: Oi Javinah.

    I Turned It Was Romeo, I Stood Up But Den My Knee Started Hurting. Romeo Came Up To.

    Romeo: Are You Mad.
    Me: Im Very Well Thx. Kmt.

    I Picked The Bear And Looked At Romeo.

    Romeo: I Dint Mean It In Dat Way.
    Me: Kay!
    Romeo: Wer You Going?
    Me: To Go See My Mum.

    I Started Walking, Cnt Just Stay Her Let Dem To Find Chit Chatting. But Wen I Started Walking I Started Limping.

    Romeo: Think You Shud Go Back Home.
    Me: Nah Im Fine.

    I Stared Walking A Bit Faster But In Pain, Romeo Grabbed My Hand Put It On His Shoulder And His Hand Round My Wait. We We Walked To Da Bus Stop.

    Romeo: So Why Dint You Take The Bus Like A Normal Person.
    Me: Cuz Dey Wouldn't Let Me Leave.
    Romeo: Oh. Are You Sure Your Ok.
    Me: Im Fine.
    Romeo: You Won't Me To Come?
    Me:If You Won't.

    The Bus Came And We Gt On Couldn't Go Up Stairs Cuz Of My Leg, So We Staid Dow Stairs. We Wer Talking Bwt Radom Thingz, I Told Him About My Now Brother And How I Feel Bout Him. He Told Me Felt The Same Bwt His Mum Boyfriend.

    We Finally Got Of The Bus And Got To The Private Clinic. I Sign In And We Went To My Mums Room She Was Asleep. I Sat Beside Her And she Turned To Face Me. Her Hair Was Gone But She Wears A Wing Cuz She Conferable Wit Out Hair Or Feel The Same.

    Mum: Hi Bby, Thought You Wasn't Coming.
    Me: Well Im Her, Got yOu A Gift.

    I Passed Her The Bear And She Smiled and Sad Thank You And Put It Beside Her Bed.

    Mum: So Whoz Your Friend.
    Me: Oh, Dis Is Romeo.
    Mum: Ohhh!
    Me: Not Like That.
    Me: You Sure.
    Me: Kmt.
    Mum: Lol. Hi Romeo, Thx 4 Coming Wit My Lil Bby.
    Romeo: It Ok. Nice To Meet You.
    Mum: Same. See Javinah Your boyfriend Has Manners.
    Me: He's Not M...
    Mum: Wat Ever!


    I Was Watching Javinah And You Could See A Whole different Side To Her. She's Really Close To Her. Her Was Nice As Well But you Could See She Was Ill ButShe Used All Her Energy To Talk To Javinah.

    Her Mum Loves Her And She Loves Her But I Dnt Know Why She Would Blame Herself.

    We We Leaving And We Said Bye To Her Mum And Left, Javinah Dint Wont To Leave. We Got On The Bus And Went Back To Ends.

    We We Getting Down But She Staid At The Bus Stop. I Sat Beside Her.

    Me: Wats Wrong B?
    Javinah: Dnt Wonna Go Home Just Yet.

    She Was Looktbf Thrw Her Phone and Had Ber Miss Calls From He Brothers.

    Me: Iyt You Can Come 2 My Yard Int. Manz Got A 3 Yard.
    Javinah: Kl.

    She Stood Up And Went To My Yard, We Got My Yard

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  • Acting Up

    Chapter 8


    Iyt Let Me Start Wit Me. Manz Doing Good Still, GCSE's Bruv, Manz Got Dem Ob Loock. Soundz Dum But Dat Me. Lyfs Good Devon Overly Got Me And Shanell And Tutor Kmt. Get Dis He Only Got Her Cuz He Wont To Beat Her. I'm Thinking It Some Dun Movements Cuz Say Dis Dun Youtt Brakes Her Heart And Makes Us Fail.

    Cuz Ture Say Manz Getting Some Good Grades And Dis Nigga Gonna Fuck It Up.

    4get Dat Know Let Me Talk About Javinah. Dis Girl Acting Up, Swer She's On Her Red's Or Something. She Only Comes School Wen She's In She Sits On Her Ones Ore In That Room You Can Borrow Book I Aint Sayin It Hate Dat Place So We'll Call It Da L Room.


