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Fire is catching and if we burn, you burn with us.

8/18/12 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
Name: Lenneth Ann Montague
Nick Name: Lenne, Len
Title: Lady of Terravul
Occupation: Guardian Demon
Charge: Jalessa Eden Montague, Jackson Montague
Status: Alvaro [ Fate of Lore ]
Age: 20
Birthday: July 20
Loyalty: The Montagues

Mom: Haley Hart Montague [ZvHaleyHartvZ]
Dad: Crimson Rapenth [Crimson Rapenth]
Sister: Tabitha Hart Bacus [FeatheryHellion]
Brother: Azure Rapenth [Azure Rapenth], Twin
Sister/Best Friend: Calantha Monta'Hart [CalanthaMyers]
Sister/Best Friend: Lily Rose Hart [Lily Rose Cesar]

FATE - Sentinel [4d54] UoFG
Healers: 1d42

MA015 Guardian Demon +2 Off
MD019 Guardian Angel +3 Def
HE006 Hell's Protection +1 Healing

BG to/By:
Cael Montague, ZvHaleyHartvZ
Accelerated Healing - Ability to heal rapidly from any injury.
Dream Walking - Dream walking involves entering the dreams of others.
Empathy- Ability to read or sense the emotions and/or control the emotions or feelings of others.

[Mun is 21+ and friendly enough. Got a problem? IM me. Nothing without Mun's consent. This is a RP Profile]

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Lenneth and Alvaro

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  • Jackson Montague-Abavan
    luv Jackson Montague-Abavan

    [ Text ]

    Hey. I want to take you out to lunch. Now that everything is cool again (though what's up with the random dancing? Have you suffered from it yet?) I figure we need to hang. I need some Lenne face time.

  • Azure Vellos
    Azure Vellos

    [Voicemail] Hey sis, just letting you know I'm going back to Eden. I just can't be here anymore. I'll try to write, but we all know how absent minded I am. Take care of yourself.

  • Calantha Myers MontaHart
    luv Calantha Myers MontaHart

    Ok Lenne...this is soooooo not FUNNY! You always wake up when I shake you! :: Continues shaking the Lenne in her bed till she wakes up. Giggling and having fits once she finally DID wake up. Squishing herself into Lenne's bed she'd pull the covers up over them both and stare into Lenne's face. Nothing gay about two best friends. :: Lenne...I met this guy at the bar. His name was...was...Aaron. He was really sweet. But; I need you to remind me of Keiyan and how... he's the jackass that left me. Or...I left him...Look just either way...I need to move on right? And it's not like this Aaron he's just sincerely nice. Am I crazy Lenne?

  • Cadella Montague
    luv Cadella Montague

    [ Text ]

    Girl's Night Out, soon. We NEED it! CALL ME!!!

  • Calantha Myers MontaHart
    Calantha Myers MontaHart


    Crap...did I DO IT again? What year is it this time. Is it the time when I'm with that asshole Keiyan still? Because if it is...I swear I'll go...well...look I don' t know who I marry yet...but...damn if it's him right no. Check hell no.

    ( LOL; just...this is gonna be funny when he signs on and sees this...LUCY YOU GOT SOME SPLANNIN TO DO! )

  • Calantha Myers MontaHart
    luv Calantha Myers MontaHart

    :: Totally came into Lenne's room; while she must have been visiting Ms.Haley and sat down...like nothing happened. Lenne; surely over the years had gotten used to this sort of thing....a-l-o-t. ::

    Yo...for real. This is the very last time I borrow these jeans...YOU said that I would pick up a guy in these....like are you serious?! I HAVE NO ASS! AND I'm totally FLAT...well not all the way...but...damn I HAD hoped I'd get bigger tits when I grew up...shesh. Lenne...why are you here anyways? Miss your room? Yeah...hey I get that...sometimes I still go to Ms.Charlene's and sleep over...

  • Cadella Montague
    luv Cadella Montague

    Delivery and Card:

    "Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you and Alvaro enjoy the day!"

  • Reese Hayes
    luv Reese Hayes


    "Lenne! We need girl time. I feel like I've been scattered and scarce lately, and I miss hanging out with you. Though, if you'd rather just regular hang out time, you can bring Al. I don't mind! How's he doing, anyway? Gimme a call when you get a chance!"

  • Cadence Montague - Gravois
    luv Cadence Montague - Gravois

    ( Voicemail Tag! )
    I look forward to meeting you in person, Lenne! Oh, you are? I did not know that. And he does? Oh, well, I'd known we were getting along but already talking about me? Heh, I so blushed. Anyway! I will, I adore Ariel. She's a great girl with a good head on her shoulders. You take care and we'll try to get together this week sometime. I'm a chatter box, be warned. ha! "

  • Cadence Montague - Gravois
    Cadence Montague - Gravois

    ( Text )
    Hello! You don't know me. But I'm good friends with your sister, Ariel. She suggested I meet you - so I got your number and figured if you have time. We should hang out sometime! Oh, my name is Cadence ( Cadey ) Montague!

  • Jackson Montague-Abavan
    luv Jackson Montague-Abavan


    "You guys might have to go without us. Quinn and Eric had a big, huge fight and broke up. I don't know the details, but Eric's core erupted on him. He turned into some kind of massive tornado. Took out a whole God damn town. I don't know how Quinn did it, but she managed to create some kind of earth based wall to stop him. He's okay now, but we're waiting to hear about Quinn. She was in labor when it happened, so we're not sure what the hell is going on. Call me or meet me at the hospital? Love you.

  • Jackson Montague-Abavan
    luv Jackson Montague-Abavan


    Camping? Sounds fun. I'll have to talk to talk to Chaos, see if he's up for it. Did you invite Quinn and Eric? We can totally make it a group thing.

  • Reese Hayes
    luv Reese Hayes


    Pretty much any time is good for me. I work a few days this week, and I really don't want to skip out, but let me know what works for you and I'm sure it will be fine.

  • Azure Vellos
    luv Azure Vellos

    -Text- Soooo...I hear I have a new sister, and you have a boyfriend. Uh ohhhh...Big bro is coming home.

  • Revion Montague
    luv Revion Montague

    [Text] We should meet for lunch. I promise, I won't bite... Unless you want me too.

  • Quinn Montague
    luv Quinn Montague


    "Can we meet for lunch? I've got something GREAT to tell you, but I don't want to tell you over the phone! Love you! See you in a bit, I hope?"

  • Zetsumi Crimson Vellos
    luv Zetsumi Crimson Vellos

    Yes. I have stood my trial and I am no longer a Guardian of Eden. I'm here for good.

  • Zetsumi Crimson Vellos
    luv Zetsumi Crimson Vellos

    Daddy's up from his long nap darlin'

  • Reese Hayes
    luv Reese Hayes


    "I'm okay, I guess. I'm not sure what was going on that night, but it had me worried. I haven't gotten to talk with Adan about it, really. Do you know anything about what was going on?"

    She trailed off for a moment, almost as if hoping for an immediate response. But no, this was a voicemail.

    "Other than that, I guess I just feel like something's wrong. And I'm catching buzz around the Shots, so I know something's up. What the hell's going on, Lenne?"

  • Reese Hayes
    luv Reese Hayes


    "Hey Lenne, sorry about last night. Tell Al I said sorry, too. I'm not sure what was going on, but I feel like I walked into a clusterfuck. Adan had this look on his face, like he did something wrong. I haven't gotten to talk to him yet. Anyway... I hope everything's going well for you. We need to hang out soon."