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Me, Myself, and I
Heya people ...
Im new to this life-story making so bare with me lol

This story is about the life of 3 best friends who are going through the struggles of love, street life and reality.
Oh and yes it is explict :) .x

i warn you now , i write quite long chapters ...oh and if you find any random letters or numbers in the text i apologise. I have to use a file converter in order to get the story on here and it converts it in code :/ dont ask.

Anyway i hope you enjoy it...
...please comment on the chapters and give love :D :D

lots of love ..x


P.S im also on http://www.wattpad.com/user/streetgirl09
so fan , vote , comment and share please..x

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  • Chapter 40 part 3

    Chapter 40 part 3

    When Ruby opened her eyes she expected to see daylight maybe even the sun rising if Tyrone had left the curtains opened but that's not what happened this time around. The first thing she laid eyes on was his eyes. Her mouth opened to speak. A hand covered her lips silencing her. The look in his eyes made her scared. She frowned and turned to look towards the door. If it wasn't for the hand over her mouth she would have screamed. A man approached the bed beside them. His tall lanky figure hovering over them; his long fingers wrapped around the weapon in his hand tightly. She turned as cold as ice.

    "Wasn't expecting two of you."

    Tyrone was frozen from head to toe. Ruby screamed when the black handle of the knife came crashing down onto Tyrone's skull. Her stomach flipped as quick as he did when his body flopped back against the bed. The figure grabbed her by the hair and began ripping her from the sheets. Ruby scrambled on the floor when she hit it hard and curled up into a ball to protect her baby as a foot came hammering down on her. The world became silent as she closed her eyes and shut out every sound. Tyrone groaned; his body weight now twice as difficult to carry. When he saw the blows Ruby was getting he was enraged. Staggering to his feet he jumped the man in black tossing him around the room. A blow to his side had him crashing back down to the ground. Ruby scrambled across the room to pick up the knife but she wasn't fast enough and ended up staring straight at the end of the knife pointing at her.

    "Don't. Move."

    She trembled trying to stay as still as possible. She couldn't peel her eyes away from it. All she could think about was her baby.

    "He should have known this would happen. I mean did he really believe that no one would find out that he was the snitch?"

    Ruby- Please..." She shook tears spilling out of her eyes as she covered her bump protectively.

    Ruby-...I'm pregnant. Don't kill my baby, I'm begging you.

    "He should have thought about that before he decided to be a hero."

    He lunged at her aiming for her stomach when he pierced something instead. Tyrone. Out of nowhere he had thrown himself in front of her protecting her child. Ruby screamed as she watched blood seep through his top. The figure tried to pull Tyrone away but he held onto her shielding her, taking the damage instead of her. She cried feeling completely helpless as she witnessed Tyrone grab hold of the knife and plunge it into the attacker’s foot. A piercing groan followed by the sound of the front door closing had her shaking all over. Tyrone heard it to and struggled to get off her. The pain was so intense it made his eyes water. He trembled holding his leaking wound and pulled Ruby up from the floor. He was so worried she was hurt and checked her over to see if she was hurt. She wasn’t saying anything, just crying and shaking like she had been exposed to Artic cold. She was in shock and couldn’t do a thing to help either of them. There was someone else in the house, he could hear footsteps. Not wasting time he took her hand trying to ignore the pain he was in and walked out the room. Ruby squeezed his hand tightly as he pulled her along with him down the stairs. Out of nowhere something hit him in the head. He fell as she screamed for help. Tyrone held onto the attacker’s leg stopping him from getting to Ruby and looked her dead in the eyes. He mouthed to her a word.

    Ruby- No Tyrone, I’m not leaving you.” She cried backing against the wall.

    Tyrone- GO!

    She didn’t know if it was the shock wearing off or the fact that he had spoken for the first time that made her abandon him and run out the house screaming for help. She took to the streets bare foot and banged down her neighbours door. It was dark inside but that didn’t stop her from hammering down the door.


    Still no one came to her aid. Time wasn’t on her side. It would

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  • Chapter 40 part 2

    Chapter 40 part 2

    “Charge again…”

    The ringing sound from the machine sent shivers down Sheryl’s spine and the blow from the volts entering his tiny body weakened her legs. His body lifted into the air and then dropped lifelessly back down to earth. Christine prayed silently in her head, her thoughts going straight to her own child who would blame herself for the rest of her life if he was to leave this world. She didn’t want to have to make that call to her. It was not okay, it really wasn’t okay.

    “Charge again…”

    The same response happened over and over again. 20 minutes later and the look on each doctor’s face said it all.

    Sheyrl- No! Don’t yu dare stop!” She shouted from behind the window as a nurse comforted her from behind.

    The doctors paused, looked at each other and dropped the pads back onto the machine.

    Emerald- Stop, stop Thai.” She groaned pushing him away from her.

    He paused mid-way and lifted his head from her neck.

    Emerald- My back.” She whined her eyes clenched together signifying the pain she was in.

    He helped her down from around his waist pulling out of her and gently placed her wet feet onto the bath mat. The shower was then turned off and the two of them got out. They just stood there looking away from each other. Emerald reached for her towel but the shooting pain in her back wouldn’t allow her to make certain movements. Thai saw her struggle and reached for it. He took it upon himself to dry her and then dried himself. No words were exchanged just awkward glances. He stood behind her looking at their reflection in the mirror; the heat from his body wrapping around her frame like a warm blanket. Out of nowhere a loud vibration knocked them out of the trance they were in. Emerald reached for her phone on the toilet seat and instantly feared the worst when she saw who was calling.

