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Underdog. Skins

cake and ice cream ?

8/29/11 | me too! | Reply

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  • Hall.Of.Fame
    luv Hall.Of.Fame

    Would luv some Cake an IceCream!!!! ;) In reply to: "cake and ice cream ?" by Underdog. Skins

  • 'Ata N Lina Palu 2/15/11
  • Shannon

    can you make me one sayin shannon loves rachel ;) xxx

  • Aniyah Austin
    Aniyah Austin

    hey your skins are cute but freaky In reply to: "Anyone Want A Skin ? :3" by Underdog. Skins

  • Aniyah Austin 1/24/11
  • luv Claret ChongGum

    u make skinz? can u make meh one? :) x

  • ºnaturalbornkillers
    luv ºnaturalbornkillers

    Random love :)

  • R U B Y

    Underdog, chur lieing o3o You did that since chu wanted to ;P XD I guess, but she isn't good compare to who I have 8D awesome teacher that helps you with everything xD to make sure you pass o3o

  • R U B Y

    xD Did you now? :3 :o and I do also, but I always look over before I send, 85% of the time ;P It's fine. :3 and One of our art teachers were like that, then she left and we got a four foot teacher xD I'm not kidding :L

  • R U B Y

    xD I'm Bi, not gay ;P o3o.. both for English I guess? xD and I was forced to take art XD I find it fun (: and why not? and please stop the flirty icon's XD

  • R U B Y

    xD so my code name is Bill? XD but, you have your essays to do and your art, why do this for me when you need to do things yourself? :3 God I don't know how to thank you enough..

  • R U B Y

    >////< OMG~~ Why did you make this for me Miss? I'll just call chu.. underdog xD <33 Aww Thank you >///< I'll get chu luv tomorrow <3

  • luv R U B Y

    Shannon? O.O

  • Underdog. Skins 11/26/10
  • KillerLove.

    OOC;x Okay Soo... What Do You Need To Know Of What I Want? :D (: x. <3

  • KillerLove.

    O U T. O F. C H A R A C T E R. Heyy, Can I Request A Skinn? (: x. <3

  • luv Just.Another.Face

    He smiled warmly, before following her. He paused in the entrance of the barn to look up at the dark sky, feeling a few light drops hit his nose as the rain started. Shaking his pelt he came inside, diving into the hay, laughing. * couldnt resist myself

    10/3/10 via Mobile
  • Failing.Grace
    luv Failing.Grace

    You have that right, and the good memories always last longer than others. I have travelled alone for so long, a bit of company would be a wonderful thing, Luna. I have no destination in mind though, do you? **He wiped his paws over his face, almost refreshing himslef, then got to his paws slowly yet steadily, shaking the dust and loose fur from his pelt, his amber eye, alight with puppy-like excitement. He waved his tail from side to side a few times**

  • ѕнᴀᴅowѕ oғ тнᴇɪʀ вʀoĸᴇɴ ѕoᴜʟѕ
    ѕнᴀᴅowѕ oғ тнᴇɪʀ вʀoĸᴇɴ ѕoᴜʟѕ

    1/2 The child although not Japanese indeed speak the language. She knew how to put the language into sentences. The teen had taught her Japanese and although the teen already knew, the child taught him English. It was something they could do to pass the time during the day or night. They weren't to fussy about when it took place. "Hai." The child replied, her eyes not moving away from the strange object in her hand. Her word was slightly mumbled due to her fingers being on her lips. A habit of hers that she couldn't break. The teen although listening to the conversation going on between the other male and the child, was listening into the forest for anything out of the ordinary. Even though he had the average hearing of a human, he didn't want to be caught off guard if the Hunters and dogs came back. No doubt if the dogs did, barking would echo through the forest. The dogs were stupid enough to bark instead of staying silent.

  • ѕнᴀᴅowѕ oғ тнᴇɪʀ вʀoĸᴇɴ ѕoᴜʟѕ
    ѕнᴀᴅowѕ oғ тнᴇɪʀ вʀoĸᴇɴ ѕoᴜʟѕ

    2/2 The Hunters could stay silent. They knew how to get around the teen and the child especially Nightmare. He had a habit of disappearing and reappearing anywhere he wanted which creeped the living daylights out of both the teen and child. Nightmare, well the last they had seen of him, was back at the laboratory speaking to the scientists. The child and teen just hoped he was still there along with the rest of the Hunters.


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