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Doccaay's Beastly Skins

Will make some more skins later sometime :B

5/31/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • www.bebo.com/beastlyskins
Me, Myself, and I
        D O C C A A Y 'S S K I N S

       → made from photoshop
      → Any genre of skins upon here
     → Skins are viewable in albums..
    → Some skins are made using images from live journal.

Roll up Roll up! and see all kind of skins here which can be created. Skins are not to be requested however; you can enjoy whatever skins which are here to be offered.

        ★ Doccaay; www.bebo.com/thedoccy_x
          ☆ Msheen; specsarethesex_@live.co.uk

↑ Official creator of this band :D !

Not much more to say then nom nom nom :B
Beastlyyy Self Published
Skengess UK

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    Please note i do not do requests at the moment for personalised skins and don't think i will ever again tbf. Takes too much time and i don't have it anymore. All i am doing atm is taking images from the internet (with the graphics already on) and making them into skins for people to use since the people who created them deserves some recognition for their artwork and also allows other people to enjoy these.

    No credit goes to me for these skins; it goes to the people who created the wonderful artwork x

    Jammie x

    1 Comment 165 weeks

  • Skins to do

    - Castiel Skin
    - Jack and doctor [may include Rose :S]
    - Quinn and Rachel
    - Avril Lavigne
    - Quinn
    - Mickey & Martha
    - Harley Quinn
    - Flashforward

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  • what sort of skins may you find on here

    ~ Doctor Who
    ~ Torchwood
    ~ Bones
    ~ One Tree Hill
    ~ Skins
    ~ Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    ~ Supernatural
    ~ Gossip Girl

    And many many more :DD

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  • ºGinge.
    luv ºGinge.

    I love your skins :o I know you don't do requests but you really need some Amy/11th skins on here :B Have some luv 'cause your band rocks! :D

  • Lugh The Mihte Boi God 6/1/10
  • -'Nerd.Herd.Supervisor

    Well thanks a gotta say you've must have put in a lot of effort for me :)

  • -Saxonny.

    Hey.. Could you possibly make me a Gene Hunt skin? :)

  • ºcourtz.
    luv ºcourtz.

    love you Jammie Jam ;)

  • Jeanette

    heeey can u make skins skins??

  • 'Har-Lee Quinn.
    'Har-Lee Quinn.

    :) thank you so much. i'll pay you tomorrow :D x

  • 'Har-Lee Quinn.
    'Har-Lee Quinn.

    oh, sorry! :L my bad. been a long day, aha. if you could do that, that would be lusssh. :) sorry (L)

  • -'CityScape

    It's ok, no need to apologise.

  • -Mark.

    SpThank youuuuuu! :D ;o

  • -'CityScape

    Ooh, I am so sorry, half asleep here, um I have a question. When you have the time, would you mind in the future if you can?

  • -Mark.

    Flashforward purdy pleaaaaaaase!

  • -'CityScape 5/31/10
  • -'CityScape 5/31/10
  • -'CityScape
    luv -'CityScape

    Heyyy, great group :) . Just wondering if you do requests, could I have a skin with Alex Jones and Mickey Smith? If you can, could I have writing that says "Together Forever" I will give all 3 luvs :)

  • 'Har-Lee Quinn.
    'Har-Lee Quinn.

    Oh. my. gawsh. fabby skins! pretty please, would you be able to make a Harley Quinn skin saying "Say that we're sweethearts again?" that would be freakin' awesome-tastic. ima pay you back tomorrow!

  • 'Bambi
    luv 'Bambi

    OhMyGod. I love you! XD THankyou so much XD Your skins are amazing!!! x o x o x o x o

  • Victoria Frobisher
    luv Victoria Frobisher

    These skins look awesome!

  • luv Temptations Bitch

    Could you make some vampire diaries skins please because you're awesome and i love ya?

  • Prue.

    oooh right well awesome then. (Y) :3