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  • Female, 20, Luv 285
  • from Btown
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  • Last active: 4/16/11
  • www.bebo.com/Ciara_x_x_x_x
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Me, Myself, and I
hello hello!
Vampire Weekend, Santogold, Bloc Party, Noah and The Whale, Fight like Apes, No Doubt, MGMT, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Killers, Regina Spektor, CSS, Kings Of Leon, Klaxons, Fall Out Boy, Arcade Fire, Feist, Cathy Davey....Loads and loads and loads
Scared Of::
Snakes, Drowning, Choking, Getti
 n Stabbed, Shot, ..When Emma covers her face in sudocream... im scared of alot of things..
The Other Half Of Me
Rockafella Skank

Rockafella Skank

Grape thrower!!

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There Goes The Fear

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  • Survey!


    1.Was it a boy or a girl to text you last?
    watevr maeve is

    2.Who was it?

    3.What does the 6th text in your inbox say?
    Thanks again 4 topping up..

    4.Are you currently wanting any body piercings or tattoo?
    my ears

    5.Do you sleep on your stomach?

    6.Does your phone ring in the middle of the night often?
    Emma usually

    7.Where are you going to be at 4pm tomorrow?
    in work being holy :L

    8.Last time you saw fireworks?

    9.Are you missing someone?
    Not really

    10.Do you have a deep dark secret?
    Yes.... Maeves really a man!

    11.Ever been on a blind date?

    12.Do you like horror or comedy?
    Comedy, its hard to find a gud horror movie..the haunting in conneticut!haha

    13.Are you named after anyone?

    14.Anything you want to tell someone?

    15.What is on your bed right now?
    Clothes and blankets

    16.Are you someones best friend?

    17.Are you allergic to anything?
    Aussie shampoo:(

    18.Who did you last share a taxi with?
    Cant remembr

    19.Do you have anything to complain about?
    The weather!!:( ..The summer!!

    20.What is your favourite season?

    21.Is there someone you will never forget?
    My friends and family! And a gud luker from england ;) EMMA!Ha

    22.Have you ever been nice to someone who treated you like nothing?
    Not nice but decent!ha

    23.Think of the person you'd like to be with the most right now, when did you last talk to them?
    1 Year ago..haha EMMA!! :(

    24.Do you hate being alone?
    It depends wat mood im in

    25.Do you find the opposite sex confusing?
    doesnt evry1?ha

    26.How did you feel when you woke up today?

    27.Did you get mad today?
    At my cousins haha

    28.Are you afraid of the dark?
    Sometimes...especially after watchin scary movies!

    29.Last time you cried?
    A couple of weeks ago

    30.Does anyone love you?
    I hope so

    31.What is the best thing you have in life?
    my friends and family of course!haha

    32.Miss being at school right now?

    33.Do you wish you were in a relationship?

    34.Who's your idol?
    i dont have one...mandy perhaps,,?

    35.What are you looking forward to?

    36.if you could be stranded with one person for 24 hours, who would it be?
    hhmmmmmm.. i can think of a few ;)

    37.Do you have any scars? on my arm..chickenpox scared me slightly beside my eyebrow!ha

    38.How often do you talk on the phone?
    A long time

    39.Do you believe in love?

    40.Is there something you want that you can't have?
    ah ye..

    41.How old is Your Niece/Nephew?
    Dont hav one

    42.Wat are der names?
    Dont hav one

    43.Who did you last yell at?
    niall a minut ago ha

    44.Do you get along with your parents?

    45.Where is your phone?
    in my hand im talkin on it

    46.What was the last thing you got mad about?
    im constantly angry!haha

    47.What song are you listening to?
    emmas voice

    48.What do you want?
    ice cream yum

    49.What is yur Favourite show?
    us office,friends,how i met your mother!

    50.Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
    Currently emma before that maevus! :D

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  • 7/16/10 via Mobile
  • H Two O Tipperary
    H Two O Tipperary

    Hi Ciara WE ARE NOW MOVING TO FACEBOOK facebook.com/htwoo.thurles STUDY BREAK DISCO last chance to party before the weekend DATE Friday 7th May doors open 7.30pm to 11pm €12 entry HQ Nightclub Thurles << H2O Summer beats cd to be given away << Get your H2O summer events brochure > DJ Barry "Ibiza summer 2008/2009 resident STRICTLY 14 to 17's

  • Maeve Curry
    luv Maeve Curry

    Even tho I hate it now it really helped me the last few years! Made me a better pershon! Helped me spy on people! ;) This is makin me very emotional... that and somethin else! 999 bitch! Hahaha Who liked a good likin ciara???? A fuckin doggy woggy called chicken! Elephant in the effin room is right!!! Naaaatthallieeee porthhmaaan!! Bwothers! Leo de capp in..... TITANIC!! The reader???? BLACK!!! :L :L :L :L

  • luv John Kav

    its pretty class i kno i kno,.,. dont need to say anything. luv

  • H Two O Tipperary
    H Two O Tipperary

    HI Ciara THE TIME HAS FINALLY COME!! THE RETURN OF H2O teenage discos in HQ NIGHTCLUB THURLES NEW VENUE, SAME H2O WITH DJ BARRY VENUE - HQ NIGHTCLUB DATE - FRIDAY 19th MARCH TIME - 7.30 to 11pm PRICE - ONLY €12 entry THE RETURN OF DJ BARRY The HQ nightclub is just off the main street in thurles just around the corner from Supermacs HOPE YOUR AS EXCITED AS WE ARE..... STRICTLY 14 to 17's

  • Martin D
    luv Martin D

    ha ye i no shes quar sad haha.. im d mature 1 she startd it ha..

  • Aoife Dee
    luv Aoife Dee

    Omg three years???Nooooooo way??Thats cwaaazy.. good thanks, how are you? Any neeeeeews? xoxo

  • Maeve Curry
    luv Maeve Curry

    Haha! I aint neva gonna let you go!! SISTER SISTER!! Never knew how much I missed ya!

  • Take Jess To Your Grave
    luv Take Jess To Your Grave

    well hello there miss lawler (: how bees you this fine evening?xD x

  • Maeve Curry
    luv Maeve Curry

    Oh hello cheeese mongral! Hows ur bark??

  • Aoife Dee
    luv Aoife Dee

    How are you?haven't spoken in aaaaaaaages, whats new?xoxox

  • Maeve Curry
    luv Maeve Curry


  • Martin D
    luv Martin D

    haha ok tanks ave sum bak...

  • Take Jess To Your Grave 2/14/10
  • luv Rockafella Skank

    Now i wrote back to you you little ingrint!! HaHa

  • luv Agnes K

    Sorry wasn't n 2day How was history wit ou me :L :L xx

    2/2/10 via Mobile
  • luv Agnes K

    Ha. Yea same ere di nothin excitin.. I was mindin me sis kids 2day so i went bak ta er hse last nit. Her area is shit for reception..:) >>> xx

    1/24/10 via Mobile
  • Maeve Curry
    luv Maeve Curry

    Haha! Oh i agree completely laaad! The two of us under the bed wud be scarier than any bald townie! :L :L I'm babysittin! :( I wish u had credit!!

    1/23/10 via Mobile
  • Maeve Curry
    Maeve Curry

    Haha! If I were some people around this town id go to bed wit one eye open coz ya never know who cud be hangin about under ur bed!!! Il have my knife on the ready BOYS! Il go straight for the cock! :L :L :L :L :L

  • Agnes K

    2mz morn iv ta go skul... Den il prob go shoppin mayb and mit b goin cinema 2mz nit! Im workin sat.. U doin anythin over de wkend?xXx :)

    1/21/10 via Mobile