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Highland Ponies

please join E335

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Me, Myself, and I
This group is for people who E328 Highland Ponies E01A On this page people can chat about their Highlands, complete polls, draw on the wall and much more. There is only one rule and that is that there will be no bullying, nasty things, or generally mean people saying things that are hurtfull E333

thank you - Moderater molly E056

Info about Highlands:

The Highland Pony is a native British pony, and is the largest of Britains 9 native breeds. Its pedigree dates back to the 1880s. It was once a workhorse in the Scottish mainland and islands, but today is used for trekking and general riding. The general height for an average Highland pony is between 13hh to 14.3hh.

For more info on showing and about the Highland pony check out our blog E00E

E008if you would like to see your highland pony in the members highland ponies album then give us a comment with the picture attached saying the name of your highland and why you love them! or you can add the picture into the photo streamE008

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  • heres a fun thing for you to do!

    Molly by Molly
    copy and paste this and comment on this topic.

    1)whats you and your horses name?

    2)what kind of things do you and your horse do?(for e.g hacking, jumping)

    3)whos ur best mate?

    4)whos ur horses best mate?

    5) Tell me about u??

    6)Tell me about your horse??

    7)whats the highest uve ever jumped?
    2 Replies 158 weeks

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Highland Pony Working Hunter

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    the comment below was ment to be from the group but i forgot to change it so it wasnt me (molly) who posted it :o :L

  • Molly

    in reply to "Laura Helen Meader" aww thats great :)) highland ponies are amazing :DD im guessing Dolly's a mare :L :L my highland is a mare (she's calles Ericka) you;ll need to send us in a picture and i can put it in the members ponies ;) xxxxxxx

  • 'LauraHelenMeader
    luv 'LauraHelenMeader

    my new pony is a highland <3333 her name is Dolly <333 dont have any pics up yet tho:( (N) LOVE FOR THEE HIGHLAND PONYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333

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  • luv Robyn Armour

    Helloo ,, this is a great page :D i joined.:) i love ponies to pieces(: please can i be a moderator? x x x x

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    DW! It's fine :D glad you like it! xx

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    Okeyy Dokkie :DD x

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    Hehehe :)) x

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    Hiya :)) I Likie ur groupie molly :DD i know another rule! :) If your horse as Bright coated legs e.g White wear dark jodphurs like black/navy If your horse has dark coloured legs wear bright coloured jodphurs like white/canary hehehhee:L x x x xx

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    Your skin is finished :) link> http://www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?Prev... thanks for the request :D


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    joined ;) (well the moderator has) have your 3rd love tooo :P goo luck with the page :D

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    Yeah sure ;D i'll send you a like when it's done :]