    She Dnt Jam Wit Us, Still Cnt 4get Wat Happen On Da Wall And Wat She Was Talking About But Devon Told Us How Her Mum Sick And Aint Got Enough Tym, If U Get Wat I Mean. Wonna See Her Today and Try Make Her Smile.

    Bet You Thinking Wen Will Dis Fool Give Up, She's Not Inserted. O Well I Dnt Give Up, She's Gonna Be Mine, Dis Gal Got Me On Smash.

    I Just Left The Yard And Walked 2 Da Bus Stop, Da Bus Passed Me Kmt. I Ran But It Was Gone Kmt. I Saw Javinah Sitting Der Wit Her Head Down And Her Hood Up, Listening To Her Bb. Da Music Was Ber Loud It Was Destiny Child Emotions.

    Den I Saw A tear Trickle Dwn Her Cheek, I Stood Up And Took Her Hood Of And She Looked At Me And Had Some Hard Screw.

    Javinah: Wat Da Fuck, Can I Not Be Left Alone?
    Me: Calm Dwn Blad, I Know U Aint In In Da Mood You Cnt Talk To Anyone Lyk Dat.
    Javinah: Who Are You... Kmt Dnt Waist My Tym.

    She Had Tears Falling From Her Face And Thrwing Herself Around In Anger. I Grabbed Her By Her Arms.

    Me: Calm Down Blad. You Know I Am. Aint You Got Talk To Me Lky Da Gonna Make Man Pisses.
    Javinah: Oh Is It. Sknnn Get Fucking Piss, Wat You Gonna Do Hit Me, Make Me Shut Up, What You Gonna Do. Your Just A Lil Boy.
    Me: Shut Up Javinah Aint My Fault Ur Mumz In Hospital.

    Den I Felts Some Hard Connection To My FAce From Her Hand,I was About 2 Hit Her Someone Grabed My Hand.

    ???: Whats Going On Here.

    It Was Some White Guy, Pushed Him Of.

    Me: Aint Noting 2 You.
    ???: It Is Wen A Guys About 2 Hit A Girl.

    I Kmt And Turned Round And Javinah Ran Of, I Ran After Her. She Stopped At Some Nursery And Feel To Da Ground Crying. I Bent Dwn In Front Of Me And Slowly Looked Up At Me. en She Screamed In Pain Holding Her Stomach.

    I Held Her Hand, Den Lifted Her Up and Carried Her Back To My Yard. Aint Going School Aint Got Any Exams. We Got To My Yard And I Took Her To My Room, She Dint Say Anything Just Looked At Me And Wiped Her Tears.

    I Left Da Room and went To Make Her Some Herbal Tea, I went Thrw Her Bag And Checked Her Tim Table She dint Have Any Exams 2day. I Got The Tea And Brought To Her. She Quickly Sat Up And I Passed It Her.

    I Went On My Laptop And Text Shanell. I Started Doing Some Course Work.

    Javinah: I Think I Shud Go.
    Me: Wer?
    Javinah: Aint Ur Bizness.
    Me:Allow Din Man. U Need To Drop Da Dum Act.
    Javinah: It Aint Dum. Your Dum.

    I Rolled My Eyes And Turned Back To Face.


    I Was looking Round Romeo Room Touching He's Things.

    Why Hasn't She Left Den. I Bet Wat Ur Thinking Well I Cnt Cuz Marquis Home And He'll Take Me To School. I Looked At Romeo, I Dnt Feel Bad Mind 4 Shouting And Slapping Him, But Him Bringing Me To His Yard Was Nice Ov Him After Wat I Did 4 Him.

    I Was Looking thrw His Tings and I Must O Dropped The Stacks Of Da X Box Games And Romeo Turned Round And Screwed Me Hard. He Got Up And Fixed It.

    I Leaned Against The The Door, I Cud Heard Him Cud Hear Him Cusing Kmt. He Got Up And Turned 2 Me.

    Him: Thought Yuo Wer Going?
    Me: Why You Getting Rude.
    Him: Why You Here.
    Me: Cuz...
    Him: Well.

    I Dint Say Anything.

    Him: Oh I See.
    Me: What?

    He Licked His Lips And Rubbing His Hand And Walking 2wardz Me. We Got Face 2 Face And He Licked His Lips And I Kmt And Pushed Him

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