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Original Originality.

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Basically this band is a RANT.:B

Today I saw someone who said "I have been here since 05."
Bebo started in 2006. And horse roleplay began in 07 when the DS game Ponyfriends was released. The originals are Puddles, Elvis and everyone else who were here between May and September 2007. There are little left. So stop saying you've been here for millions of years.

People are always saying "this is a new account, but i've been here since 07."
That doesn't count. You have no proof of this unless you still have your account as your original character. If you don't, 90% are lying. ¬_¬

All these roleplayers demand pages and pages of roleplay. If you think about it, in the outcome, its a waste of time. Roleplay. Let people roleplay as they want. It's their account. Don't like it, don't talk to them. But no need to bitch!

Pictures are the photographers. Not the characters on roleplay. Shut up!


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  • Arctic Marble
    luv Arctic Marble

    i 'roleplayed' my pony in november 2OO5, and got some random requests from other people who role-played horses, and i am like o.o ... okay, so i just replied like i was a horse and that's how it started off with me xD but, i deleted my account like a few months later, and then went looking for the people i role-played later in like 2006 and started again ^^; and here i am .. i also have my original account from 2006 ;D i went 'role-play' - 'normal account' - role-play again :3

  • 'Aspera.

    LOL Hipster Rpers XD "I Roleplayed before it was even existent" XD

  • Fack' It.

    yeah, people don't have the right to take your pictures... well, in all respects, you did steal the image off the original photographer. a majority of roleplayers won't have permission, so shut the hell up on that subject.

  • ºwinter

    dood, haven't we like gotten' over this yet? x3 and horse roleplay existed looonngg before 2OO7, us beboers didn't 'create' it yano. x3 theres a whole wide world out there of horse rp

  • Wehorºhookie

    cool group. but i kinda disagree about the second paragraph below 'ORIGINALITY PART TWO.' \: Lawl, THANK YOU ;D. i rememba' the DS Ponyfriends, lmao, text talk & all x'D. & pictures, i disagree to; although i didnt take the picture, people dont have the right to steal it ¬¬. But yeah; dont wanna start argumentsss. Awesome group .

  • ' Whitegold
    ' Whitegold

    I made this group. Simply because i'm fed up of people acting like they own the place. Roleplay is a place for your freedom. Your account, you should be able to do as you wish. Roleplay as you wish, and put pictures up as you wish. There are so many 'rules' to roleplay these days. :/

  • Daisy.

    I totally agree with whoever made this group. I have an pretty good idea on who did make it, ^^. But yeah, I dislike when people say new account, old rp etc. Yeah, it may be true, and some might not. I've just written I'm not a newbie, because I do indeed have another account on here; and I love to roleplay, why can't I make another account? .

  • Token Of Honour.
    Token Of Honour.

    Do Anyone Here Remember ''Jet The Young Shire Horse''? That Was Me. I Joined September 'O7. Do Not Say Otherwise- Anyone Who Roleplayed With Me (Specifically Shimmer And Her Family) Will Know. I Was Also Whitewinds Tamishi In December 'O7. Ghost Will Remember Me (R.I.P. Ghost :\). I Genuinely Have Been Roleplaying For 3 Years, And I Have Loved Every Minute. I Want To Bring Back Whitewinds But I Am Still Thinking About That. Anyone Who Talks To Me Give Me Your Ideas Whether I Should Or Not ?? Thanks For Reading My Rant ..

  • 'Taste Of Winter
    'Taste Of Winter

    I roleplayed before pony pals to say the truth. :\ Me and a group of buds from Missouri were a little group of equine roleplayers, we were all 8 or 9, we roleplayed before bebo started and my friends stopped roleplaying but I continued. (:

  • Arrow

    Does it really matter to be honest, who gives two flying fucks what way each individual roleplays' i dont like it short and sweet - i never demand back any length of roleplay.. and this page cant decide whats original and whats not and your stastics 90% lying, how would you know. >.>

  • Bri-Jahla D'Ashmar
    luv Bri-Jahla D'Ashmar

    " I have been here since 2007, with numerous accounts, for example Moccasin, and Evelet were a few characters I once roleplayed long ago, but unfortunately someone took an offensive responced to my characters roleplay, and reported it to bebo, and unfortunately that account was deleted. So I made this account in 2008, and I've been here even since. :] "

  • KA Naadya
    KA Naadya

    I have been here a stupid amount of time, I was here when the pony friends were, hence the name, and have been through all the changes of roleplay

  • 'Jøey
    luv 'Jøey

    I dont care about orginality,its only roleplay it aint a life game.If your crap so what.You can get better.I hate it when people and picking on the "newbies" just because they are new doesent meen they are $hit at roleplay.It means they are new and just need a bit of help thats all.Us ";o riginals" may be rubbish roleplayers also,some "noob" could be much better. Me VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV

  • Seabiscuit

    I've just realised I joined roleplay 1 year after it began XD

  • Hugs Cognac'S Kokepelli
    Hugs Cognac'S Kokepelli

    To be honest I don't see why people bother when horse rp actually started, who cares how long anyone has been here, someone who has been here 3 years may not be better than someone who has just started just because they have been on bebo longer

  • Pisstaker.

    I've been here since Elvis, Princess (i think o.O?) and Puddles, I remember sending them noob comments like 'hi how r u? *neighs and smiles at u*' I'd always said that i've been here since '05. cause its true. I had an OOC bebo in '05, I remember. But I started roleplaying with lion roleplay in '06. So, I've been here since '06. Originality, in my opinion, is being your own person and not copying other people.

  • Alemeda.

    I thought bebo started in 2005, thats what it says on the internet anyway.And also, I think its batter to write long roleplay with loads of description it makes it more fun and neater.Can someone please tell me what originality is? I might sound like a total twat, but seriously reply back. And for also for images, I totally agree.They aren't ours they are the photographers, I get mine off flickr.But if you edit can't you claim they are yours? I think you can. x

  • Prince Valentino
    Prince Valentino

    Thanks for the add

  • Magnum P
    Magnum P

    Thanks for the add

  • - Meteoros
    - Meteoros

    2 and can I add. what is with the selective roleplaying, I don't mean the not roleplaying with n00bs, but not roleplaying with different creatures D: when I was a snake, infact both of my snakes. in the two months each I roleplayed them, it was with a cat, Xanthe (my dear friend thank yaww ;D), Sydney (another dear friend thank yaww) and another snake. that was it >.> I asked but was never replied to. make it different maybe roleplay is ' failing' because you're getting bored with roleplaying the same thing over and over again. I tell you the only roleplay I enjoyed in a year was with a mass murderer/cannabil (sp?) and they didn't add pages and pages nao did zey 0.0 noppeee