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- Future Bebo Wrestling

Okay, FBW isn't dead! Instead, it's going to OWA!

8/19/12 | me too! | Reply

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The Revolution of Non Promo
Me, Myself, and I
Future Bebo Wrestling was established in 2010, founded by Cheyenne Star, the current vice president of the company, who then later sold the company to Heath Williams. The two transformed this company from a domestic wrestling federation into a worldwide known wrestling federation, producing many stars such as Remanuel Urebay, Taylor Williams, Dusko Varesanovic, Trip Johnson, Preston Scott and many more international stars who started their career in FBW.
FBW Unbreakable
Unbreakable is the only show you can find here in FBW, and has been with us since the very beginning. The show was opened in August 2010 with a great first matchcard. Many historic battles have taken place on Unbreakable, and there will be more to come!
FBW Galaxy Champion:
Preston Scott
FBW Elite Champion:
FBW Trans-Tasman Champion:
FBW Tag Team Champions:
FBW Massacre Champion:
Zack Richards

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  • New FBW Application Form

    To become an active member of the FBW roster you must first provide us with your characters information. To do so, simply fill out the following form.

    Wrestling Name:
    Character Representative:
    Theme Song:
    Signature Moves:
    Finishing Moves:
    Important Facts:

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  • Collision Course Series

    FBW have announced a thirteen man/woman tournament to determine the number one contender for the FBW Galaxy Championship at October's Collision Course. The twelve men/women will face each other in matches on pay-per-view, television and at untelevised house show events and were given points based on their performance, with a submission victory giving a wrestler 10 points, a pinfall victory 7, a countout victory 5, a disqualification victory 3 and a draw 2 points, while a disqualification loss will cost a wrestler 10 points.

    13 Competitors Competing;
    - Nikki Sanchez.
    Points: 17
    Matches: 2

    - Joseph Hart.
    Points: 14
    Matches: 2

    - Stryker.
    Points: 0
    Matches: 1

    - Luke Daniels.
    Points: 0
    Matches: 1

    - Craig Adams.
    Points: 7
    Matches: 1

    - Konvict.
    Points: 0
    Matches: 1

    - Zack Richards.
    Points: 0
    Matches: 1

    - Maxine Blake.
    Points: 0
    Matches: 2

    - James Janetty.
    Points: 0
    Matches: 1

    - John Dillinger
    Points: 10
    Matches: 1

    - Matt Young
    Points: 0
    Matches: 0

    - Kevin Vipers
    Points: 0
    Matches: 1

    - Messiah
    Points: 0
    Matches: 1

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  • Current Staff and Active Rosters

    FBW Board of Directors: World Turmoil Federation
    FBW Presidents: Craig Knightly and Matt Young.
    FBW Unbreakable GM's: Jordan Casanova & Heath Williams.
    FBW Head of Talent Relations: Austin Henderson.
    Ring Announcer: Deseray Johnson
    Interviewers: Joey Calvin, Shyla Montez and Robbie Black
    Referee's: John Silver (Senior Official) Carl Dickson
    Commentators: Robbie Black (Lead), Taylor Williams (Lead), Don Flemmings (Colour) and Kara Hills (Colour)

    Male Active Roster [30]
    ●Alex Sanders
    ●Black Jack
    ●Chris Black
    ●Chris Walker
    ●Chuck Jones
    ●Craig Adams
    ●Desmond Armstrong
    ●El Demonio Cojida cortadora de cesped
    ●Jardinero Loco
    ●Joey Tierney
    ●John Dillinger
    ●Joseph Hart
    ●Kevin Vipers
    ●Liam Cooper
    ●Luke Daniels
    ●Matt Young
    ●Preston Scott
    ●Richard Tierney
    ●Robert Bling
    ●Robbie Black
    ●Sean Christie
    ●Scott Lucas
    ●Trip Johnson

    Female Active Roster [11]
    ●Ashley Paramore
    ●Drew Von Craine
    ●Ellie Johnson
    ●Jodah Kayne
    ●Madison Auditore
    ●Mitsu Mori
    ●Maxine Blake
    ●Nikki Sanchez
    ●Sweet Poison

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  • Roxus Cardello
    luv Roxus Cardello

    last comment, yeah?

    Back in the day, I was a boss at NP.

    Jul 7
  • You're On BWN
    luv You're On BWN

    The second episode of You're On BWN starts tonight with Daniel Kennedy, Joseph Hart and Joey Tierney, three real online wrestlers. joining host Paul Benzema at 8PM UK time.

    Throughout the course of the show the guests will be taking questions from you which you can post in the comments section during the live show.

  • Online Wrestling Alliance
    luv Online Wrestling Alliance

    Welcome to your new home...

  • Kevin Vipers
    Kevin Vipers

    is that all shame :s

    8/16/12 via Mobile
  • - Future Bebo Wrestling
    - Future Bebo Wrestling

    You know, just an evil mastermind hacking the FBW page and claiming it as his own. No big.

  • Kevin Vipers
    luv Kevin Vipers

    ok im back from my holladays good to be back what did i miss?

    8/14/12 via Mobile
  • - Heath Williams IsBack
    luv - Heath Williams IsBack

    Yes, it's very good

  • - Future Bebo Wrestling
    - Future Bebo Wrestling

    Good band aren't they, Heath?

    Luke, I'm afraid I'm not a competitor, I am simply a businessman. Besides, I wouldn't want to embarrass you infront of all your co-workers now, would I?

    That's okay Preston. Whenever you can.

  • Nikki Sanchez.
    luv Nikki Sanchez.

    Shut up Daniels. :L

  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight

    Now on to another note, who is this numpty that´s running the place now? I´m your World Champion! I´m the best this place has on offer, my security should surely be amped up a bit!

  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight

    I won´t be able to take the new Sign-Up until I get back from my holiday.

  • Luke Daniels
    Luke Daniels

    Kira i have an idea Me vs You at the next PPV......falls count anywhere match...if i win you must leave FBW and if you win i must leave FBW And you still remain in charge the winner is decided by a vote from the active FBW Roster...Well what do you say Kira

    8/9/12 via Mobile
  • King Joey Tierney
    King Joey Tierney

    God, Kira is worse than that fucking laptop from WWE.

  • - Heath Williams IsBack
    luv - Heath Williams IsBack

    Fuck you Kira, I listened to the new Unbreakable song...and now I'm like, hooked on Wis(H)key :L

  • Nikki Sanchez.
    luv Nikki Sanchez.

    i f ucking hayte grmamr nazizs lol

  • Trip Johnson
    luv Trip Johnson

    And sometimes, neither do I.

    8/8/12 via Mobile
  • - Future Bebo Wrestling
    - Future Bebo Wrestling

    I haven't a clue what you're talking about

  • Trip Johnson
    luv Trip Johnson

    That should be "difference between".

    8/8/12 via Mobile
  • - Future Bebo Wrestling
    - Future Bebo Wrestling

    You're going to need all the luck learning the difference between "your" and "you're". Also, commas help.

  • Online Wrestling Alliance
    luv Online Wrestling Alliance

    Anyone interested in competing in a tag team turmoil? 8)

    Mail me if you are!