    Emerald- It’s my mum.” She said looking up into Thai’s worried eyes.

    She felt him tense up as she answered the call. Thai went cold when he watched her face turn ghostly. He didn’t need to hear what had happened. In seconds he had bolted out the door. With the phone to her ear as tears fell from her eyes she went after him. She joined him as her mum spoke to them on loud speaker and quickly grabbed her clothes from the bathroom. Tears blinded her. In about 30 seconds Thai was dressed. He ran downstairs with Emerald following after him and grabbed Christine’s car keys from the table.

    “We’re coming”, was the only thing Emerald said to her mum as they left the house and raced to the hospital. Thai knew he wasn’t allowed back in but that made no difference. He wiped the few tears that were falling from his eyes and sucked in a hard breath. Emerald watched him tearfully as he slammed his hands down again and again on the steering wheel venting out pain and frustration. The car rocked and jolted beneath his weight and then calmed when he settled. It was horrifying seeing him like that. He was a mess. His hands were shaking. Emerald looked at them and slowly reached for one. They stilled beneath her touch allowing his lungs to release the breath he had been holding. For the rest of the way she held his hand fearing she would lose him forever if she was to ever let go.

    When they reached the hospital Thai didn’t even reach inside before he was being pushed out.

    Emerald- Thai don’t!” She cried attempting to hold him back.

    He stopped trying to fight and backed down. She looked scared as hell; her expression was what made him stop. The look in her eyes had him heeling like a puppy.

    Emerald- I’ll be back.

    She let go of his hand and ran through the double doors. It was the same security guard that had stood guard before. The poor man looked fearful as Thai paced up and down.

    “You need to be around for him when he gets out of hospital. You can’t do that if you’re in prison brotha.”

    Thai- Shut the fuck up. I

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  • Chapter 40 part 1

    Chapter 40 part 1

    It was like a wall had come crashing down when she watched him silently allow love-filled tears to fall drop by drop onto the floor between his feet. The guard he created that made him the invincible man she loved was attacking back but the emotions of a father who loved his child were winning this home battle. Emerald continued to stare at him in shock. She had never witnessed tears fall from this man, in fact no one did. This was the first time raw pain took over. She wanted to comfort him like he had comforted her in the past but the look on his face expressed a desire to commit murderous acts. He would probably kill her if she even got too close.

    Ray- Come on, let's go." He said slightly pushing her forward to un-freeze her from her frozen state.

    It was quiet outside Taio’s room. Sheryl stayed standing by his window as she attempted to call Ruby again. It was worrying her that she couldn’t find her daughter. It scared her that she could disappear just like that without anybody knowing where she could be. She often thought it was her fault for not having a stronger hold on her. Did she cause the situation her daughter was in because of her lack of parenting? Was her hard work ethic the problem? She should have taken time off work until Ruby was mentally stable. Sheryl knew that Ruby was still struggling with the death of Sapphire. Ruby wasn’t ready to be back in the real world. Should she have taken her to Jamaica for a few years to ease her suffering?

    Emerald- I feel helpless…

    Sheryl- Same.

    There was a long period where the two of them stood in silence watching Taio breath behind a pane of glass.

    Sheryl- Yu know mi never did notice how small ‘im was…

    In comparison to the bed he was lying motionless on he looked even smaller than he was. He was probably the same size as the length of the pillow. Emerald pictured how he would burrow so deep into Thai’s arms. Those arms were like a fortress that no one could break in to. They weren’t any use now though.

    Emerald- I don’t know what to say to him.” She spoke softly, her lips almost kissing the glass window.

    Sheryl- To Thai?

    Emerald- Yeah.

    Sheryl shrugged and held herself as she took her eyes away from Taio to look at Emerald.

    Sheryl- Just be dere for ‘im. He needs to know dat yu’re dere.

    Emerald- He hates me.” She swallowed burying the large lump in her throat as she turned to hide her watery eyes.

    Sheryl- Thai could never hate yu. You know he told mi what happened with Raymond…

    Emerald- Why?

    Sheryl- I don’t know, he just told me one day when he did come to collect Taio after work. He told mi dat he still didn’t understand how he could love yu so much. Thai’s a hard man, dere are tings he did tell mi about what he had done in di past dat I wouldn’t even repeat but he is a good man wid a good heart and when ‘im love, ‘im love deep. So, believe mi when I tell yu dat he could never hate yu.

    Her departure to the vending machine gave Emerald a chance to really soak in what she had said.

    Ray- You should eat something, you look pale.

    Emerald- I’m fine.” She replied going to sit beside him.

    Ray- How’s your head?

    She shrugged and hoped he would let it slide.

    Ray- You should get someone to look at it.

    Emerald- My mum already did. She says I have a mild concussion.

    Ray- So then you need to rest.

    Emerald- I’m fine Raymond.” She huffed getting irritated by him pestering her.

    Ray- I don’t care if you’re getting annoyed by me, you need to take care of yourself.

    Emerald- I’m fine.

    Shrugging him off she got back up and went to see her mum. Raymond followed but took a different turning and left to go home because there was nothing he could do to help anymore, Taio had been found, now all they could do was hope and pray. The door was still wide open when she reached but Thai was no longer in there.

    Emerald- Where did he go?” S

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