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we hate rangers and their fans

can ya hear rangers sing? NO NO

8/25/10 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
the green & white hoops are the greatest team ever seen to be a true blue is to be a poof come to paradise and hear us raise the roof we are the greatest football fans in the world my veins run with green & white blood would i die for my team? oh yes i wud! av cried many tears for the team in my heart i know for my life we will never part. av been through the highs and av been through the lows av been through the whys? and av been through the nos! but i came out the other side still a tim to watch a team now that can only win trophy after trophy in a stadium fit for kings which is the stage for naka to do special things av loved the celtic since i was a kid i know al never be on my own when i sing Youll Never Walk Alone or whistle to myself The Old Celtic Song bein a bluenose has surely to be rong to much trouble & to much strife but for me am a CELT FOR LIFE [clover]

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  • The Mayor Of Boston On Scotlands Shame

    The Boston Globe wrote, “While it is recognised that not all Rangers fans involve themselves in such activity, one can’t help wonder how the city of Boston will fare after a Fenway game, should the Rangers faithful feel the need to express themselves, as they did in Manchester in 2008. Following their team’s defeat in the UEFA Cup Final, the blue-clad fans left parts of Manchester in a shambles and forced the local constabulary to don riot gear to restore order. But Rangers have a long history of violence on their travels, dating back decades.

    “Who can forget their pitch invasion in Barcelona in 1972, which earned the club a one-year ban from European competition? The same fans brought their particular brand of fanaticism to Romania last year, clashing with police who were forced to use tear gas. With Spanish police reporting Rangers violence in 2006 (Villarreal) and 2007 (Barcelona), the list goes on and on.

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  • Rangers Fans Trash Villareal Team Bus

    A bus carrying players from Spanish club Villarreal was pelted with bottles and beer cans by Rangers fans before the sides met in the Champions League.
    It was reported that a side window on the bus was smashed as it arrived at Villarreal's Madrigal Stadium.

    'Ugly scenes'

    Graeme Hunter of the Daily Mail told BBC Scotland of "two ugly incidents".

    "The Villarreal team bus was arriving here through the very small narrow streets of their town to the Madrigal and a number of objects, including a bottle were thrown at the team bus," he said.

    "One of the windows of the Villarreal team bus shattered.

    "The bus carried on its journey towards the stadium, arriving outside the principal door of the main stand.

    "At that point, I'd say there were 40 or 50 Rangers fans, rocking the bus, bashing on the bus, shouting and throwing plastic cups of beer, which made for very ugly scenes indeed."

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  • Jock Stein

    Football is nothing without Fans"

    "I enjoy being manager here, because I like the people who support us."

    "Celtic jerseys are not for second best, they don't shrink to fit inferior players"

    “I'd far rather talk about players, they are the people who make things happen. “

    “You're too fond of Charlie Gallagher and Harry Hood. You wouldn't win a league with 11 Charlie Gallaghers or Harry Hoods. “

    " There is no Substitute for Experience "

    (Before a European Cup game to Hunter Davies (an English Journalist) touring round Celtic and Rangers grounds who was commenting on Celtic's unpretentious surroundings compared to Rangers more "cathedral-like stadium")
    "Ach, Rangers are alright, but they still haven't invented blue grass"

    "If they were interested in what I had to say they would get here in time. The door stays shut!"
    (Jock Stein on barring late coming journos to his press talks)

    "I think we could win everything in front of us. I think this could be a season to remember."
    (Jock Stein to various players at the start of the 1966/67 season, quoted by Archie MacPherson)

    "Jock, if there were two players, one Catholic and one Protestant. Who would you sign?"
    "The Protestant"
    "Because I know that Rangers would never sign the Catholic"
    (winding up Rangers FC over their bigoted signing policies)

    TV Presenter : 'Scott Symon, Rangers manager, what do you think the score will be in the Old Firm match'
    Symon : I think 2-0 to Rangers
    TV Presenter : 'And you Mr Stein what will the Old Firm score be?'
    Big Jock : 'Only a fool would try to predict the score in an Old Firm game'

    "Surely there are enough Celtic songs without introducing religion or politics or anything else."
    (After 1972 game against Stirling when he jumped into the Celtic crowd to stand up to individuals singing sectarian songs)

    "I lost some friends when I made the move, but if that's what matters to them, then they're not really friends at all."
    (On his move to Celtic which led to him being shunned and dismissed by his old 'friends')

    "It is up to us, to everyone at Celtic Park, to build up our own legends. We don’t want to live with history, to be compared with legends from the past. We must make new legends."

    "We all end up yesterday's men in this business. Your're very quickly forgotten."
    Jock Stein in Archie MacPherson's book "The Great Derbies: Blue and Green" (1989)

    "The best place to defend is in the opposition penalty box."

    'I feel we have the players fit to wear the mantle of champions of Europe. I have told them so. Now it's up to them.'
    Jock Stein after beating Vojvodina Novi in the QF of the European Cup, 1967

    "If you're good enough, the referee doesn't matter."

    One time being accosted by one of the knuckle-draggers:
    Rangers fan: 'You only won the European Cup because you had 5 Protestants in your team',
    Stein (himself a protestant) responded: 'Well you've never won it and you've got eleven'

    "It's not Religion that's the problem - it's the lack of religion!"

    "I'm happy where I am, I like the people I work with, I like the players and the directors of this club but most of all I like the fans and to see them happy makes me happy,so I'm very happy here."
    (When asked about Man Utd showing interest in getting him to manage at Old Trafford in early 70's)

    On Lisbon 1967 and Winning the European Cup
    "My time will come!"
    (Jock Stein to John Mackenzie of the Scottish Daily Express, prior to European Cup final 1967 after enduring snubs and mind games from opposite number Herrera (Inter Milan Manager))

    Stein's inspiring pre-match battle cry was: "If you're ever going to win the European Cup, then this is the day and this is the place. But we don't just want to win this cup, we want to do it playing good football - to make neutrals glad we've won it, glad to remember how we did it."
    (Jock Stein before the game 25th March 1967)

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UEFA Cup Final - Ranger's Fan's Riot

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